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The Howard Johnson's permanent magnetic motor 霍华德约翰逊的永磁电机
created on 03/04/98 - JLN Labs - last update on 01-02-01创建于1998年3月4日-上海实验室-最后更新于1 9 01年2月1日
The Johnson's permanent magnetic motor uses the principle of a constant imbalance of the magnetic forces between the rotor and the stator. 约翰逊的永磁电机用途原则恒定不平衡磁势力之间的转子和定子。 This permanent imbalance of the forces must be always maintained in the same direction during the complete revolution of the rotor (0 to 360 degres). 这一常设失衡的力量,必须始终保持在同一方向 ,在彻底革命的转子( 0至360 degres ) 。 By this way, the only source of energy will be the magnetic energy from the magnets. 通过这种方式,唯一的能源来源将磁能从磁铁。
I have made a closed loop simulation with the QuickField software, but it is not necessary in this case because, as you can see in the QuickField picture below, the magnetic configuration is periodic. 我已作出了闭环仿真与quickfield软件,但实在没有必要在这种情况下,因为你可以看到在quickfield图片所示,磁配置周期。 The magnetic configuration is reproduced every 45 degres. 磁配置转载每45 degres 。
I have noticed in my design that the shape of the little curved magnet (the magnet actuator) is very important and also the gap between the rotor and the stator. 我注意到我的设计形状小弧形磁铁(磁铁驱动器)是非常重要的,也是差距转子和定子。 In most cases of configuration (shape and gap), the rotation stops, because the magnet actuator blocks on a reversed magnetic field density. 在大多数情况下配置(形状和差距) ,轮换站,因为磁铁驱动块上扭转磁场密度。 I have checked this with the QuickField simulator, and this causes to me some difficulties to find the correct setup. 我翻看这与quickfield模拟器,这使我有些困难,要找到正确的设置。 Today, I think that I have understood how to tune the Johnson's motor. 今天,我认为我已懂得如何调约翰逊的马达。
In this picture below, you see the global setup of this permanent magnetic motor. 在这张照片下面,你会看到全球安装这种永磁电机。
You will find below an example of the magnetic flux density around the actuator magnet ( the small boomerang). 你会发现下面的一个例子,磁通密度约为驱动磁体(小自食其果) 。 This is the most important thing to understand. 这是最重要的事是理解。
In the magnetic flux density curve you will see two troughs in the curve, the first is the flux density above and the second is flux density under the actuator. 在磁通密度曲线,你会看到两槽在曲线中,第一项是磁通密度和上述二是磁通密度下动。 You will notice three peaks : the first and the last are the south pole of the magnet and the middle peak is the north pole. 你会发现三个高峰:第一次和最后一次是南极的磁铁和中峰是北极。
The MOST IMPORTANT THING for obtaining a continuous rotation of the PMM is that the flux density of the north pole MUST BE ALWAYS LOWER than the flux density of the south pole. 最重要的是取得了连续轮换的主就是通量密度北极必须始终低于通量密度的南极。 If this condition is always obtained, for EVERY ANGLE of rotation, the PMM can turn continuously. 如果这个条件是永远得到,对每个角度旋转,主能把不断。 :-) :-)
If unfortunately, for only one angle, the flux density slope reverses, then the PMM will stop..... 如果不幸的是,只有一个角度看,磁通密度逆转斜坡,然后将配站… … :-( :-(
Today I have found the correct setup for obtaining this condition for all the angles.... 今天,我已找到正确的设置,为获得这一条件的所有角度....
