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[技术] 电解水

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Method for the Production of a Fuel Gas 方法气体燃料生产1
Stanley Meyer 赤柱迈耶
Related Application: This is a continuation-in-part of my co-pending application Ser.; No. 081,859, filed 8/5/87, now US Pat.相关应用:这是一个延续,在-丝氨酸的一部分,我的合作有待应用。;号081859,提出8/5/87,现在美国的帕特。 No. 4,826, 581.编号4826,581。
Field of Invention: This invention relates to a method of and apparatus for obtaining the release of a fuel gas mixture including hydrogen and oxygen from water.发明领域的:本发明涉及一种方法和水器具获得释放的气体燃料的氢气和氧气的混合物等。
Numerous processes have been proposed for separating a water molecule into its elemental hydrogen and oxygen components.许多程序已经提出了分离和氧组成部分水分子进入其元素氢。 Electrolysis is one such process.电解就是这样一个过程。 Other processes are described in the United States patents such as 4,344,831; 4,184,931; 4,023,545; 3,980, 053; and Patent Cooperation Treaty application No. PCT/US80/1362, Published 30 April, 1981.其他进程中描述了美国的专利,如4344831,4184931,4023545,3980,053;和专利合作条约申请号PCT/US80/1362出版1981年4月 30日。
It is an object of the invention to provide a fuel cell and a process in which molecules of water are broken down into hydrogen and oxygen gases, and other formerly dissolved within the water is produced.这是一个发明的对象,提供燃料电池和气体的过程中,其中水的氧分子分解成氢和,和其他的原水溶解内产生。 As used herein the term "fuel cell" refers to a single unit of the invention comprising a water capacitor cell, as hereinafter explained, that produces the fuel gas in accordance with the method of the invention.由于此处使用的术语“燃料电池”是指一个独立的单元电容器细胞水的发明包括1,下文解释说,产生了发明的燃料气体,方法根据。
Brief Description of the Drawings 简要说明图纸
FIG.国际体联。 1 illustrates a circuit useful in the process. 1说明了电路的工作非常有益。

FIG.国际体联。 2 shows a perspective of a "water capacitor" element used in the fuel cell circuit. 2显示了电路角度来看,一个“水电容的燃料电池”的元素中使用。

FIGS.无花果。 3A through 3F are illustrations depicting the theoretical bases for the phenomena encountered during operation of the invention herein. 3楼3A条通过的插图描绘的现象提供了理论依据操作过程中遇到的发明此处。
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Description of the Preferred Embodiment: 说明首选的体现:
In brief, the invention is a method of obtaining the release of a gas mixture including hydrogen on oxygen and other dissolved gases formerly entrapped in water, from water consisting of:简言之,该发明是一水的方法获得了释放其他气体的混合物,包括对氧和氢溶解气体陷害以前,由水组成:
(A) providing a capacitor, in which the water is included as a dielectric liquid between capacitor plates, in a resonant charging choke circuit that includes an inductance in series with the capacitor; (一)提供一个电容器,其中包括水板之间的电容电介质液体电容,电感在谐振充电电路,其中包括一个电感串联;
(B) subjecting the capacitor to a pulsating, unipolar electric voltage field in which the polarity does not pass beyond an arbitrary ground, whereby the water molecules within the capacitor are subjected to a charge of the same polarity and the water molecules are distended by their subjection to electrical polar forces; (乙)遭受的电容一个脉动,单极电电压场中的极性不能武断地超出了通过,即在电容器中的水分子受到极性电荷相同,而水分子是由他们的扩张隶属电气极性力量;
(C) further subjecting in said capacitor to said pulsating electric field to achieve a pulse frequency such that the pulsating electric field induces a resonance within the water molecule; (三)进一步表示,在遭受电容说脉动电场实现脉冲频率等的脉动电场诱导水分子的共振内;
(D) continuing the application of the pulsating frequency to the capacitor cell after resonance occurs so that the energy level within the molecule is increased in cascading incremental steps in proportion to the number of pulses; (四)继续适用的脉动频率的电容细胞后发生共振,使分子内的脉冲能量水平在数量增加的级联渐进的步骤中的比例;
(E) maintaining the charge of said capacitor during the application of the pulsing field, whereby the co-valent electrical bonding of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms within said molecules is destabilized such that the force of the electrical field applied, as the force is effective within the molecule, exceeds the bonding force of the molecule, and hydrogen and oxygen atoms are liberated from the molecule as elemental gases; and (五)保持电容器的负责人说,在动荡中的应用脉冲场,即共同氧原子成键的价电氢和分子内是这样说的作用力该领域的电气,作为有效的力量在分子,超过了该分子的结合力,氢原子和氧元素的气体分子摆脱作为;及
