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[技术] 迈耶斯坦利水燃料电池

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(January 1991) (1991年1月)
Eye-witness accounts suggest that US inventor Stanley Meyer has developed an electric cell which will split ordinary tap water into hydrogen and oxygen with far less energy than that required by a normal electrolytic cell.目击者也显示,美国发明家赤柱迈耶已研制出一种电动细胞正常***将普通自来水电解池成氢气和氧气与能量的需要比少得多。
In a demonstration made before Professor Michael Laughton, Dean of Engineering at Mary College, London, Admiral Sir Anthony Griffin, a former controller of  the British Navy, and Dr Keith Hindley, a UK research chemist. Meyer's cell, developed at the inventor's home in Grove City, Ohio, produced far more hydrogen/oxygen mixture than could have been expected by simple electrolysis.在研究化学家英国一**之前教授迈克尔劳顿工程学院院长在玛丽学院,伦敦,海军上将安东尼控制器的格里芬,前英国海军,医生基思辛德雷,1。迈耶的细胞,开发的发明人的家中格罗夫城,俄亥俄州,制作更为氢/氧气混合比本来可以通过简单的电解预期。
Where normal water electrolysis requires the passage of current measured in amps, Meyer's cell achieves the same effect in milliamps. Furthermore, ordinary tap water requires the addition of an electrolyte such as sulphuric acid to aid current conduction; Meyer's cell functions at greatest efficiency with pure water.凡正常电解水需要毫安通过对当前测量放大器,迈耶的细胞达到的效果相同。此外,普通自来水,需要酸另外一个电解质,如硫酸,以帮助电流传导,细胞功能在最大迈耶的效率与纯水。
According to the witnesses, the most startling aspect of the Meyer cell was that it remained cold, even after hours of gas production.据目击者说,细胞的迈尔方面最令人吃惊的是,它的生产持续寒冷,即使下班后的气体。
Meyer's experiments, which he seems to be able to perform to order, have earned him a series of US patents granted under Section 101.迈耶的实验,他似乎能够执行命令,也为他赢得了第101条规定给予一系列的美国专利。 The granting of a patent under this section is dependent on a successful demonstration of the invention to a Patent Review Board.专利授予根据本节发明依赖的成功示范,专利审查委员会。
Meyer's cell seems to have many of the attributes of an electrolytic cell except that it functions at high voltage, low current rather than the other way around.迈耶的细胞周围似乎有许多其他方式的属性,而不是一个电解池,而它的功能,除了在高电压,低电流。 Construction is unremarkable.建设是平淡无奇。 The electrodes --- referred to as "excitors" by Meyer --- are made from parallel plates of stainless steel formed in either flat or concentric topography.电极---被称为“excitors迈耶”---是由地形作出或同心无论从平面平行的不锈钢板组成。 Gas production seems to vary as the inverse of the distance between them; the patents suggest a spacing of 1.5 mm produces satisfactory results.天然气产量的变化似乎他们之间的距离逆;专利成果表明间距1.5毫米的产生令人满意。
The real differences occur in the power supply to the cell.真正的分歧发生在电力供应的细胞。 Meyer uses an external inductance which appears to resonate with the capacitance of the cell --- pure water apparently possesses a dielectric constant of about 5 --- to produce a parallel resonant circuit.迈耶使用一个外部电感这似乎与水共鸣电容的细胞---纯显然拥有一个谐振电路介电常数约5 ---产生一个平行。 This is excited by a high power pulse generator which, together with the cell capacitance and a rectifier diode, forms a charge pump circuit.这是激发一个高功率脉冲发生器,加上细胞电容和整流二极管,形成了一个电荷泵电路。 High frequency pulses build a rising staircase DC potential across the electrodes of the cell until a point is reached where the water breaks down and a momentary high current flows. A current measuring circuit in the supply detects this breakdown and removes the pulse drive for a few cycles allowing the water to "recover".高频脉冲电极建立一个潜在的细胞在不断上升,直到1点直流楼梯到达那里的水分解和瞬间大电流流。一个在供应电流测量电路故障检测和清除此数的脉冲驱动循环让水“恢复”。
Research chemist Keith Hindley offers this description of a Meyer cell demonstration: "After a day of presentations, the Griffin committee witnessed a number of important demonstration of the WFC" (water fuel cell as named by the inventor).研究化学家基思辛德雷提供此演示介绍了迈耶单元:介绍“经过1天,目睹了世界粮食理事会格里芬委员会数目的重要示范”(水燃料电池的发明者命名的)。
A witness team of independent UK scientifc observers testified that US inventor Stanley Meyer successfully decomposed ordinary tap water into constituent elements through a combination of high, pulsed voltage using an average current measured only in milliamps.阿scientifc观察员队伍,证人作证说,英国独立的美国发明家赤柱迈耶只有在成功地分解毫安普通自来水通过进组成要素的组合测量高,脉冲电压电流的平均值。 Reported gas evolution was enough to sustain a hydrogen /oxygen flame which instantly melted steel.报道气量足以维持氢/氧火焰的瞬间融化钢铁。
