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[技术] 固定翼飞机变桨距螺旋桨

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  • Theadvanced push-pull design delivers nearly instantaneous throttleresponse; seven shielded ball bearings offer smooth, friction-freeoperation.先进的推拉设计,提供近瞬时油门响应; 7屏蔽球轴承提供顺畅,摩擦的自由运作。
  • Unlikeother systems, the V-Pitch is made of highly durable steel, aluminumand ABS materials, with symmetrical blades of fiber-reinforced nylon.不像其他的系统, V型沥青是高度持久钢铁,铝和ABS材料,与对称叶片的纤维增强尼龙。
  • System comes with a high-efficiency RimFire brushless out-runner motor.系统具有高效率的rimfire无刷地地道道的亚军电机。
  • All mounting hardware is included for easy, drop-in installation orretro-fit; little airplane modification isrequired!所有安装硬体是包括容易,下拉式在安装或加装适当的;小飞机改装是需要!
  • The V-Pitch system is ideal for all FlatOuts? airplanes. V型沥青系统是理想的所有flatouts ?飞机。


Stock Number: GPMG4501 股票编号: gpmg4501

The V-Pitch (Variable Pitch) Unit V型间距(变螺距)单位
Design: Push-Pull 设计:推拉
Housing/Arms: ABS 房屋/武器技术: ABS
Rotor: Aluminum 转子:铝
Blades: symmetrical; fiber-reinforced nylon 叶片:对称;纤维增强尼龙
Shaft: Steel; 0.04 x 6.02 in (1 x 153 mm); factory-installed 轴:钢; 0.04 x 6.02 ,在( 1 ×一五三毫米) ;原厂安装
Bearings: (5); shielded. 轴承: ( 5 ) ;屏蔽。

The RimFire? Brushless Outrunner Motor 该rimfire ?无刷电机outrunner
Model No: 22M-1000 型号: 22米- 1000
Input (V): 7.2-12 输入( V ) : 7.2-12
Max. 最高。 constant amps: 11 不断安培: 11
Max. 最高。 surge amps: 15 风安培: 15
No-load amps: 0.65 无负载安培: 0.65
Internal resistance (ohms): 0.234 内部电阻(欧姆) : 0.234
Motor (dia. x length): 1.1 x 1.14 in (28 x 29 mm) 电机( dia. x长) : 1.1 x 1.14 ( 28 × 29毫米)
Shaft (dia. x length): 0.16 x 1.73 in (4 x 44 mm) 轴( dia. x长) : 0.16 x 1.73 ,在( 4 × 44毫米)
Bearings: (2); shielded 轴承: ( 2 ) ;屏蔽
Total package weight: 2.1 oz (59.5 g) 总包装重量:二点一盎司( 59.5克)

Includes:RimFire motor w/factory-installed shaft and 2mm male, gold-platedbullet connectors, variable-pitch unit, blades and mounting hardware.包括: rimfire电机瓦特/工厂安装轴和2毫米男,镀金子弹连接器,可变螺距单位,刀片和安装硬体。
Requires:dedicated proportional radio channel, micro servo w/17 oz-in of torque(min.) and brushless ESC w/governor (GPMM2075 recommended).要求:专用电台频道的比例,伺服微w/17盎司-在扭矩(分)和无刷人事编制小组委员会瓦特/总督( gpmm2075推荐) 。
Download the manual (802k PDF) 下载手册 ( 802k PDF格式)

Download the template (82k PDF) 下载模板 ( 82k PDF格式)

Click here to view a video clip. 点击这里查看视频剪辑。
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VPP Unit vpp单位
BL-12 基本法- 12
Drop in replacement 下降,在更换
Template 范本
Making the cut 使削减
Motor and VPP 汽车和vpp

The Rimfire unit is already assembled and comes complete with everything you would need. 该rimfire单位已经组装和完整的一切,你会需要。 Since I was already using a Rimfire 22m-1000, the RimFire VPP bolted right up to the firewall. 因为我是已经使用rimfire二二米- 1000 , rimfire vpp螺栓的权利,最多的防火墙。 Priorto that however, I had to take the included template and mark where thepitch control rod would exit. 之前说,不过,我不得不采取包括模板和马克那里音高控制杆将退出。 Using a hobby knife made short work of clearing the foam away. 使用美工刀短期工作的结算泡沫消失。

The Pitch control wire has to be bent to accommodate the off center position of the servo. 音高控制线要一意孤行,以容纳小康中心位置伺服。 There are measurements included with the manual, however I simply eyeballed it. 有测量包括与手册,不过我只是eyeballed 。 The Servo is then mounted. 伺服是随即。 Ensure that before you glue the servo in that you don't have any binding. 确保之前,你胶水伺服在您不要有任何约束力。 The channel assignment in JR radio's for the Pitch Servo is Channel 6. 该信道分配在小电台的为沥青伺服是频道6 。

The installation portion of this is done. 安装的一部分,这是做了。 Simple huh? 简单吧?