(F) collecting said hydrogen and oxygen gases, and any other gases that were formerly dissolved within the water, and discharging the collected gases as a fuel gas mixture. (六)收集氢气和氧气气体说,和任何其他气体的水内曾被解散,燃料和混合气体排放所收集的气体为。
The process follows the sequence of steps shown in the following Table 1 in which water molecules are subjected to increasing electrical forces. In an ambient state, randomly oriented water molecules are aligned with respect to a molecule polar orientation.遵循这一进程受到序列的分子步骤如下表1中水增加电力的力量。在一个环境状态,随机型水分子的分子排列有关极地方向。
They are next, themselves polarized and "elongated" by the application of an electrical potential to the extent that covalent bonding of the water molecule is so weakened that the atoms dissociate and the molecule breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen elemental components.他们是未来,自己两极化“拉长潜力”的电器的适用的范围内,一个水分子共价键的削弱是如此的原子和分子离解分解成氢气和氧气元素的组成部分。
Engineering design parameters based on known theoretical principles of electrical circuits determine the incremental levels of electrical and wave energy input required to produce resonance in the system whereby the fuel gas comprised of a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen, and other gases such as air were formerly dissolved within the water, is produced.工程设计电路的电气参数的理论原则的基础上已知的确定氢,氧的增量水平电器及波浪能量输入所需的混合物产生共振,即在一个系统的燃料气体组成,和其他气体,如空气曾被解散内水,是生产。
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TABLE 1 表1
Process Steps:工艺步骤:
The sequence of the relative state of the water molecule and/or hydrogen/oxygen/other atoms:在与水分子序列的相对状态的/或氢/氧/其他原子:
A. (ambient state) random答:(环境状况)随机
B. Alignment of polar fields二对准极地领域
C. Polarization of molecule三极化分子
D. Molecular elongation四分子伸长
E. Atom liberation by breakdown of covalent bond解放五原子共价键破裂
F. Release of gases楼释放气体
In the process, the point of optimum gas release is reached at a circuit resonance.在这个过程中,释放点达到最佳的气体在一个电路共振。 Water in the fuel cell is subjected to a pulsating, polar electric field produced by the electrical circuit whereby the water molecules are distended by reason of their subjection to electrical polar forces of the capacitor plates.水在燃料电池是受到一个脉动,极地电场板制作的电路,使水分子通过扩张其原因是隶属的电力电容器极力量。
The polar pulsating frequency applied is such that the pulsating electric field induces a resonance in the molecule.极地脉动频率的应用是这样的脉动电场诱导分子共振的。 A cascade effect occurs and the overall energy level of specific water molecules is increased in cascading, incremental steps.一个连带效应出现,而具体的水分子的整体水平,增加能量的级联,逐步完成。
The hydrogen and oxygen atomic gases, and other gas components formerly entrapped as dissolved gases in water, are released when氢与氧原子的气体和其他气体成分溶于水作为原陷害气体,被释放时
the resonant energy exceeds the covalent bonding force of the water molecule.共振能量超过了水分子的共价键力。 A preferred construction material for the capacitor plates该电容器的首选建材板
is stainless steel  T-304 which is non-chemical reactive with water, hydrogen, or oxygen.是不锈钢的T - 304是不与水反应的化学氧,氢,或。
An electrically conductive material which is inert in the fluid environment is a desirable material of construction for the electrical field plates of the "water capacitor" employed in the circuit.一种导电材料,环境惰性液体中的电路是一个理想的材料建造“受雇在板电容器的电场水的”。
Once triggered, the gas output is controllable by the attenuation of operational parameters.一旦触发,可控的天然气产量是由参数衰减业务。 Thus, once the frequency of resonance is identified, by varying the applied pulse voltage to the water fuel cell assembly, gas output is varied.因此,一旦发现共振频率是组装,通过改变施加脉冲电压的水燃料电池,天然气产量是多种多样的。
By varying the  pulse shape and/or amplitude or pulse train sequence of the initial pulsing wave source, final gas output is varied. Attenuation of the voltage field frequency in the form of OFF and ON pulses likewise affects output.通过改变脉冲的形状和/或振幅或脉冲波来源列车序列的初始脉冲,最终天然气产量是多种多样的。衰减的形式关闭电压领域的脉冲频率和ON同样会影响产量。
