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 Iron Core Repulsion Version铁心斥力版


 "Back emf" illustration "反电势"的说明 Basic operation illustration of the Lafonte EMF Equilibrium Motor 基本操作说明的lafonte电动势平衡电机 Prototype minus coil windings and timing system. 原型零下线圈绕组和调速系统。



 Coil winder and rotor building table 线圈绕线转子建设表 Magnets being glued in the rotor. 被磁铁粘在转子。 Spools and iron cores mounted on the Prototype 脱机和铁芯装原型

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The Magnetic Equilibrium Motor/Generator磁平衡电动机/发电机 The Wiring Diagram of the Working Prototype in Motor Mode:接线图的工作原型,在电机模式:
The Wiring Diagram of the Working Prototype in Generator Mode:接线图工作原型发电机模式:
Future Syncronous Setup:未来同步设置:
EMF EQUILIBRIUM MOTOR THEORY OF OPERATION As a magnet is attracted to an iron core work can be extracted.电动势平衡电机理论作为行动的一个磁铁吸引铁核心工作,可以提取。 The magnet must now be removed from the iron core.磁体现在必须搬离铁芯。 Work is required to do this.工作是需要做到这一点。 No overunity here.没有overunity这里。 What if the magnet could be removed with no work?如果磁铁可去除无工作? This would be overunity.这将overunity 。 This is how I remove the magnet with no work.这是我如何消除磁体无工作。 1. 1 . A magnet in ATTRACTION moving away from an iron core coil will induce an emf (voltage) into that coil in the same direction as the existing current/voltage.磁石般的吸引力在逐渐远离了铁芯线圈会诱使一个电动势(电压)到线圈在同一方向由于现行电流/电压。 2. 2 . A magnet of same polarity moving away from an air core coil in the REPULSION mode will induce an emf (voltage) into that coil in the opposite direction as the existing current/voltage.磁铁相同极性逐渐远离了空芯线圈在斥力模式会诱使一个电动势(电压)到线圈在相反方向由于现行电流/电压。 3. 3 . If the two magnets are located on a common rotor opposite each other and the first coil and the second coil are in series with each other the emf produced by each with cancel the other out.如果两磁体位于一个共同转子对面对方和第一盘和第二盘是在同系列对方产生电动势,由每个取消其他列。 The main power supply voltage/current will not be effected by the rotation of the magnets away from the coils.主电源电压/电流不会受到影响,由旋转的磁铁远离线圈。 4. 4 . A. The magnet being pulled to the iron core (circuit OPEN) will do work.答:被磁铁拉铁芯(断线)会做工作。 B. The circuit is CLOSED at the time the magnet lines up with the iron core and if the repulsion coil has a larger number of windings so that it's emf is equal but opposite to the coil emf of the attraction coil/core combination, then the voltage/current of the main power supply stays stable and acts as if the rotor is not even there or turning.乙电路是关闭的时候,磁铁排队铁芯如果斥力线圈有较大数量的绕组,以便它的电磁场是平等的,但对面线圈电动势的吸引力线圈/核心组合然后 电压/电流主电源保持稳定和作为,如果是转子甚至不存在或转向。 C. The mechanical forces on the rotor are equal but opposite during this period and cancel each other out also.丙机械力对转子都是平等的,但相反,在此期间,并取消对方也出。 This allows the magnet to be moved away from the iron core with no work.这使得磁铁将远离铁心无工作。 D. One thing that needs to be understood here is that the main power supply is powering a second conventional motor and the overunity comes from the free work obtained from the magnet in the EMF Equilibrium Motor during the attraction phase, (circuit OPEN). d.一点需要加以理解的是主电源供电,是一个传统的第二电机和overunity来自工作,免费索取磁铁在电动势平衡电机中的吸引力相(断线) 。 E. The main power supply does not have to power a second motor, this is just an example. e.本主电源没有供电,二汽,这只是其中一个例子。 It can be send to a capacitor for reuse or it can be used for any existing electrical energy need.它可以传送给一个电容器或重用,它可用于任何现有的电力能源需要。 5. 5 。 This theory has been tested many times by myself using an oscilloscope and voltage/amp meters and I need second party verification here at my home lab.这一理论已测试多次,由自己用示波器和电压/安培米,我需要党的二大核查这里我家实验室。 I have used two different motors for these tests.我用了两种不同的电动机这些测试。 A bifilar coil can be incorporated into the design also but is more complicated to explain and I will explain at a later date.一个绕线圈可纳入设计,但也更复杂的解释,我将解释在稍后的日期。 Regards, Butch LaFonte 6-19-01 Phone 1-205-699-5364 USA, Central Time Zone问候, butch lafonte 1901年6月19日电话1-205-699-5364 ,美国中央时区