In contrast with normal high current electrolysis, the witnesses report the lack of any heating within the cell.在电解高电流相对正常,证人报告任何细胞内的加热缺乏。 Meyer declines to release details which would allow scientists to duplicate and evaluate his "water fuel cell".迈耶一直拒绝公布细节,允许科学家重复和评价他的“水燃料电池”。 However, he has supplied enough detail to the US Patent Office to persuade them that he can substantiate his 'power-from-water' claims.不过,他已提供足够详细地向美国专利局说服他们,他可以证明他的权力,从水的申索。
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One demonstration cell was fitted with two parallel plate "excitors". Using tap water to fill the cell, the plates generated gas at very low current levels --- no greater than a tenth of an amp on the ammeter, and claimed to be milliamps by Meyer --- and this gas production increased steadily as the plates were moved closer together and decreased as they were separated.一位示威细胞装有两个平行板“excitors”。使用自来水,以填补该单元格,板块生成气体在非常低的水平目前没有电流表---大于十分之一上一放,并声称是毫安由迈耶---这天然气产量稳步增长板块感动更密切合作,减少因为他们分开。 The DC voltage appeared to be pulsed at tens of thousands of volts.直流电压脉冲电压似乎是在数以万计的研究。
A second cell carried nine stainless steel double tube cell units and generated much more gas.第二个细胞进行9不锈钢双管单位和细胞产生更多的气体。 A sequence of photographs was taken showing gas production at milliamp levels.阿照片序列被显示毫安水平在天然气生产。 When the voltage was turned up to its peak value, the gas then poured off at a very impressive level.当电压出现,其峰值,然后倒了气体在一个非常令人印象深刻的水平。
"We did notice that the water at the top of the cell slowly became discolored with a pale cream and dark brown precipitate, almost certainly the effects of the chlorine in the heavily chlorinated tap water on the stainless steel tubes used as "excitors". “我们也注意到,该细胞在水的顶部慢慢沉淀变色成为一个苍白奶油和黑褐色,几乎可以肯定excitors”影响“的大量氯气的氯化作为自来水管上使用了不锈钢。
He was demonstrating hydrogen gas production at milliamp and kilovolt levels.他示范并千伏各级氢气产量为毫安。
"The most remarkable observation is that the WFC and all its metal pipework remained quite cold to the touch, even after more than twenty minutes of operation. The splitting mechanism clearly evolves little heat in sharp contrast to electrolysis where the electrolyte warms up quickly." “最显着的观察是,世界粮食理事会和所有金属管道仍然相当寒冷的接触,甚至手术后超过20分钟。演变的***机制,无疑是有点热起来很快形成鲜明对比的电解电解质温暖的地方。”
"The results appear to suggest efficient and controllable gas production that responds rapidly to demand and yet is safe in operation. We clearly saw how increasing and decreasing the voltage is used to control gas production. We saw how gas generation ceased and then began again instantly as the voltage driving circuit was switched off and then on again." “这些结果似乎暗示天然气生产效率和可控的要求迅速作出反应,却是安全的行动。我们清楚地看到了如何增加和减少的电压是用来控制天然气生产。天然气发电,我们看到了如何停止,然后又立即开始作为电压驱动电路关闭,然后再次打开。“
"After hours of discussion between ourselves, we concluded that Stan Meyer did appear to have discovered an entirely new method for splitting water which showed few of the characteristics of classical electrolysis. Confirmation that his devices actually do work come from his collection of granted US patents on various parts of the WFC system. Since they were granted under Section 101 by the US Patent Office, the hardware involved in the patents has been examined experimentally by US Patent Office experts and their seconded experts and all the claims have been established." “经过我们自己小时之间的讨论,我们认为斯坦迈耶也似乎发现了一个完全古典电解分解水的新方法的特点表明,其中几个。证实他的设备实际上做的工作,他收集来自授予美国专利关于世界粮食理事会系统各部分的。由于他们根据第101批由美国专利局,专利所涉及的硬件实验研究已通过美国专利局的专家和他们的借调专家和所有的债权已经建立。“
"The basic WFC was subjected to three years of testing. This raises the granted patents to the level of independent, critical, scientific and engineering confirmation that the devices actually perform as claimed." “基本的世界粮食理事会是受到3年的测试。这就提出了授予专利权的确认一级独立,批判,科学,工程,设备的实际履行要求。”
The practical demonstration of the Meyer cell appears substantially more convincing than the para-scientific jargon which has been used to explain it.迈耶细胞的实际演示的出现更是大大超过了第令人信服的科学的术语,已被用于解释。 The inventor himself talks about a distortion and polarization of the water molecule resulting in the H:OH bonding tearing itself apart under the electrostatic potential gradient, of a resonance within the molecule which amplifies the effect.谈到自己的发明一种歪曲和H极化的水分子中产生:静电势在一个放大的共振效应的分子,梯度,撕裂了OH键本身除了根据。