The overall apparatus thus includes an electrical circuit in which a water capacitor having a known dielectric property is an element.因此,总的设备包括一个电路,其中一个水介质电容器有一个已知的属性是一个因素。 The fuel gases are obtained from the water by the disassociation of the water molecule. The water molecules are split into component atomic elements (hydrogen and oxygen gases) by a voltage stimulation process called the electrical polarization process which also releases dissolved gases entrapped in the water.燃料气体是从水分子的解离水面。水的水分子***成组件中还释放溶解气体原子分子包埋(氢气和氧气的气体)由电压刺激的过程中极化称为电。
From the outline of physical phenomena associated with the process described in Table 1, the theoretical basis of the invention considers the respective states of  molecules and gases and ions derived from liquid water. Before voltage stimulation, water molecules are randomly dispersed throughout water in a container.从大纲的基础上发明的理论,物理现象有关的表1介绍的方法,认为气体在各自国家的液态水分子和离子的产生和。前电压的刺激下,水分子是随机水分散在各地的集装箱。
When a unipolar voltage pulse train such as shown in FIGS.当一个单极电压脉冲序列,如在图所示。 3B through 3F is applied to positive and negative capacitor plates, an increasing voltage potential is induced in the molecules in a linear, step like charging effect. 3B的三楼是通过采用积极和消极的电容板,越来越引起电压的潜在影响是一样收费的线性分子在步骤1。
The electrical field of the particles within a volume of water including the electrical field plates increases from a low energy state to a high energy state successively is a step manner following each pulse-train as illustrated figuratively in the depictions of FIG.电场电场粒子的体积内一板的水,包括增加从低到高能量的能量状态,是一个渐进的方式先后以下每个脉冲列车国际体联形象地说明了在描写。 3A through 3F.通过3楼3A条。
The increasing voltage potential is always positive in direct relationship to negative ground potential during each pulse.日益增加的电压始终是积极的,直接关系到负极接地电位的每个脉冲。 The voltage polarity on the plates which create the voltage fields remains constant although the voltage charge increases.电压极性的电压领域的板块,其中创建的电压保持不变,尽管加费。 Positive and negative voltage "zones" are thus formed simultaneously in the electrical field of the capacitor plates.正,负电压“地带”,于是形成了板,同时在电容器的电场。
In the first stage of the process described in Table 1, because the water molecule naturally exhibits opposite electrical fields in a relatively polar configuration (the two hydrogen atoms are positively electrically charged relative to the negative electrically charged oxygen atom), the voltage pulse causes initially randomly oriented water molecules in the liquid state to spin and orient  themselves with reference to positive and negative poles of the voltage fields applied.在表1中描述的过程第一阶段的,因为水分子自然会导致相反的最初展品脉冲电场在一个相对极性的配置(即两个氢原子带正电荷的费用相对负电的氧原子),电压随机的液态型水分子旋转方向和领域,参照自己的电压极正面和负面的应用。
The positive electrically charged hydrogen atoms of said water molecule are attracted to a negative voltage field; while, at the same time, the negative electrically charged oxygen atoms of the same water molecule are attracted to a positive voltage field.充电后的电氢原子的积极表示水分子被吸引到一个负电压场,而在同一时间,同一负电的氧原子水分子收取的被吸引到一个正电压场。
Even a slight potential difference applied to inert, conductive plates of a containment chamber which forms a capacitor will initiate polar atomic orientation within the water molecule based on polarity differences.即使是轻微的电位差适用于惰性,极性差异导电板的遏制室构成一个电容将在分子基础上开展极地方向的水原子。
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When the potential difference applied causes the orientated water molecules to align themselves between the conductive plates, pulsing causes the voltage field intensity to be increased in accordance with FIG.当电位差会导致应用导向,以调整水分子之间的导电板本身,国际体联将导致电压脉冲电场强度与可按照增加英寸 3B. 3B的。 As further molecule alignment occurs, molecular movement is hindered.作为进一步的分子排列发生,分子运动受到阻碍。
Because the positively charged hydrogen atoms of said aligned molecules are attracted in a direction opposite to the negatively charged oxygen atoms, a polar charge alignment or distribution occurs within the molecules between said voltage zones, as shown in FIG.由于带正电的氢原子,分子的排列方向说吸引了对面的负电的氧原子,一个极电荷对齐或分布的分子之间发生在上述电压区,如图所示研究。 3B. 3B的。 And as the energy level of the atoms subjected to resonant pulsing increases, the stationary water molecules become elongated as shown in FIGS.而由于脉冲能量共振水平上升的原子受,固定水分子变得细长如无花果显示英寸 3C and 3D. 3C和三维。 Electrically charged nuclei and electrons are attracted toward opposite electrically charged equilibrium of the water molecule.带电原子核和电子是朝着相反的吸引带电分子的水平衡。