Now if you are like me, your freaking out a bit over the charts above. 现在,如果你是和我一样,您再用了一点图表以上。 I mean, I have never setup a VPP unit, much less a Helicopter and it appears to be greek to me. 我的意思是,我从来没有设置一个vpp单位,更遑论直升机,而它似乎已被希腊给我。 However,taking a step back and reading the instructions along with the chartsas a reference, things become clearer. 但是,考虑退后一步,读的指示,随图表作为参考,事情变得更清晰。

I started off by selecting a Model in my JR 9303 and choosing the Heli mode. 我开始起飞选择一个模型在我的小9303并选择直升机模式。 This enabled the mixing charts you see above. 这使混合图表您在上面看到的。 In the JR Radio, they are Pitch Curve and Throttle Curve. 在乘坐JR电台,他们是节曲线和油门曲线。 All other mixes are turned off. 所有其他混合关掉。 I setup my mixes as the above chart references for Gov Mode. 设置我的组合,由于上述图表参考政务模式。 Everythingseemed to be working correctly, but at the extremes of throttle on bothnormal and Idle, the system was getting hot and I had nearly no thrust. 一切似乎是正确的工作,但在极端的油门对正常及闲置,该系统是越来越热,我已经几乎没有推力。 Ibegan scratching my head as all of my mixes were set up exactly as theabove charts depicted. 我开始刮我的头,因为我所有的混合成立,正是由于上述图表描述。 I took my Wattmeter and took readings. 我把我的wattmeter了读。 I was pulling 23 amps at full throttle range. 我是拉动二十三安培在充分节流的范围。 Something was definitely wrong. 东西是绝对错误的。

I then read between the lines. 当时我读之间的线路。 This is just a starting point and the mixing will need to be fine tuned. 这只是一个出发点和混合将需要加以罚款拭目以待。 My throttle seemed to be perfect, but it was the pitch that was out of line. 我的油门似乎是完美的,但它是沥青,这是脱节。 BasicallyI had max pitch mixed in so they blades were becoming paddles givingmore than 50% pitch. 基本上,我已最大沥青混合,使他们在叶片变得paddles给予50 %以上的沥青。 I really only needed about 30% pitch. 我真的只需要大约30 %音高。 So I started by decreasing my pitch until the amps came into line. 因此,我开始降低我的音高,直到安培生效线。 I found that I went from -100% and +100% to more like -25% and +60%. 我发现我去从-100 %和100 % ,较像-25 %和60 % 。 This kept the pitch to a positive or negative 30% at the high end and low end of the throttle. 这保持了足球场,以积极或消极的30 % ,在高端与低端节流阀。 Amps came into line at about 11.5-12 amps at either range and gave an input of about 113 watts. 安培生效线约在11.5-12安培无论是范围和投入了约113瓦特。 This is right around what I had with a standard Fixed Pitch system. 这是正确的周围是什么我曾与一个标准的固定摊位制度。

Normal and Idle up are programmed to a Switch. 正常和闲置起来编程到一个开关。 I have mine on my Flight Mode Switch. 我有地雷,我的飞行模式开关。 Flight Mode Norm or zero contains my Normal flight mixing. 飞航模式规范或零包含我的正常飞行的混合。 This simulates a fixed pitch system. 这个模拟固定摊位制度。 Flipping the switch down to Flight Mode 2 enables the VPP mixing. 翻开切换到飞行模式2 ,使vpp混合。 Centerstick has no pitch, up has positive pitch (forward flight) and down hasnegative pitch (backwards flight). 中心坚持没有足球场,最多也有积极的间距(向前飞行)和下跌产生了消极间距(向后飞行) 。 Something to get used to is transitioning from normal flight to VPP flight. 一些习惯是过渡,从正常的飞行,以vpp飞行。 Ifyou are in normal flight and down on the throttle and flip to FlightMode 2, guess what is going to happen? 如果您是在正常的飞行和下降对节流阀和Flip飞行模式2 ,猜测将会发生什么? Yep..negative pitch and your going backwards. yep ..负面的音调和您的倒退。 It is best to transition from Normal Flight to VPP while at about 3/4 throttle from what I have found. 这是最好的过渡,从正常的飞行,以vpp ,而在约3 / 4油门从我所发现。 Infine tuning the mixing, right around 3/4 throttle seems to be prettyeven matched in Normal mode and VPP mode. 在微调混合,右周围3 / 4油门,似乎是相当匹配,甚至在正常模式和vpp模式。 This makes for a smooth transition. 这使得为平稳过渡。