You see below, the first decisive document about the Johnson PMM, as you can see in the main picture of the motor, the magnet actuator rotates around the magnets ( the reciprocal is possible ). 你看下面,第一决定性文件约翰逊主,你可以看到,在主画面的汽车,磁铁驱动旋转周围磁体(交互是可能的) 。 The geometric configuration is repeated every 45 degres, thus this is the period. 几何配置重复每45 degres ,因此这是时期。 In my simulation I have included 12 magnets with a step angle of 30 degres. 我在模拟我已包括12磁体的一个步距角30 degres 。 Also the simulation includes the COMPLETE SETUP of the final design because the main problem of all PMM is the closed loop, this is the reason why I have used the complete configutation. 还包括模拟完整格局的最终设计,因为主要的问题,所有主是闭环系统,这就是为什么我使用configutation完成。 You notice that the zero field edge is placed far around the PMM and it is CIRCLE SHAPED for avoiding all interferences with the PMM simulation. 你留意到零场优势是远远地围绕主,它是圆形,为避免各种干扰与模拟电源。
In the graphic below you see three curves, this is the most decisive part..... 在图形下面你看到三个曲线,这是最具有决定性的组成部分… …
- the PINK curve represents the flux density at the South pole of the magnet actuator, -粉红色曲线代表了磁通密度在南极的磁铁驱动器
- the BLUE curve represents the flux density at the North pole of the magnet actuator, -蓝色曲线代表了磁通密度在北极的磁铁驱动器
- the RED curve represents the resulting flux density between these two poles, this is very important, and you notice that the resultant flux density is ALWAYS POSITIVE, the continuous rotating condition is now obtained with this setup, because the resulting force is always oriented in the same direction, thus the PMM can accelerate..... -红色曲线代表产生磁通密度之间的两极,这是很重要的,你看到由此通量密度始终是积极的,连续旋转状态,现在是取得这一格局中,因为导致武力永远是导向同一方向,因此复能加速… …
The last graphic shows the curves of the magnetic flux density for a complete turn of 360 degres. 最后图形显示曲线磁通密度为一个完整的转360 degres 。 As I have said before the period is 45 degres and you can see for each 45 degres a "magnetic spike", this is the regauging area . 正如我以前说过的时期是45 degres ,你可以看到每45 degres "磁穗" ,这是regauging区 。
We have an incremental periodic and asymetric potential (4 bumps), the 4th bump is the regauging bump. 我们有一个定期的增量和对称势( 4凸点) ,第四届跳车是regauging凸点。 This is the most difficult part to tune, because in this area the flux density can be reversed and this would stop the PMM. 这是最困难的部份调子,因为在这个领域通量密度可以扭转这将停止主。
If the Johnson is correctly built and finely tuned, we have the possibility to violate the second law of the thermodynamics by the use of the Rachet potentials. (see the document from Dieter Bauer at: http://www.overunity.de/magmotor/magmotor.htm ) 如果约翰逊是正确建立和精调,我们有可能违反第二定律热力学所使用的骏马潜力。 (见文件迪特尔鲍尔: http://www.overunity.de/magmotor / magmotor.htm )
This motor has already been patented : US4151431 : Permanent magnet motor by H.R.Johnson 这个电机已经获得专利: us4151431 :永磁电机由h. r.约翰逊 
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约翰逊的永磁电机用途原则恒定不平衡磁势力之间的转子和定子。 This permanent imbalance of the forces must be always maintained in the same direction during the complete revolution of the rotor (0 to 360 degres). 这一常设失衡的力量,必须始终保持在同一方向 ,在彻底革命的转子( 0至360 degres ) 。 By this way, the only source of energy will be the magnetic energy from the magnets. 通过这种方式,唯一的能源来源将磁能从磁铁。