As the water molecule is further exposed to an increasing potential difference resulting from the step charging of the capacitor, the electrical force of attraction of the atoms within the molecule to the capacitor plates of the chamber also increase in strength.由于水分子是进一步暴露在越来越大的电位差造成的电容的一步充电时,电的分子内的原子力吸引向电容器板增加强度的分庭还。 As a result, the covalent bonding between which form the molecule is weakened --- and ultimately terminated. The negatively charged electron is attracted toward the positively charged hydrogen atoms, while at the same time, the negatively charged oxygen atoms repel electrons.作为一个结果,共价键构成的分子之间的减弱---并最终终止。带负电荷的电子被吸引向带正电的氢原子,而在同一时间,带负电的氧原子排斥电子。
In a more specific explanation of the "sub-atomic" action the occurs in the water fuel cell, it is known that natural water is a liquid which has a dielectric constant of  78.54 at 20 degrees C. and 1 atm pressure. [Handbook of Chemistry & Physics, 68th ed., CRC Press(Boca Raton, Florida (1987-88)), Section E-50.在水燃料电池更具体的解释是“亚原子的”行动发生在,它是已知天然水是液体,具有介电78.54常数在20摄氏度和1个大气压的压力。[手册化学与物理,第68版。,CRC出版社(博卡拉顿,佛罗里达州(1987-88)),E段- 50。 H20(water)]. H20(水)]。
When a volume of water is isolated and electrically conductive plates, that are chemically inert in water and are separated by a distance, are immersed in water, a capacitor is formed, having a capacitance determined by the surface area of the plates, the distance of their separation and the dielectric constant of water.当水量的是孤立和导电板,这是水和化学惰性的距离相隔1,是水浸入,形成一个电容器,具有一个电容板面积决定了,在距离他们的分离和水的介电常数。
When water molecules are exposed to voltage at a restricted current, water takes on an electrical charge.当水分子接触到一个受限制的电流电压,水呈现一个电荷。 By the laws of electrical attraction, molecules align according to positive and negative polarity fields of the molecule and the alignment field.由电动吸引的规律的,根据极性分子对齐领域的积极分子和消极和对齐字段。 The plates of the capacitor constitute such as alignment field when a voltage is applied.电容板块构成的领域,如对齐当施加电压。
When a charge is applied to a capacitor, the electrical charge of the capacitor equals the applied voltage charge; in a water capacitor, the dielectric property of water resists the flow of amps in the circuit, and the water molecule itself, because it has polarity fields formed by the relationship of hydrogen and oxygen in the covalent bond, and intrinsic dielectric property, becomes part of the electrical circuit, analogous to a "microcapacitor" within the capacitor defined by the plates.当收费适用于电容器,电容器的电荷等于外加电压充电;自来水电容,抗水的介电性能的电路流放大器中,水分子本身,因为它的极性共价键领域形成了由氢与氧的关系中,与内在介电性能,成为板部分电路,类似于一个“定义的microcapacitor电容器”内。
In the Example of a fuel cell circuit of FIG.在国际体联的一个燃料电池电路为例。 1, a water capacitor is included. 1,一水电容包括在内。 The step-up coil is formed on a conventional toroidal core formed of a compressed ferromagnetic powered material that will not itself become permanently magnetized, such as the trademarked "Ferramic 06# "Permag" powder as described in Siemens Ferrites Catalog, CG-2000-002-121, (Cleveland, Ohio) No. F626-1205".该升压线圈是形成一个传统的环形铁氧体产品的核心组成一个压缩铁磁材料,动力本身将不会成为永久磁化,如注册商标为“Ferramic 06#”Permag“西门子粉中所叙述的重心- 2000 - 002-121,(美国俄亥俄州克里夫兰市)号F626 - 1205“。 The core is 1.50 inch in diameter and 0.25 inch in thickness.其核心是直径 1.50英寸和0.25英寸厚度的研究。 A primary coil of 200 turns of 24 gauge copper wire is provided and coil of 600 turns of 36 gauge wire comprises the secondary winding.阿铜线初级线圈计24 200轮流提供及线圈轨距600转36包括次级绕组。
In the circuit of FIG 1, the diode is a 1N1198 diode which acts as a blocking diode and an electric switch that allows voltage flow in one direction only.在1国际体联电路,二极管1N1198二极管是一种只作为一个隔离二极管和一个电动开关,在一个允许电压流向。 Thus, the capacitor is never subjected to a pulse of reverse polarity.因此,电容是从未受到脉冲的极性相反。
