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The Mobula is a jaw-dropping proposal for a massive, luxury transport vehicle which blurs the line between a cruise ship and a passenger aircraft. 该Mobula是一个大规模,豪华运输车辆的模糊之间的邮轮和客运飞机线令人瞠目结舌的建议。
The Mobula was designed by Chris Cooke, a 2009 graduate of Coventry University's transport design program. 该Mobula的设计是由克里斯库克,是考文垂大学的交通设计方案2009年毕业。 The concept was developed as his final year project. 这个概念是作为他的最后一年的项目。
During the research phase of the project Cooke looked to nature for inspiration. 在该项目的研究阶段库克看着大自然中寻找灵感。 And in fact the vehicle's name is taken from a particular species of ray which can launch itself out of the water several meters. 而事实上车辆的名字是取自射线,可以发射数米的水本身出了特定的物种。


History 历史
The basic premise for the Mobula is a phenomenon called ground effect. 为Mobula的基本前提是所谓地面效应的现象。 Ground effect describes the rise in aerodynamic lift and reduction in drag which occurs when an aircraft flies in close proximity to the ground. 地面效应描述了气动升力和阻力的减少而发生时,飞机在接近地面飞行上升。 The Mobula exploits the high-lift, low-drag aspects of ground effect by safely flying close to the surface of the sea. 通过安全的Mobula利用飞行接近海面的高扬程,地面效应低阻力方面。 This transition allows for a high top speed, large interior space, and far more efficient fuel usage. 这种转变允许的最高速度高 ​​,内部空间大,并且更加有效的燃料使用。
Vehicles like the Mobula go by several different names and acronyms including; GEV (ground effect vehicle), WIG (wing-in-ground-effect), flarecraft and sea-skimmer. 像Mobula车辆去几个不同的名称和缩写,包括; GEV(地效飞行器),地效翼船(翼在地面效应),flarecraft和海锥。 But perhaps the best known name is ekranoplan. 但也许最有名的名称是ekranoplan。 Ekranoplans have been in development since the cold war, and both the USSR and US military's produced a number of vehicles for both testing and potential deployment. Ekranoplans一直在发展,因为冷战,无论是苏联和美国军方的生产潜力为测试和部署的车辆数目。 Unfortunately, despite the huge benefits offered by ekranoplans they remain an unusual form of transport, and only a small number of civilian and military ekranoplans are currently in service. 不幸的是,尽管ekranoplans他们仍然是不寻常的运输形式,只有民用军事ekranoplans少数提供了巨大的好处目前的服务。 However the recent drive towards more environmentally friendly modes of transport could help fuel ekranoplan development in the future. 然而,走向更环保的交通工具最近驱动器可能有助于在未来的燃料ekranoplan发展。


Concept 概念
The exterior design of the Mobula was developed through the notion of pure form and enters the realm of bio-design - which lends itself perfectly to aerodynamic form. 该Mobula外观设计研制通过纯形式的概念,进入生物设计领域-这使它本身完美空气动力学的形式。 The wing was developed in a wind tunnel to create the most efficient shape for low altitude flying. 机翼的开发在风洞创造了低空飞行的最有效的形状。 The winglets (flicked up area on each end of the wing) are smooth and mimic a ray's progression through the water, whilst also increasing the wings overall efficiency. 的翼梢小翼(挥动起来的每个翼端区)都顺利通过水模拟光线的进展,同时也增加了机翼的整体效率。 The windows which run parallel to the ground and curve around the rear of the vehicle are designed to mimic the appearance of the rays gills. 窗户是平行于地面和周围的车尾曲线的设计模仿射线鳃外观。 Located on the leading edge of the wing is the cockpit to allow for maximum visibility. 位于机翼前缘是驾驶舱,可实现最大的知名度。


When creating the Mobula, Cooke was careful not to just draw a pretty shape. 当创建Mobula,库克是注意不要只画一个漂亮的形状。 He spent much time working out the practicalities of such an unusual vehicle and just how it could operate. 他花了很多时间的工作出了这样一个不寻常的车辆实际问题,只是如何能操作。 Every aspect of the design has been taken into consideration including the 4 exterior hulls that enable mobula's huge payload to gently float on the surface of the water. 设计的每一个方面是考虑到包括4外部船体,使mobula巨大的有效载荷轻轻地浮在水面。 When in the water the hulls expand to match the weight of the craft, and deflate during flight to minimise drag. 当船体在水中的扩大相匹配的工艺质量,并在飞行过程中尽量减少阻力紧缩。 Hydrofoils are deployed from the bottom of the hulls during takeoff to minimise drag. 水翼部署从船体底部,以尽量减少在起飞阻力。


Interior 室内
The interior of the Mobula has been configured to allow for 1000 passengers based over 5 decks and in three separate classes. 该Mobula内部已配置为允许超过5层甲板,在三个不同类别的1000名乘客。 The seating encourages comfort on long journeys and incorporates a suspension system as seen in some trucks to maximise passenger comfort during turbulence. 鼓励的座位上长途旅行的舒适性和悬挂系统采用了在一些卡车视为动荡期间乘客舒适度最大化。 Other features include drink and snack vending in-between seats during flights, TV's, in-chair storage and under floor footrests to enable flatbed posture. 其他功能还包括饮料和小吃摊在座位之间的航班时,电视的,在椅子上存储和地板下的脚踏板,使平板姿势。




Conclusion 结论
While the Mobula is a radical, futuristic and advanced concept in terms of its design and the theory's behind it, sadly its extreme complexity and the sheer cost of developing the vehicle through to production mean that it is almost guaranteed to remain a concept. 虽然Mobula是一个激进的,前卫和先进的设计理念的理论和术语的背后,可悲的是它的极端复杂性和开发到生产的车辆纯粹的成本意味着它几乎肯定会保持一个概念。 However it is great to see that professional designers are looking to unique and alternative forms of transport to help solve some of the worlds energy problems. 然而,它是伟大的看到,专业的设计人员正在寻找独特的交通和其他形式帮助解决世界能源的一些问题。 And if similar vehicles where in the future to provide regular, scheduled transport back-and-forth across the the worlds oceans it would be one of the most significant changes to mass transport since the commercial jetliner. 如果类似的车辆在将来提供整个世界海洋定期,定运回的往复这将是最重要的修改,因为大众运输的商业客机之一。
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