Apart from the copious hydrogen/oxygen gas evolution and the minimal temperature rise within the cell, witnesses also report that water within the cell disappears rapidly, presumably into its component parts and as an aerosol from the myriad of tiny bubbles breaking the surface of the cell.除了丰富氢/氧气的演变和细胞内的最低气温上升,证人还报告了细胞在细胞内的水迅速消失,可能成为其组成部分,作为一个表面气溶胶打破了由无数微小的气泡。
Meyer claims to have run a converted VW on hydrogen/oxygen mixture for the last four years using a chain of six cylindrical cells.迈耶声称已运行氢气转换大众/圆柱细胞氧气的混合物为过去4年6个用链。 He also claims that photon stimulation of the reactor space by optical fibre piped laser light increases gas production.他还声称,光纤光子刺激的反应器空间激光管道天然气产量的增加。
The inventor is a protegee' of the Advanced Energy Institute.发明人是被保护人的先进能源学会。
Molecular Dissociation of Water: 水分子离解:
A Project for the Experimenter 项目的一个实验器
by Dan Danforth 由Dan丹福斯
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In the original setup that Stan Meyer showed us, he used 36 volts as the basic potential applied to the reaction chamber.在原有体制上斯坦迈耶向我们展示,他用反应室适用于36伏特作为基本的潜力。 He also commented that stainless steel ( 410 not 403 ) was the only metal that could be used as oxides formed with all others.他还评论说,不锈钢(410不是403)是唯一的金属可以与他人使用的所有作为氧化物形成的。 His original chamber used 18 inch long by 0.375 inch diameter (od) rod surrounded by 1 inch diameter (id) 16 inch long pipe.用他的原腔英寸长18英寸长的管道由0.375英寸直径16)(外径)棒周围直径1英寸(身份证。 The reason for the difference in length is for mechanical ease of construction.长度在差异的原因是为方便施工机械。 My prototype used 14 inch long rod and 12 inch long pipe of similar diameters as the drawing indicates.我的原型使用14英寸和12英寸长的棒直径长管类似的图中所表明的。
Having a severe lack of parts diversity here in Sri-Lanka, I was only able to obtain a 24 volt.拥有一个多样化的地区发生严重缺乏斯里兰卡在这里斯里兰卡,我只能得到一个24伏特。 8 amp transformer and built my circuitry around that. 8安培变压器的电路和内置我周围。 The final output is 20 volts with Ml reading 10 amps to the pulsing circuit which generates a symetricel squarewave ( 50% duty cycle ) to the flyback inductor connected in series with the chamber as the schematic shows.最后的输出电压为20毫升与阅读10安培的脉冲电路,产生一个symetricel方波(占空比50%)的反激式电感器连接示意图中显示一系列与会议厅。 The flyback high voltage spike is directed across the chamber via c* end d*.反激式高电压尖峰是针对整个会议厅通过C *结束Ð *. The use of a high voltage spike alone, without the current being delivered through the liquid, will not cause the disassociation to take place.在单独使用高电压尖峰,但无电流通过液体传递,不会导致不结社发生。 This I verified using an ignition coil in place of the inductor and applied the secondary with halfwave rectification and blocking capacitor to prevent burn out to the chamber with no results.这是我使用的电感器验证一个地方点火线圈和成果应用在辅助与半波整流电容,以防止和阻止燃烧腔,没有出来的。 Apparently the current in the water aligns the molecules approprately to allow the high voltege spike to do its workr which in my opinion is the stimulation of molecular resonance.显然,当前的水分子approprately对齐,让高 voltege穗尽其workr这在我看来是共振刺激分子。 Once Stan's unit was made to begin breakdown (which takes 6 to 8 seconds) he was able to reduce both current and voltage to miniscule proportions.一旦斯坦的部队开始崩溃了(这需要6至8秒),他能够减少电流和电压,以微不足道的比例。 I attribute this to sympathetic oscillation of the aligned molecules, requiring very little in the way of additional excitation.我这个属性的一致同情分子的振动,需要非常少的额外的激励方式。 A phenomena akin to Tesla's super resonance...类似的现象特斯拉的超级共鸣... resulting in Stan discovering that he only had to supply three pulses in ten to satisfy the requirement of the chamber.斯坦导致发现,他只有在1003年提供脉冲,以满足香港总商会的要求。 I have not yet had the opportunity to duplicate this portion of the experiment but, in time I vill.我尚未有机会重复这一实验的一部分,但在当时我维尔。
Duplication of the device described in these pages, however, will produce the phenomena and hopefully launch other enterprising end inventive souls on to designing their own refined models.重复这些网页中所描述的设备,但是,将产生的现象,希望推出自己的设计精致的模范进取创造性灵魂到年底。 It would be nice to have feedback so that we can all collectively work to bring about the transition to non-pollution energy.这将是很不错的反馈意见,以便我们能够共同工作,使所有有关能源过渡到非污染。
PS- Though electrical circuit is by no means optinised, but represents instead the result of parts availability here.聚苯乙烯,虽然电路绝不是 optinised,而是代表而不是零部件的供应结果在这里。 Any good technician could improve on it quite readily.任何一个优秀的技术人员能够提高它很容易。