The primary coil of the toroid is subject to a 50% duty cycle pulse. The toroidal pulsing coil provides a voltage step-up from the pulse generator in excess of five times, although the relative amount of step-up is determined by preselected criteria for a particular application.在环型线圈的主要是受一对50%的占空比脉冲。脉冲的环形线圈提供电压升压时间从5个多余的脉冲发生器的,尽管我们的标准相对量的逐步达确定预选一个特定的应用程序。 As the stepped-up pulse enters first inductor (formed from 100 turns of 24 gauge wire 1 inch in diameter), an electromagnetic field is formed around the inductor, voltage is switched off when the pulse ends, and the field collapses and produces another pulse of the same polarity ie, another positive pulse is formed where the 50% duty cycle was terminated.由于加紧进入第一个电感器脉冲(场形成了从原来的24个计100丝直径在1英寸),是一种电磁感应器组成周围,电压关闭时,脉冲结束后,与外地倒塌,并产生另一个脉冲即在相同的极性,另一个是正脉冲的地方形成的50%工作周期终止。 Thus, a double pulse frequency is produced; however, in pulse train of unipolar pulses, there is a brief time when pulses are not present.因此,双脉冲频率产生,然而,在脉冲脉冲培养单极,有一个短暂的时间时,脉冲不存在。
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By being so subjected to electrical pulses in the circuit of FIG. 1, water confined in the volume that includes the capacitor plates takes on an electrical charge that is increased by a step charging phenomenon occurring in the water capacitor.通过如此受到电脉冲在国际体操联合会的电路。1,电容在密闭的水的体积,其中包括板需要在一个电容器的电荷是逐步提高水的收费现象发生的研究。 Voltage continually increases (to about 1000 volts and more) and the water molecules starts to elongate.电压不断增加(约1000伏及以上)和水分子开始伸长。
The pulse train is then switched off; the voltage across the water capacitor drops to the amount of the charge that the water molecules have taken on, ie, voltage is maintained across the charged capacitor.该脉冲序列,然后关掉,电容两端的电压下降到了水的数量所采取的收费时,水分子有,即是电容电压保持整个费用。 The pulse train is the reapplied.脉冲列车是重新应用。
Because a voltage potential applied to a capacitor can perform work, the higher the voltage the higher the voltage potential, the more work is performed by a given capacitor.由于电压的潜在应用到一个电容可以执行的工作,高电压的电压越高,就越工作由一个给定的电容器。 In an optimum capacitor that is wholly non-conductive, zero (0) current flow will occur across the capacitor.在一个最佳的电容器,是完全不导电,零(0)电流流将出现整个电容器。
Thus, in view of  an idealized capacitor circuit, the object of the water capacitor circuit is to prevent electron flow through the circuit, ie such as occurs by electron flow or leakage through a resistive element that produces heat.因此,这种热量有发生,产生电子流通过一个或泄漏电阻元件,在观,即一个理想化的电容器电路,该对象是水电容电路,以防止电子流过电路。
Electrical leakage in the water will occur, however, because of some residual conductivity and impurities or ions that may be otherwise present in the water.水电气将发生渗漏,但是,由于一些残留杂质或离子导电性和可能存在于其他水。 Thus, the water capacitor is preferably chemically inert. An electrolyte is not added to the water.因此,电容是最好的水化学惰性。电解质不会被添加到水中。
In the isolated water bath, the water molecule takes on charge, and the charge increases.在离水洗澡,水分子就需要充电,而加费。 The object of the process is to switch off the covalent bonding of the water molecule and interrupt the subatomic force, ie the electrical force or electromagnetic force, that binds the hydrogen and oxygen atoms to form a molecule so that the hydrogen and oxygen separate.这一过程的对象是关掉水分子的共价键和中断的亚原子力,即电武力或电磁力,即结合氢,氧原子组成的分子,使氢与氧分离。
Because an electron will only occupy a certain electron shell (shells are well known) the voltage applied to the capacitor affects the electrical forces inherent in the covalent bond.因为一个电子只会占一定的电子壳(壳是众所周知的)的电压适用于电容器影响共价键的电力量固有研究。 As a result of the charge applied by the plates, the applied force becomes greater than the force of the covalent bonds between the atom of the water molecule; and the water molecule becomes  elongated.作为结果的应用板的电荷,应用武力就大于水分子的原子力之间的共价键,以及水分子变得细长。 When this happens, the time share ratio of the electron shells is modified.当这种情况发生时,电子炮弹时间份额的比例被修改。
In the process, electrons are extracted from the water bath; electrons are not consumed nor are electrons introduced into the water bath by the circuit as electrons are conventionally introduced in as electrolysis process. There may nevertheless occur a leakage current through the water.在这个过程中,电子摘自水浴;电子不消耗水,也不是过程电子引入电解浴作为电子电路为常规介绍。可能发生但通过水漏电流。