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此间透露,在它的全部是专利,由于可能镇压的政治,军事和/或经济利益的,你从来没有听说过。 Granted to inventor Howard Johnson on April 24, 1979, the rights to which have expired since 1996, patent number
 . 给予发明者霍华德约翰逊于1979年4月24日 , 权,其中有过期自1996年以来,专利号
 。 See there also patent number
 , also issued to Howard Johnson March 28, 1995 which continues to build upon the very same principals. These may, in fact, prove to be some of the most important documents in the history of mankind.
Click the image to the left for a detail view.
In short, it is a patent for a device capable of producing unlimited free energy with zero environmental impact. 总之,它是一个专利装置能够产生无限的免费能源与环境零影响。 A device resembling an electric motor which produces work without electrical input, using only permanent magnets for motive force. 装置类似于电机生产工作,无电输入,只用永磁材料为动力。 What some might call perpetual motion. 有什么可称之为永恒的议案。 What the inventor believes is the harnessing of energy not thought possible by conventional science based on " incomplete information and theory with respect to the atomic motion occurring within a permanent magnet. " 什么发明者认为是治理能源不以为可能由常规科学基于" 不完整的信息和理论方面的原子运动发生永久磁铁 " 。 He then goes into a lengthy discussion of his theories, which may or may not be accurate, and I am not qualified to say one way or the other. 他接着变成了长时间的讨论他的理论,可能不准确,我没有资格说这样的一个或其他。 The fact remains, however, that he DOES have a working model of the invention. 事实依然,但他确实有工作模式的发明。 What ever path he took, he arrived at the same place. 以往什么路径了他,他来到了同一个地方。
Featured in the now defunct publication Science and Mechanics magazine, Spring 1980 edition, it took five and a half years from the date of the original filing and many legal battles with the patent office to get it approved as they have a "policy" (due to so many fraudulent submissions) of not patenting any device which in any way resembles perpetual motion or over unity. Our assurance that this is no hoax . 精选中,现在已经倒闭出版科学和力学杂志, 1980年春季版,花五年半之日起原备案和许多法律战与专利局获得批准,因为他们有一个"政策" (因这么多的欺诈意见书) ,不申请专利的任何装置,其中任何方式类似于永恒的议案或超过统一。 我们保证,这是没有虚报 。
It is my firm belief that this patent was suppressed due to the inevitability that devices built and sold based on the principles described therein would force the total economic ruin of petroleum producing nations, the complete decentralization of power generation and totally eliminate the need for the consumption of fossil and nuclear fuels of any kind, for the production of energy of any kind, be it electrical, heat or motive force. 这是我坚信这项专利被抑制由于必然性设备制造和出售原则基础上的描述将迫使总经济崩溃的石油生产国,彻底下放发电,并完全消除需要消耗矿物和核燃料的任何一种,为能源生产任何种类的,可它的电力,热能或动力。 Period. 期。
Granted, it will likely result in global economic chaos and political shifts in power. 理所当然,它可能会导致全球经济混乱和政治变化的权力。 It will, without a doubt, completely wipe out many industries. 它将毫无疑问,彻底消灭许多行业。 Especially the petroleum industry which will all but disappear forever. 尤其是石油行业都将消失,而且永远。 Never completely , though. 从不完全 ,虽然。 We'll always have a need for plastics, lubricants and other petroleum products. 我们永远都需要塑料,润滑油及其它石油产品。 But given the benefits of zero or even positive environmental impact and the virtually eliminated financial burden on businesses and families for energy, who can deny that the benefits outweigh the negatives? 但由于利益为零甚至是积极的环境影响,以及几乎消除了财政负担,对企业和家庭的能源,谁也不能否认,效益大于利空?
Just imagine never wanting for energy again. 试想想永远为能源。 Imagine no coal fired power plants belching out black soot and pollutants to satisfy our gluttonous energy needs, but rather, electric generators in every basement. 想象无燃煤电厂打嗝出黑色烟尘和污染物,以满足我们吃得能源需求,而是发电机每地下室。 Imagine cars with NO exhaust and no engine noise that can't run out of gas and deliver more horsepower than most sports cars of today. 试想车没有尾气,没有噪音的发动机,就不能运行出的气体和提供更多的马力比大多数跑车上。 Imagine no gas stations contaminating our ground water, no oil barges or derricks spilling crude. 没有想象加油站污染的地下水,没有油驳船或井架原油外溢。 Imagine no power lines, no pipe lines, no wind turbines, no solar panel arrays, no hydroelectric dams cluttering up our landscapes. 想象没有电线,没有管道,没有风力,没有太阳能板阵列,没有水坝搞乱了,我们的景观。 Imagine taking a breath of fresh air again or basking in the sun without fear of cancer. 试想以呼吸新鲜空气,又或姥在阳光下没有恐惧癌症。 Imagine restoring and preserving this tiny spaceship earth for our children. 试想,恢复和维护这个小小的地球飞船,为我们的孩子。 We are empowered, and thus obligated to do so. 我们授权,因此有义务这样做。
Having said that, here now, in it's entirety is the patent. 话虽如此,现在在这里,在它的全部是专利。  If you can duplicate this device and create working units for yourselves and/or for open sale to the public, may God bless you. 如果你能复制这个装置和创造工作单位为自己和/或公开向公众出售,愿上帝保佑你们。 Incidentally, according to the S&M article, the ferrite graph on the first page belongs to another patent but the patent office was so shaken by the whole ordeal that, for what ever reason, they insisted it be put there anyway. 顺便一提,据美国并购条,铁氧体图上的第一页属于另一个专利,但专利局如此震撼整个磨难,为有史以来什么原因,他们坚持将它放在那里呢。 In the interest of preserving the integrity of the original, it has not been excluded here. 在利息保存完整的原始,但至今没有得到排除。 Read and be enlightened. 阅读和得到启发。