There are two primary frequencies that produce the best results. They are: 14,372 Hz and 43,430 Hz.有两个最好的结果产生的主要频率。它们是:14372 Hz和43430赫兹。 The former is about 50% more efficient, but it seems that just about any frequency between 9 KHz and 143,762 KHz works quite well.前者是约50%的效率,但似乎只是对任何频率9千赫和143762千赫之间的作品相当不错的。 (1) This is because the nature of the wave form ( a spike ) is rich in harmonics and one of them is bound to be close to one of the two primary frequencies. (1)这是因为,油价上涨性质的波形(a)是在和他们丰富的谐波之一必然是一个频率接近的两个主要的。
Use of permanent magnets may also increase efficiency.永久磁铁的使用也可以提高效率。 I'll give you the outcome of that attempt in my next letter along with the plans for what I hope to be a much improved version.我给你的版本的结果大大改善,试图在我的下一个字母是随着计划是我的希望。
Note: Sub-harmonics of the two primary frequencies at which dissociation will occur:注:离解将发生分两个主要的谐波频率在其中:
43430 Hz                        143762 HZ 43430赫兹143762惠州
1st  21715 HZ                1st  71881  HZ 1 71881 1 21715惠州惠州
2nd  14476.67 HZ            2nd  47920.67 HZ第二14476.67 47920.67惠州惠州第二
3rd  15517.5 HZ             3rd  35840.1  HZ第三15517.5赫兹第三35840.1赫兹
4th 8686                          4th  28752.4  HZ第四届8686第四28752.4赫兹
Source publication: Unknown...来源出版物:未知... Scanned from very bad photocopy.扫描从非常糟糕的影印本。
Excerpts from Water Fuel Cell News Release # 4 (Winter/Spring 87/88) (摘录水燃料电池新闻稿 #4冬/春季八十八分之八十七)
"The Birth of New Technology: The Hydrogen Fracturing Process & Related Water Fuel Cell Technology" “技术诞生的新功能:压裂工艺及氢燃料电池技术相关的水”
by Marcia Thompson 马尔恰汤普森由
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The purpose of establishing the Hydrogen Fracturing technology which ahs been developed is to use energy from the atom to produce a system which would lend itself to mass production.所开发的目的,建立氢压裂技术,AHS的是使用了原子的能量产生系统,将提供本身的大规模生产。 Meyer is now in the process of integrating the Electrical Polarization Generator (EPG) into the Hydrogen Fracturing Process.迈尔正处于进程进程:(EPG)的整合将氢压裂机电极化发电机。 The Electrical Polarization Generator is in essence a gas battery which produces electric energy directly from the fuel cell gases without chemical interaction.机电偏振发生器的化学作用在本质上是一种气体电池没有这些气体产生电能的燃料直接。 The significance of the voltage is that it is a potential energy source, not consumed energy.电压意义的是,它是一个潜在的能量来源,不消耗能源。 The most significant point is that the influence of voltage has a phenomenal effect on the splitting of the water molecule and does it in a controlled state.最重要的一点是,电压的影响具有显着的影响水分子的***状态,并没有在受控制的。 Voltage from the Electrical Polarization Generator separates the water molecule economically by not consuming power.发电机电压从机电偏振分离不消耗功率的水分子在经济上的。 It's a new technology --- bringing the water molecule from a liquid to gas ionization state, which in turn sets up the Hydrogen Fracturing Process of destabilization of the gas atoms to release their atomic energy.这是一项新技术---使他们原子能的水分子从液体到气体电离状态,从而建立了氢压裂工艺不稳定的气体原子释放。 The process consumes very little power to accomplish this task.这个过程消耗很少的电力来完成这项任务。
The Voltage Intensifier Circuit (VIC) patent development had to be fully developed to bring on the voltage phenomenon where very low energy is being consumed.增强器电路的电压(国际中心)的专利发展,必须充分开发带来的电压现象非常低能量被消耗。
In conjunction with this development, a new Electron Grid Extractor Circuit (EGEC) has been fully developed to extend the operability of the Hydrogen Gas Gun technology, which sets up the hydrogen fracturing process. The Voltage Intensifier Circuit patent development and Electron Grid Extraction Circuit had to be fully developed to bring on the voltage phenomenon where very low energy is being consumed.在这个结合的发展,新的电子网格提取电路(EGEC)已得到充分发展,以扩大该技术可操作性的氢气枪,其中列出了氢压裂过程。增强器电路的电压专利电网发展和电子电路已提取要充分开发带来的电压现象非常低能量被消耗。
What is this Hydrogen Fracturing Process?这是什么氢压裂过程吗? Since the Water Fuel Cell (WFC) dissociates the water molecule by the stimulation of voltage, this voltage technology has now been applied to the Fuel Cell gas atoms to release their atomic energy.由于水燃料电池(粮食)不赞成刺激电压由水分子,这个电压技术已经被应用到燃料电池气体原子的原子释放能量。 Meyer discovered that not only can the water molecule be split into its component parts, but it is also possible to separate the atoms of gases into their component parts by the same voltage stimulation, releasing a tremendous amount of thermal explosive energy from the atom under a controlled state.迈耶发现,不仅可以将水分子***成它的组成部分,但它也可以单独的电压刺激相同的各个组成部分的原子气体到他们,爆炸释放的能量下,从一个原子大量热受控状态。 Under this process, preliminary tests show that energy yields from one gallon of water are predicted to equal that of 44,000 to 108,000 barrels of oil.在这个过程中,初步试验表明,每加仑的水从一个能源产量预计将赶上 44,000至108,000桶石油。 The Hydrogen Fracturing Process is environmentally safe since the gas atoms are split into their component parts, releasing explosive thermal energy from the gas atom.压裂过程中的氢是安全的,因为环境的部分气体原子组成部分分成的,释放的气体原子炸药的热能量。 The nucleus remains intact.细胞核保持不变。