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As explained by Butch to Dave Narby 正如butch向戴夫narby
     What if we were able to take energy that we normally use to power a load (such as run an electric motor) and without using any extra energy, also use it to allow a permanent magnet on a rotor to swing freely past an attractive core?如果我们能够采取能量,我们通常使用的电力负荷(例如运行一个电动马达) ,并没有使用任何额外的能量,也用它来让永磁体对转子摇摆自由过去的一个核心吸引力? Once the rotor has traveled far enough to become attracted back to the core, we would be able to get work out of that rotor at that point.   We get this extra work without expending any more energy than is lost due to the slight extra resistance in the circuit.一旦转子走过远不足以成为吸引回核心,我们将能够找到工作,摆脱这种转子这一点。我们得到这一额外工作,未经任何花费更多的精力比损失轻微额外阻力电路。
       If the coils are wired so that the EMFs induced in them by the rotor are equal but opposite in direction then there is no 'drag' caused by the coils, the forces cancel each other out.  When the coils are energized by the power source the rotor will pass the iron core as if it's not there.  After it's past the attraction point, we cut the power to the coils and the magnet on the rotor performs work as it is attracted to the iron core.  This is what Butch LaFonte has done with his Equilibrium Motor.若线圈有线这么认为电磁场诱导他们转子都是平等的,但相反方向则没有任何阻力的'致线圈,力量相互抵消。当线圈带电由电力来源转子会将铁芯如它的不存在。之后,它过去的吸引点,我们切断电源向线圈和磁铁对转子进行工作,因为它是吸引铁芯。这是什么butch lafonte做了他的平衡马达。
            Below is a diagram of the motor is in it’s ‘equilibrium phase’, where it is allowed to pass by the iron core freely. 下面是一张示意图电机是它的'相' ,它是允许通过由铁芯的自由。
              The green arrows represent the induced EMF from the magnets moving past the coils.   The blue circle is the iron core, opposite is the air core.   Since the induced EMF is equal and opposite, the forces balance out. 绿色箭头代表感生电动势从磁体移动过去线圈。蓝圈是铁心,对面是空芯。自感应电动势等于相反,力量平衡。
            The orange arrows represent the power flow from the battery.   This creates a magnetic field in the iron core and the air core – one field attracts one magnet, the other repels.   These forces are also equal and balance out.   The rotor now coasts on by as if there’s nothing there at all.橙色箭头代表潮流,从电池。这造成一种磁场在铁芯和空芯-在某一领域之一,吸引磁铁,排斥其他。 这些力量,又是平等和均衡。 转子现在海岸上如果有什么存在的一切。
            When the rotor has advanced far enough to start being attracted in the direction we want it to go, we shut off the power to the coils.   The rotor now is attracted to the iron core - and at this point we get useful work.   When the rotor lines up with the coils again, we turn on the power, and the rotor glides past the cores again.当转子已足够先进,首先被吸引的方向,我们希望它去,我们关掉电源向线圈。转子,现在是吸引铁心-在这一点上我们得到有益的工作。 当转子线与线圈我们再次开启电源,而转子滑行过去的核心。
Here is a visual explanation of the LEM’s balancing of induced EMF forces from Darryl Potts:这里是一个视觉解释了为lem的平衡感应电动势部队从缩短冯永:
            The reason the induced EMF on the coils are equal despite the fact that the coils are of unequal sizes is that the iron core draws in more of the magnet’s flux, allowing it to be the equal of an air coil with greater turns.之所以引起电磁场对线圈都是平等的,尽管事实上,线圈的大小不均,是铁心吸引更多的磁铁的磁场,使其能够平等民用航空线圈更曲折。
            The main sticking point for me was realizing that the power supplied from the battery is used mainly for energizing the coils, allowing the rotor to swing past the iron core.   It is applied only when the rotor approaches the sticking point where it is lined up with the iron core.   Work is done at the shaft when the rotor is in its attraction phase.   The power that energizes the coils can then be used to do other work, once we’re done using it to neutralize the magnetic attraction forces involved. 主要症结,我当时意识到的供电由电池主要用于振兴线圈,使转子摆动过去铁芯。它仅适用于当转子方式的症结在那里,它是左列同铁芯。工作是做轴时,转子是在招商引资阶段。权力利于该线圈可以用来做其他工作,一旦我们做了用它来抵消磁场吸引力量参与。
            So, what does this all mean?   Well, if you were to gang together multiple rotors (or use ganged multi polled rotors) you would have a great deal of energy that would be available for a relatively small expenditure.   We could then use that energy, once we’re done with our equilibrium phase, to power a conventional DC motor attached to one end of the shaft of the rotor that would make it rotate even faster w/more torque.    We could then attach a generator to the other end of the shaft.   If our conventional motor is 80% efficient and we only gain an additional 30% of usable power from the LEM portion of our setup, we have 110%.   Of course, this is a somewhat awkward and relatively inefficient arrangement (what with conventional motors, generators etc and all associated mechanical and electrical losses), but it serves to illustrate the purpose. 那么 ,这是否意味着一切?好吧,如果你来一起团伙多转子(或使用伙同多受访转子) ,你将有很大的能量,将可为相对小的开支。我们便可以利用这一能源一旦我们正在做我们的平衡阶段,电力传统直流电隶属一端轴转子,使它转动更快钨/ 力矩 。我们便可以将附上一个发电机的另一端竖井。如果我们的传统汽车有80 %的效率,我们只得到了一个额外的30 %可用功率从部分为lem的格局,我们有110 % 。 当然 ,这是有点尴尬和相对低效的安排(同什么常规电动机,发电机等,和所有相关的机械和电气损失) ,但它足以说明目的。
Coming up next – an explanation of Butch’s new design, based on these principles but far more efficient.   Stay tuned!即将在下-解读b utch的新设计,基于这些原则,但更为有效。 留调谐!
魅力-斥力实验b utchl afonte

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