Those hydrogen atoms missing electrons become neutralized; atoms are liberated from the water.这些氢原子丢失电子成为瓦解;原子是水从解放。 The charged atoms and electrons are attracted to the opposite polarity voltage zones created between the capacitor plates. The electrons formerly shared by atoms in the water covalent bond are reallocated such that neutral elemental gases are liberated.充电后的原子和电子被吸引到相反极性的电压板电容器区之间建立的。共享的电子原水原子的共价键的重新分配,使中性气体元素的解放。
In the process, the electrical resonance may be reached at all levels of voltage potential.在这个过程中,电气共振,可达到的电压各级。 The overall circuit is characterized as a "resonant charging choke" circuit which is an inductor in series with a capacitor that produces a resonant circuit.整个电路的特点是一个“共振充电呛”这是一个电路谐振电路电感器与电容器串联,产生一个。 [SAMS Modern Dictionary of Electronics, Rudolf Garff, copyright 1984, Howard W. Sams & Co. (Indianapolis, Ind.), page 859.] [现代校管系统的电子词典,鲁道夫加夫,版权1984年,傅好萨姆斯公司(印第安纳州印第安纳波利斯),859页。]
Such a resonant charging choke is on each side of the capacitor. In the circuit, the diode acts as a switch that allows the magnetic field produced in the inductor to collapse, thereby doubling the pulse frequency and  preventing the capacitor from discharging.这种谐振电容器充电窒息的每一面。在电路中,二极管充当一个开关,使电感器的磁场产生的崩溃,从而增加一倍的脉冲频率和防止由电容放电。 In this manner a continuous voltage is produced across the capacitor plates in the water bath; and the capacitor does not discharge.在这个电容的态度,不断产生的电压在整个板水浴,以及电容器无排放。 The water molecules are thus subjected to a continuously charged field  until the breakdown of the covalent bond occurs.因此,水分子受到故障的共价键以不断电场,直到发生。
As noted initially, the capacitance depends on the dielectric properties of the water and the size and separation of the conductive elements forming the water capacitor.正如最初的电容取决于水电容的介电性能的水,形成的导电分子大小和分离。
In an example of the circuit of FIG.在国际体联的电路例子。 1 (in which other circuit element specifications are provided above), two concentric cylinders 4 inches long formed the water capacitor of the fuel cell in the volume of water. 1(其中其他电路元件的规格提供以上),两个同心圆筒4英寸长的水形成了水电容的体积的燃料电池。 The outside cylinder was 0.75 inch in outside diameter; the inner cylinder was 0.5 inch in outside diameter.外缸直径为0.75英寸外部;内筒直径为0.5英寸之外。
Spacing from the outside of the inner cylinder to the  inner surface of the outside cylinder was 0.0625 inch.汽缸间距由内到外的外圆柱内表面为0.0625英寸。 Resonance in the circuit was achieved at a 26 volt applied pulse to the primary coil of the toroid at 0 KHz, and  the water molecules disassociated into elemental hydrogen and oxygen and the gas released from the fuel cell comprised a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen from the water molecule, and gases formerly dissolved in the water such as the atmospheric gases or oxygen, nitrogen, and argon.在谐振电路实现了在一个脉冲在0千赫的环形线圈初级线圈的26伏特的应用,水分子脱离成氢气和氧气氧元素的,和氢气的混合物由细胞组成的气体燃料释放水分子,气体溶解在水中前,如大气中的气体或氧气,氮气,氩气和。
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In achieving resonance in any circuit, as the pulse frequency is adjusted, the flow of amps is minimized and the voltage is maximized to a peak. Calculation of the resonance frequency of an overall circuit is determined by known means; different cavities have a different frequency of  resonance dependant on parameters of the water dielectric, plate size, configuration and distance, circuit inductors, and the like.在实现电路共振的任何,随着脉冲频率调整,安培流量最小化和最大化的电压是达到了高潮。电路计算整体的共振频率是由已知的方式确定,不同腔有不同的频率谐振电感参数依赖于水介质,钢板尺寸,配置和距离,电路,等等。 Control of the production of  fuel gas is determined by variation of the period of time between a train of pulses, pulse amplitude and capacitor plate size and configuration, with corresponding value adjustments to other circuit components.气体燃料的控制生产取决于配置和大小变化的时间内,列车的脉冲,脉冲幅度和电容板,与相应的值调整到其他电路元件。
The wiper arm on the second conductor tunes the circuit and accommodates to contaminants in water so that the charge is always applied to the capacitor. The voltage applied determines the rate of breakdown of the molecule into its atomic components.售票员曲调雨刮臂的第二个可容纳的电路和在水中的污染物,使收费始终是适用于电容器。适用的电压决定了组件的原子分子的速度将其击穿。 As water in the cell is consumed, it is replaced by any appropriate means or control system.由于细胞中的水消耗,它是系统替换任何适当的手段或控制。