In conjunction to the Hydrogen Fracturing Process of the Water Fuel Cell technology, Meyer is now working out systems mechanics of retrofitting the EPG system to the entire Water Fuel Cell system.联的压裂工艺氢燃料电池技术的水,迈耶现正研究加装系统力学的EPG系统对整个水燃料电池系统。 The entire systems mechanics are now being integrated together into a package system which, when miniaturized, will lend itself to production.该系统力学整个正在整合成一个包制度,在小型化,将借给自己生产。 All of these previous steps have been necessary to ensure the system lends itself to the economics of mass production with costs held down.所有这些步骤以前也有必要确保系统随后又举行了经济学的成本与大规模生产。
Beyond the Electrical Particle Generator (EPG) system, which utilizes a magnetized gas to produce electrical energy, work is continuing on the Electrical Polarization Generator to optimize its operational performance, which is also required for mass production.除了电粒子发生器(EPG)的系统,它采用了磁化气体产生电能,工作正在继续极化电发电机,以优化其业务性能,这也为大规模生产所需。 The EPG system is now being prepared for design interfacing with the existing WFC technology.该EPG系统目前正在准备世界粮食理事会的技术与现有的接口设计。
To reach the maximum operational effect of the EPG system, several types of magnetized gases are being developed and tested.为了达到最大的EPG系统的运作效果的,几种类型的磁化气体正在开发和测试。 Meyer is also developing the technology to enhance the electromagnetic deflection of the gas to optimize the EPG system still further.迈耶还开发技术,以提高煤气电磁偏转的优化EPG系统锦上添花。 This development phase is now being considered for systems economics with regard to manufacturing techniques.这一发展阶段,现正考虑系统经济学方面的制造技术。
What does the Hydrogen Fracturing Process (HFP) really do for the system? It destabilizes the mass and electrical equilibrium of the gas atoms, bringing them into a critical state for energy utilization.什么是氢压裂工艺(丙烯)系统真的做的呢?不安的质量和气体原子的电平衡,使它们转化为能源利用一个临界状态。
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The electronics control system determines systems operation and efficiency and is part of the HFP.电子控制系统确定系统的运作和效率,是丙烯部分。 It complies with both US and foreign patent requirements. It establishes electric circuit interfacing for the operability and efficiency of the HFP.这既符合美国和外国专利的要求。它规定丙烯接口电路的可操作性和效率的。 In mass production, it will be reduced to a small, simple circuit component.在大规模生产,这将减少到一个小的,简单的电路组成部分。 The control system triggers the HFP and maintains control of it.该控制系统触发HFP和维护它的控制。
The Hydrogen Gas Injector Fuel Cell (HGIFC) is composed of resonant cavities (lower section) in a vertical array which splits water molecules into component parts by stimulation of a high pulse voltage frequency, setting up the resonant action.喷油器的氢气燃料电池(HGIFC)组成的电压频率谐振腔(下段)垂直阵列其中一个高脉冲刺激水分子***成组成部分的,设立共振行动。 The liberated hydrogen and oxygen atoms and ambient air gases are stimulated from a liquid to gas ionization state prior to entering the Hydrogen Gas Gun (HGG), located on top of the resonant cavities.解放了的氢,氧原子和周围空气气体刺激从液体到气体电离状态之前进入氢气炮(HGG),位于谐振腔的顶部。 Gases are then allowed to go into the Hydrogen Fracturing Process. The thrust nozzle, located at the very top of the system, is an optical thermal lens affixed to the unit which triggers and sustains the Hydrogen Fracturing Process as to the flow rate of fuel cell gases.然后让气体进入氢压裂工艺。喷管的推力,在该系统位于最高层,是一种光学热透镜贴在单位的触发和维持,以氢压裂工艺的燃料电池流量气体。 In mass production, the whole unit forms the Gas Injector Fuel Cell (GIFC).在大规模生产,整机形式的气体喷射燃料电池(GIFC)。 The complete unit will be reduced to a small, extremely light-weight unit.完整的单位将被减少到一个小的,非常轻的重量单位。 The Hydrogen Fracturing Process is completely environmentally safe.该氢压裂工艺是完全符合环保要求。 There are no radioactive materials used in the process, and it applies to all EPA standards, plus safety, housing and highway codes…在这个过程中有没有使用放射性材料,它适用于所有美国环保署的标准,再加上安全,住房和公路的代码...