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(Many thanks to the many who have notified me of changes to links found here. They tend to be moving targets.) (很多感谢许多人已经通知我的变化联系在这里找到。他们往往将移动目标) 。
Here's something new I found interesting.这里的新事物,我发现有趣的。



新! -m
who made some pretty wild claims for this device. 谁取得了一些漂亮的野生声称这个装置。 Constant RPMs regardless of frictional load up to 恒英里不论摩擦负荷高达
the point of stalling the motor with no change in power consumed. 点失速电机不改变功耗。 What it sounds like is they have 什么好像是他们
found a way to regulate the output of a Johnson type motor by a voltage input. 发现一种调节输出一个约翰逊型电动机由电压输入。 Far better than any 远胜于任何
mechanical arrangement I could have conceived for a pure PM motor. 机械安排,我可以设想为一个纯粹的永磁电机。 I also have information that this 我也有消息说,这
company may be infringing on someone else's patent rights and may be shut down soon. 公司可能会侵犯别人的专利权,并可以关闭。 Something to 一些
do with the
Muller Motor/Generator
 . 跟
 。 I must say, his Dynamo sure does look familiar. 我必须说,他的动力肯定不眼熟。 ;-) ;-)
NEW! -
The International Tesla Electric Company
 - Check out this
recorded video seminar
 . 新 !

 What it 什么
looks like is they have married a MagneticGenerator type device to an efficient generator and built a 看起来是他们结婚magneticgenerator型装置效率发电机建成
distribution model around it which will eventually obsolete the internal combustion engine and coal 分布模型周围最终将过时的内燃机和煤炭
fired power generation. 发电。 The rest of the video, power transmission via insulators etc, is a farce. 其余的视频,电力传输绝缘子等,是一场闹剧。 It's static 它的静
electricity but nothing really usable. 电力,但没有真正实用。 If the guy could perform the same stunt with an incandescent 如果这个家伙可履行相同特技与白炽灯
bulb, THEN I'd be impressed. 灯泡,那么我的印象。 This guy has all the markings of a snake-oil salesman so be very careful 这个家伙已全部标记蛇油推销员,所以要很小心
about any dealings with him. 任何交易与他的。
The Institute for New Energy: Advanced Physics and Applications
The home of Primordial Energy - THE place for information from Bruce Depalma
家原始能源-地方信息由布鲁斯d epalma
Real Audio link to "Sightings" radio broadcast of 8/28/1997
A must hear telephone interview with Bruce Depalma. 一听到要电话采访布鲁斯depalma 。 Play it in 发挥它在
the background as you browse this site. 背景正如你浏览这个网站。
And in fairness, equal time for the skeptics: 并在公平,平等的时候怀疑论者:
Eric's history of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines
This fine gentleman also offers a $5000 cash prize for anyone who can demonstrate proof 这项优良的绅士还提供了5000元现金奖的人可以举证证明
of perpetual motion or over unity at
 . 永久议案或超过统一
 。 I dare say that 我敢说
anyone who reproduces this device stands to earn far more than $5000 for their trouble 任何人转载了这一装置从中赚取远远超过5000元,为他们的麻烦
but, hey, it's a start. 但是,嘿,它的一个开始。

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I have conducted some measurements with my Gaussmeter (with a hall probe Siemens SAS 231W) on the X, Y and Z axis on a surface of 300x300mm, at 65 mm above a cylinder magnet (NIB) ( 22mm diam and 100 mm length). 我也曾经进行过一些测量与我gaussmeter (用霍尔探头西门子萨斯231w )对 x , y和z轴表面300x300mm , 65毫米的圆柱磁铁(型nib ) ( 22mm diam和100毫米的长度) 。 You will find below some topographical maps of my measurements (225 points for each surface plot). 你会发现下面一些地形图测量,我( 225分每面积) 。

As you can see on this topographical map of the Y-Axis (above), there is a DOUBLE VORTEX SETS at each pole of a magnet.... 正如你可以看到,这对地形图的y轴(以上) ,有一个双涡套在每一个极磁铁....


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我也曾经进行过一些测量与我gaussmeter (用霍尔探头西门子萨斯231w )对 x , y和z轴表面300x300mm ,在20毫米以上的环形磁铁(铁氧体) ( diam灯,厚为10mm ) 。 You will find below some topographical maps of my measurements (225 points for each surface plot). 你会发现下面一些地形图测量,我( 225分每面积) 。



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离把    "理论试验"  转化成产品,还有一段长路走,我是个实践者.
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