Iset it up both with Governor Mode as well as Non-Governor mode and itseemed to be easier to fine tune in Non-Governor Mode. 我把它都与总督模式以及非总督模式和它似乎更容易进行微调,在非总督模式。 So that is were I left it. 这就是被我离开它。 Sameresults either way, but you must take that extra step to ensure thatyour not over RPM'ing the motor in Non-Governor Mode. 相同的结果无论采用哪种方式,但你必须采取额外的步骤,以确保您不超过rpm'ing汽车在非总督模式。

What? 什么? It doesn't still look like greek does it? 这并不仍然像希腊是否? Well this I hope will clear it up. 好,这点我是希望将其清除。 Lets look at it directly in the Radio. 让看看它直接在电台。 Iwish I had every radio to program for illustration purposes, but themixing shouldn't be too far off from my JR 9303. 我想我每一个电台节目作说明用途,但搅拌不应该太遥远,从我的方面JR 9303 。
Function List 功能清单
Throttle Curve Norm 油门曲线规范
Pitch Curve Norm 节曲线规范

Throttle Pitch Norm as you can see spans the full range from 0% to 100%. 油门沥青规范正如你可以看到,横跨全套从0 %到100 % 。 This is a linear throttle that is the same as a Fixed Pitch setup. 这是一个线性油门认为是一样的固定摊位设置。 The Pitch Curve Norm is set at 60% and is a flat line. 音高曲线的规范是定于60 % ,是一个水平线。 This gives about 30% total prop pitch and is constant no matter where the throttle is. 这使约30 % ,共版权音调和是常数无论身在何处,节流阀。

Throttle Curve FM1 油门曲线fm1
Pitch Curve FM 1 节曲线调频一
Mode Switch 模式切换

Throttle Curve Flight Mode 1 gives a different view however. 油门曲线飞行模式1给出了不同的看法,不过。 Itlooks like a large V. As the stick is at the bottom, it is turning themotor at 100% throttle. 它看起来像一个大五,作为坚持是在底部,这是把电机在100 %油门。 Asthe stick moves toward center, the throttle is cut to 10% and as itmoves towards the top end, it goes back to 100% again. 由于坚持走向中心,节流是降低至10 %和作为走向顶端为此,它可以追溯到100 % 。 The motor never stops turning although it is changing RPM from center stick to either full up or full down. 汽车永远不会停止转折,虽然这是不断变化的转速从中心坚持以全额或全面下降。

Pitch Curve FM 1 shows that the pitch has been toned down a bit from the chart above. 节曲线调频1表明,草地已被淡化了一点从图表以上。 The max pitch on positive throttle is the same as our Norm setting which is 60%. 最大间距就积极的油门是一样的,我们准则的制定,这是60 % 。 On negative throttle I have about 25.5% to keep the blades from over pitching. 关于消极油门,我约25.5 % ,以保持叶片从投球。 Both ends produce about 12 amps and 113 watts. 两端产生约一二安培和一一三瓦特。

Nervous? 紧张? Heck yes I was! 赫克是我! This was a new adventure for me and I kept going through the stick movements in my head. 这是一个新的冒险我,我一直通过坚持运动,在我的脑袋。 That and not knowing exactly what to expect once I throw it in reverse so to speak. 这一点,不知道究竟期望,我一旦把它在扭转,所以发言。 Ihad flown the Sim version of the VPP setup, but you truly never know ifit will react the same. 我曾飞到SIM卡版本的vpp安装,但你真的从来不知道,如果它的反应相同。 I was hesitating in letting it go, but throttled up and hoped for the best. 我是犹豫,让去,但扼杀了,并希望争取最好的。

Switching from Normal to ST-1, I climbed up and put the nose down. 开关从正常的圣- 1 ,我爬起来,把鼻子。 Then I jammed the stick down hard and it just sat there. 然后我堵塞坚持下来的努力和它只是坐在有。 I mean just a dead stop. 我的意思只是一个死亡停止。 From there, the nerves melted away and it felt like an old hat. 从那里,神经融化距离和感觉就像一岁的帽子。 This is fun! 这是乐趣! While I could not get it to climb in reverse, it had plenty of authority. 虽然我无法取得它爬在扭转,它有足够的权威。

Ienjoyed the crazy reverse flat spins the best (for lack of a betterdescription), It just flailed itself around. 我很喜欢疯狂逆向单位旋转最好的(由于缺乏一个更美好的描述) ,它只是flailed本身左右。 Lots of fun. 很多的乐趣。 Itis easy to get overconfident though and allow yourself to get to closeto the ground nose down. 这是易得,不自量力的,虽然并让自己去接近地面的鼻子。 I found I had to keep reminding myself of that sometimes successful...and sometimes not! 我发现我曾不断提醒自己的,有时成功,有时...不!

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