Variations of the process and apparatus may be evident to those skilled in the art.变化的过程和仪器,可对那些明显的艺术技能。
What is claimed is: [ Claims not included here ]什么是声称是:[这里不包括债权]
Keelynet/Vangard Notes Keelynet /先锋债券
1N1198 Diode is also a NTE 5995 or  a ECG 5994. 1N1198二极管也是新界东5995或5994心电图。 It is a 40A 600 PIV Diode (the 40A is over kill and may not be needed).这是一个600的PIV二极管40A条(第40A超过杀死的,可能没有必要)。
Stainless Steel "T304" is a type of weldable Stainless, but other types should work the same.不锈钢钢“T304”是一个类型的不锈钢焊接,但其他类型应该是一样的。 "T304" is just the more common type of Stainless tubing available. “T304”,只是用的不锈钢管,常见的。
The outer tube figures out to be 3/4" 16 gauge (.060 "wall") tube (a common size) cut to 4 inch length.外管内的数字为3 / 4“16计(0.060”墙“),管(一种常见的大小)减少到4英寸长。
The inner tube figures out to be 1/2" 18 gauge (.049 "wall", this is a common size for this tube, but the actual gauge cannot be figured from this patent documentation, but this size should work) cut to 4 inch length.管内的数字出来的1 / 2“18号(.049”墙“,这是一本普通大小管,但实际测量计算的文件不能从这个专利,但这种规模应该)减少到4英寸的长度。
You should also attach the two leads to the Stainless, using Stainless solid rod (1/6 dia would do) and USE LEAD FREE SOLDER !  (you may want  the purified water that is returned to drink some day).您还应该重视的两个导致不锈钢,使用不锈钢实心棒(1 / 6直径会做),并使用无铅焊接!(您可能希望纯净水返回给喝天)。
You also need to figure out a way to keep the two tubes separated from each other.您还需要找出一种办法使这两个其他各管分离。 This could be done with small pieces of plastic.这可以用小的塑料件。 They cannot block the flow of water into/out of the tubes.他们不能阻止水的进入流量 /出管。
It was not indicated if the inner tube is full of water or not. The guess here is that it is full of water, and this doesn't effect the device at all.这是不是表示,如果管内的水或不完整。猜测是,它是这里充满了水,这不会影响在所有设备。
The Patent doesn't say but I would think that insulating the leads with some type of tubing up to the tubes would be electrically correct (and probably wouldn't hurt).专利不说,但我觉得绝缘伤害)的领导与某些类型的油管到电管将是正确的(也许会。
The pulse frequency was not printed, it is estimated from the size of the coils and transformer that the frequency doesn't exceed 50 Mhz. Don't depend on this being fact, it's just a educated guess.脉冲频率不能打印,估计从变压器线圈的大小和频率不超过50兆赫。不要依赖于这个被事实上,这只是一个猜测。
The circuit to do this is not shown, just empty boxes.该电路要做到这一点没有显示,只是空盒。 It's time to get out your SCOPE and try things!是时候拿出你的范围,并尝试的事情! Don't forget to share your results with others !不要忘了与他人分享您的成果! GREED is why this type of thing never gets out into the world to do some GOOD.贪婪是为什么这种类型的东西永远不会被外面的世界做些好事。 If you want to make some money, make something PRACTICAL that WORKS and that PEOPLE can use in their every day lives, then sell it!如果你想作出一些钱,起作用的,实用的东西,人们可以使用他们的日常生活,然后卖掉它! Holding onto information like this only hurts ALL OF US !!举办这样的结果只会损害美国所有作者!上的信息!
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Controlled Process for the Production of Thermal Energy from Gases and Apparatus Useful Therefore 因此,控制生产过程的有用的仪器由气体和热能
Stanley Meyer 赤柱迈耶
(May 2, 1989) (1989年5月2日)
Abstract -- A method of and apparatus for obtaining the release of energy from a gas mixture including hydrogen and oxygen in which charged ions are stimulated to an activated state, and then passed through a resonant cavity, where successively increasing energy levels are achieved, and finally passed to an outlet orifice to produce thermal explosive energy. 摘要-离子的方法和仪器获取收取的释放能量的气体混合物,包括氢气和氧气,而所刺激到激活状态,然后,通过了一个谐振腔,在那里先后增加能量水平得以实现,最后通过一个插座孔产生热核爆炸的能量。
Inventors:  Meyer; Stanley A. (3792 Broadway, Grove City, OH 43123)发明者:迈耶;赤柱答:(3792百老汇,格罗夫市,俄亥俄州43123)
Appl.耳目一新。 No.:  081859 ~ Filed:  August 5, 1987编号:081859〜归档:1987年8月5日
Current US Class: 204/157.41; 204/164 ~ Intern'l Class:  C07G 013/00当前美国类别:204/157.41;一百六十四分之二百零四〜Intern'l类:C07G 013/00
Field of Search:  204/164,157.41,157.44现场搜索:164分之204,157.41,157.44
References Cited:参考引用:
US Patent Documents ~美国专利文献〜