Hydrogen Gas Gun 氢气枪

Hydrogen Gas Gun 氢气枪

Water Fuel Cell 水燃料电池

Excerpts from Raum & Zeit 1(6):63-68 (1990) 6&宰特摘录拉姆 1():63 - 68(1990)
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Hydrogen Gas Gun 氢气枪
The Electron Extraction Circuit removes, captures, and consumes the "dislodged" eelctrons (from the gas atoms) to cause the gas atoms to go into and reach "Critical State", forming highly energized combustiblegas atoms having missing electrons.提取的电子电路去除,捕捉,消耗的“移位”eelctrons原子(从气体)使气体原子进入,达到“临界状态”,形成具有高度活力 combustiblegas缺少电子的原子。 Resistive values (R4, R6, R7) and dielectric constant of gas (Rg) and isolated ground (W) prevents "electron-flow" or "electron deflection" from occurring within the circuit during pulsing operations (at resonant frequency) and, therefore, keeps the gas atoms in critical state by not allowing electron replacement to occur or take place between the moving gas atoms.天然气电阻值(R4的,R6的,R7的)常量和介质(RG)和孤立地(宽)防止“电子流”或“电子偏转”从电路脉冲期间内发生共振频率操作(上),因此,继续往前气体原子的气体原子在临界状态,不允许更换的电子发生或发生关系。 The "dislodged" negative charged electrons are "destroyed" or "consumed" in the form of heat when Amp Consuming Device (S) such as a light bulb) is positively electrically energized during alternate pulsing operations.该 “逐出”负电荷的电子被“破坏”或“消费热”的形式在消费时放灯泡设备(S)的一个光)是积极的电脉冲交替过程中带电作业。 Laser activated or laser primed gas ions repel the dislodged electrons being consumed.激光激活或激光引物气体离子击退脱落电子被消耗。 The Electron Extraction Process is hereinafter called the "Hydrogen Gas Gun" and is placed on top of a Resonant Cavity Assembly.的电子提取工艺是以下简称 “氢气枪”,是大会放在上面的一腔共振。
Thermal Explosive Energy 热爆炸能量
Exposing the expelling "laser-primed" and electrically chareged combustible gas ions (exiting from the Gas Resonant Cavity) to a thermal spark or heat zone causes thermal gas ignition, releasing Thermal Explosive Energy (gtnt) beyond the Gas-Flame Stage...揭露驱逐“激光引物”和电chareged可燃气体离子(空腔谐振退出从煤气),以热火花或热区热成因天然气点火,热爆炸释放能量(gtnt)超出了天然气火焰舞台...
Thermal Atomic interaction (gtnt) is caused when the combustible gas ions (from water) fail to unite or form a Covalent Linkup or Bond between the water molecule atoms.热原子相互作用(gtnt)时造成的可燃气体离子水(从)不团结或水分子之间形成一个原子或共价键相衔接。 The oxygen atom having less than four covalent electrons (Electron Extraction Process) is unable to reach "Stable State" ( 6 to 8 covalent electrons required) when the two hydrogen atoms seek to form the water molecule during thermal gas ignition.氧原子的过程有四个共价低于电子(电子的提取),是无法达到 “稳态”(6至8所需的共价电子)时,两个氢原子形成的热气体寻求点火过程中的水分子。 The absorbed laser energy (Va, Vb, and Vc) weakens the electrical bond between the orbital electrons and the nucleus of the atom.吸收激光能量(弗吉尼亚州,VB和维生素C)削弱了原子间债券轨道电气电子和原子核。 And, electrical attraction force being stronger than normal due to the lack of covalent electrons, "locks onto" and "keeps" the hydrogen electrons...而且,电引力被强于正常由于缺乏电子共价“,把锁”和“保留”的氢电子... This Atomic Thermal INteraction between combustible gas opns is from now on called the "Hydrogen Fracturing Process".这原子之间的相互作用的热气体opns可燃从现在起被称为“氢压裂过程”。
By simply attentuating or varying the voltage amplitude in direct relationship to voltage pulse rate determines Atmomic Power Yield under control state...只需attentuating或不同电压振幅直接关系到电压脉冲速度决定产量的控制Atmomic电源状态...
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Photon Energy Aids Resonant Action 光子的能量共振艾滋病行动

Laser-Injected Resonant Cavity 激光谐振腔注入

Power Load Distributor 电力负荷发行

Destabilizing Combustible Gas Ion 不稳定的可燃气体离子

LED Laser Array 发光二极管激光阵列
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Electrical Voltage Zone (Laser-Injected Resonant Cavity) 电电压区(激光谐振腔注)

Destabilizing Combustible Gas Ion 不稳定的可燃气体离子

Controlled Energy Yield from Water Atoms 控制能源产量从水原子
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Fuel Cell Technology: 燃料电池技术:
Electrical Polarization Process ~ Producing H gas economically from water by voltage stimulation机电极化过程〜生产H水气由电压刺激经济
Voltage Intensifier Circuit ~ Controls H gas production on demand增强器电路的控制电压〜H是以天然气生产需求
Cluster Array ~ Light manufacturing轻工制造业集群阵〜
Resonant Cavity ~Home/transportation谐振腔〜首页/交通
Laser-Injected Resonant Cavity ~ Medium industry激光谐振腔注入〜传媒产业
Atom-Injected Resonant Cavity ~ Heavy industry原子注入谐振腔〜重工业
H Fracturing Process ~ Controlled energy yield from water atoms (Aircraft/rockets) Ĥ压裂工艺〜控/火箭能源产量从水原子(飞机)
Processed H Gas: 加工h燃气:
Rendering H Gas Safe ~ Adjust H gas burn rate to co-equal natural gasQuenching Circuit ~ Anti-Spark back渲染h燃气安全〜调整h燃气燃烧率,相互平等的自然gasQuenching电路〜反星火回
Quenching Tube ~ Distribute H gas without spark ignition淬火〜分发h燃气管无火花点火
H Ignition ~ Sustain & maintain H flame regardless of gas rate Ĥ点火〜维持与维护Ĥ火焰不论气率
Startup/Shutdown Electronic Circuit ~ Automatically reignites H gas after flame-out启动/关机电子电路〜自动 reignites出h燃气火焰后,
H Pipeline Storage ~ Transporting H gas through existing pipelines safely Ĥ管道运输仓储〜h燃气管道安全地通过现有的
H Gas Reclaim ~ Recycling water for H re-use & producing pure drinking water h燃气回收循环水的H〜再利用及生产饮用纯净水
Electrical Power Generation: 发电:
Electrical Particle Generator (EPG) ~ Using a magnetized gas or slurry to produce electrical energy without any air-gap电粒子发生器(电子节目指南)〜使用磁化气体或浆生产,电力能源缺口没有任何空气
EPG Mechanical Drive System ~ To propel said magnetized gas/slurry by mechanical displacement机械驱动系统的EPG〜磁气说,为了推动/位移机械浆
EPG Electromagnetic Drive System ~ To propel said magnetized gas/slurry by EM deflection电磁驱动系统的EPG〜说要推动磁化气体/电磁偏转浆料
EPG Laser Drive System ~ To propel said magnetized gas/slurry by photon or particle injection电子节目指南激光驱动系统〜为了推动说磁化气体/颗粒浆料光子或注射
Magnetic Spin Generator ~ Reorient dyne-axis of said magnetized gas/slurry by variable pulse voltage磁自旋发电机〜重新调整达因轴的说磁化气体/可变脉冲电压浆料
Spiral Transformer Configuration ~ Pass electrical energy at high pulse voltage frequencies螺旋变压器配置〜通行证电能脉冲电压频率高
Electrical Pulsing Generator ~ EM amplifier that produces a variable voltage frequency电脉冲发生器〜电磁放大器,产生一个可变电压频率
Electrical Feedback Network: 电反馈网络:
Gas Activated Electrical Generator ~ Using a thermal pump to move said magnetized gas/slurry to produce electricity气体发生器〜活化电气热水泵使用移动表示磁化气体/浆来产生电能
Internal Combustion Electrical Generator ~ Using IC engine power by processed H gas to move magnetized gas/slurry to produce electricity内燃发电机〜使用电气加工h燃气内燃机权力提出磁化气体/浆来产生电能
Fluid Drive Electrical Generator ~ Using H gas pressure to move magnetized gas/slurry to produce electricity液压传动电力发电机的H〜气压移动磁化气体/浆来产生电能
Electrical Polarization Generator ~ Using electrically charged gas to produce electrical energy 〜使用发电机电气极化带电气体产生电能
Others: 其他:
Steam Resonator ~ Producing superheated steam by polar-voltage stimulation蒸汽腔〜电压产生过热蒸汽由极刺激
Light-Guide Lens Assembly ~ Collects, redirects, transfers & focuses solar energy without any moving parts光指南镜头大会〜收集,重定向,转让和集中太阳能没有任何移动部件
Infinite Energy 19: 50-51 (1998) 无限能源 19:50-51(1998)
Stanley Meyer, Water-Fuel Cell Inventor & Promoter, Dies Suddenly 赤柱迈耶,水燃料电池发明与推广,突然死亡
by Eugene Mallove 由尤金Mallove
Stanley A. Meyer, the controversial Ohio inventor who had claimed his technology could produce a hydrogen-oxygen mixture with a minimal energy input (compared with conventional electrolysis) died on March 21, 1998. He had gained a world-wide following of adherents and people who had invested in his activities --- Water Fuel Cell (Grove City, OH).答:赤柱迈耶,有争议的俄亥俄州的发明者谁曾声称他的技术能产生(比传统电解氢,氧混合,以最少的能量输入)死于1998年3月21日。他获得了以下的追随者及世界各地人们谁曾在他的投资活动---水燃料电池(韦城,俄亥俄州)。 He was famous for his claimed "water fueled car" which was exhibited symbolically in the BBC/CBC 1994 documentary on cold fusion, "Too Close to the Sun".他声称他的著名的“水燃料汽车”,这是象征性地展示融合在英国广播公司/加拿大广播公司1994年的纪录片冷, “太接近太阳”。