4,233,109 Nov., 1980 Nishizawa 204/164. 4233109 11月,1980年西泽一百六十四分之二百○四。
4,406,765 Sep., 1983 Higashi, et al. 4406765 9月,1983年东,等。 204/164.一百六十四分之二百零四。
4,687,753 Aug., 1987 Fiato et al. 4687753 8月,1987年Fiato等。 204/157. 157分之204。
4,695,357 Sep., 1987 Boussert 204/157. 4695357 9月,1987年Boussert157分之204。
Description 描述
This invention relates to a method of and apparatus for obtaining the release of energy from a gas mixture including hydrogen and oxygen in which charged ions are stimulated to an actived state, and then passed through a resonant cavity, where successively increasing energy levels are achieved, and finally passed to an outlet orifice to produce thermal explosive energy.本发明涉及一种方法和离子仪器获取收取的释放能量的气体混合物,包括氢气和氧气,而所刺激到激活状态,然后通过一个水平谐振腔,在那里先后提高能源得以实现,最后通过一个插座孔产生热核爆炸的能量。
Processes have been proposed for many years in which controlled energy producing reactions of atomic particles are expected to occur under "cold" conditions.过程已经被提出了原子粒子多年中,控制反应的能源生产预计将发生在“冷”的条件。 [See. [见。 eq.情商。 Rafelski, J. and Jones, SE, "Cold Nuclear Fusion," Scientific American, July, 1987, page 84]. Rafelski,J.和琼斯,硒,“冷核聚变”科学美国人,1987年7月,第84页]。 The process and apparatus described herein are considered variations to and improvements in processes by which energy is derived from excited atomic components in a controllable manner.描述的过程和设备均是考虑的方式变化,以控制和改善流程,推导了能量激发态原子成分的研究。
It is an object of the invention to realize significant energy-yield from water atoms.这是一个发明的对象,实现产量从水原子重要能源。 Molecules of water are broken down into hydrogen and oxygen gases.对水分子分解成氢气和氧气的气体。 Electrically charged gas ions of opposite electrical polarity are activated By Express Mail No. 26224690 on August 5, 1987 by electromagnetic wave energy and exposed to a high temperature thermal zone.带电气体离子电极性相反的是26224690号激活快递于1987年8月5日由电磁波能量和暴露在高温热区。 Significant amounts of thermal energy with explosive force beyond the gas burning stage are released.天然气燃烧阶段的重要力量超出数额的热能与炸药被释放。
An explosive thermal energy under a controlled state is produced. The process and apparatus provide a heat energy source useful for power generation, aircraft, rocket engines, or space stations.爆炸性的受控状态下的热能产生。的过程和仪器提供一个有用的热能来源站发电,飞机,火箭发动机,或空间。
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FIG.国际体联。 1 illustrates a staged arrangement of apparatus useful in the process, beginning with a water inlet and culminating in the production of thermal explosive energy. 1说明了仪器的安排举行炸药生产有用的热能在这个过程中,开始了在进水口和高潮。

FIG.国际体联。 2A shows a cross-section of a circular gas resonant cavity used in the final stage assembly of FIG.甲显示了一个圆形气横截面谐振腔国际体联用于组装的最后阶段。 1. 1。

FIG.国际体联。 2B shows an alternative final stage injection system useful in the apparatus of FIG. 2b显示替代最后阶段喷射系统国际体联有用的仪器。 1. 1。
[Error in patent: Figure not shown] [错误专利:不显示]图
FIG.国际体联。 2C shows an optical thermal lens assembly for use either final stage of FIG. 2C型显示无论最后阶段国际体联光热透镜装配使用。 2A or FIG. 2A或不屑一顾。 2B.乙。
[Error in patent: Figure not shown] [错误专利:不显示]图
FIGS.无花果。 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D are illustrations depicting various theoretical bases for atomic phenomena expected to occur during operation of the invention herein.第3A,3B,3C和3D的插图描绘了本发明的各种行动的理论基础,以原子会出现预期中的现象。
[Error in patent: Figure not shown] [错误专利:不显示]图
FIG.国际体联。 4 is an electrical schematic of the voltage source for the gas resonant cavity.四是电气原理图谐振腔的电压源的气体。
[Error in patent: Figure not shown] [错误专利:不显示]图
FIGS.无花果。 5A and 5B, respectively, show (A) an electron extractor grid used in the injector assemblies of FIG. 5A和5B号,分别显示(一)电子国际体联用注射器提取格在集会。 2A and FIG.第2A和图。 2B, and (B) the electronic control circuit for the extractor grid.乙,及(乙)有关提取网格电子控制电路。
[Error in patent: Figure not shown] [错误专利:不显示]图
[Actual Figures: ] [实际数字:]
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Figure 3 图3

. 。
Figure 4 图4

Figure 5 图5

Figure 6 图6

Figure 7 图7
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Figure 8 图8

Figure 9 图9

Figure 10 图10

Figure 11 图11
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