There were also those who were initially curious about Meyer's work, such as the editor of this magazine, the late Christopher Tinsley of the UK, and the late Admiral of the British Navy, Sir Anthony Griffin, but who became frustrated by being unable --- or, more to the point, not allowed --- to confirm (or reject finally) Meyer's claims.此外,还有那些谁最初杂志好奇迈耶的这项工作,例如作为主编,已故的克里斯托弗廷斯利的英国和格里芬,已故的英国海军上将,爵士安东尼但谁正在成为无法挫折- -或者,更重要的是,不允许---确认(或拒绝终于)迈耶的说法。
I have absolutely NO DOUBT today that Stanley Meyer was his own worst enemy.毫无疑问我有今天,赤柱迈耶是他自己最大的敌人。 IF --- and a very big IF --- he had discovered the technological process that he had said he had, there is no way that a reasonable, straightforward marketing strategy would have failed to make his technology quickly spread worldwide.中频---和一个很大的假设---他发现了工艺流程,他说他,有没有办法合理,简单的营销策略已告失败,使他的技术迅速蔓延全球。 He could have become very influential and very rich.他本来可以成为非常有影响力的,非常丰富。
There remains a very strong suspicion that he had no such process, even though he conducted a demonstration (before this writer and another engineer at the Meyer lab in 1993) of the production of copious hydrogen/oxygen gas from what visually seemed like a small input power.仍然有一个很强烈的怀疑,他没有这个过程中,尽管他在1993年进行lab示范(前迈耶笔者工程师和另一个)生产的氢丰富/氧气从什么视觉input似乎是一个小权力。 But Meyer was exceedingly paranoid and he flatly refused reasonable requests by us and others to test the performance --- the input/out power ratio, even with the proviso that we did not have to "look into his black box" of electronics feeding his rather simply constructed stainless steel electrode, alternating current and voltage cell.但是,迈尔是极其偏执,他断然拒绝了我们的合理要求和其他方面的性能测试---输入/输出功率比喂养,即使条件是我们没有“看他的黑色电子盒”他而不是简单地建不锈钢焊条,交变电流和电压细胞。 The last such refusal --- this one in public and recorded on video tape --- was at the ANE meeting in Denver CO in 1997.最后这种拒绝---这个公共之一,并记录在录像带---一氧化碳是在丹佛的ANE的会议于1997年。 Then Meyer loudly and falsely protested to me that he would "lose his patent rights" if he were to release anything but complete, integrated systems --- such as a water-fueled vehicle.然后,迈耶和虚假大声抗议,我认为他会“失去他的专利权利”,如果他被释放,但任何完整的,集成系统---例如水燃料汽车。 Excuses, excuses, excuses...借口,借口,借口...
In 1996, Meyer lost a long-lasting Ohio civil court battle accusing him of "egregious fraud" against a former associate. 1996年,迈耶失去了一个长期持久的战役俄亥俄州民事法庭指控他联系的“令人震惊的前欺诈”反对。 As was Meyer's custom, he ascribed this and other alleged assaults on him to various conspiracies. To television cameras he suggested that he had been offered huge sums of money to "suppress this technology", but that he had refused those sums. One had the impression that he really believed that there were conspiracies against him.正如迈耶的习惯,他归因于这一点,其他指控他攻击到各种阴谋。电视摄像机,他认为他已提供巨额款项,以“制止这种技术”,但他拒绝了这些款项。一个有印象是,他真的相信他有阴谋反对。 That is a tragedy, a very compounded tragedy if he had actually come up with something novel and useful that he was hiding.这是一个悲剧,一个非常复杂的悲剧,如果他真的来掩盖新颖和有用的东西,他是。
This is a very complex human and scientific story that we shall want to cover in greater detail in a future issue of Infinite Energy.这是一个非常复杂的人类和科学的故事,我们将要更详细地讨论了无限的能源未来的问题。 There are other processes and inventions that suggest that splitting water molecules with much greater efficiency than with conventional electrolysis may be possible.还有其他的进程和发明表明,与传统的电解水分子的***比更大的效率是可能的。 Certainly there are other novelties within water --- "cold fusion" to be sure --- that really do produce prodigious quantities of energy, but not in the mode Meyer claimed.当然,也有在水中的其他新奇---“冷核聚变”的模式肯定是真的---产生巨大数量的能量,但不是在迈尔称。 For now, here are some of the facts surrounding Meyer's death:现在,这里有一些死亡的事实,周围的迈尔:
He was apparently eating dinner at a Grove City OH restaurant, when it is reported that he jumped up from the table, yelled that he'd been poisoned", and rushed out into the parking lot, where he collapsed and died. It has been reported by Meyer's associates that Meyer had just secured funding for a $50 million research center near Grove City, but there is no way to confirm or reject this at the moment.他显然是吃晚餐的餐厅在俄亥俄州格罗夫城时,据报道,他从桌上跳,大声说,他自己被下毒“,后被送往死亡外面的停车场,在那里他倒下。据报告迈耶的助手,迈耶刚刚获得市拨款百万个研究中心附近的小树林里50美元,但有没有办法证实或拒绝在这个时刻。
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