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设计图纸,由让-路易诺丁<br>创建于1999年3月19日-上海实验室- 最后更新于1 9 99年1 1月1 5日<br>迷你romag发电机磁场能量利用的原则,提出磁流命名为"磁流"产生电力。 According to Magnetic Energy this generator is able to produce 3.5 volts, 7A DC ( about 24 Watts ) of free electricity while its generate sufficient power to sustain itself... 据磁能发电机这是能够产生3.5伏特,七号区(约24瓦)的免费用电,而其产生足够的电力以维持本身… … <br>This generator need to be started by an external motor during about 42 seconds at 2100 RPM. 这种发电机需要开始由一个外部电机时约42秒,在2100 rpm的。 After this charging process, when the energy flow is established in the Romag generator, the motor can be removed and free electrical energy can be used. 经过这个收费过程中,当能量流是建立在romag发电机,电动机,可去除免费电能可以使用。 <br>This Romag generator is a new revolutionary concept which generates electrical energy without using the first flow of current generated by magnetism, it uses only the untapped natural ressource of the magnetism... 这romag发生器是一个革命性的新概念所产生的电能,而不使用一次流电流产生的磁场,它的用途只有发掘天然ressource的磁性… … <br><br><br> mromag0.gif <br>HOW THE UNIT WORKS : 如何单位工程: <br>The here disclosed 3&#189; volt, 7 amperage magnet motor/generator must be charged up by driving the main shaft at 2100 RPM for 42 seconds. 在此间透露, 3个半伏,电流7永磁电动机/发电机必须落上升驾驶主轴2100 rpm的,为42秒。 This charging process manifests as magnetic energy within the six coils of copper wire, the copper tube supporting these coils and the copper coated steel wires wrapped around the magnets. 这个收费过程表现为磁能内六圈铜线,铜管支持这些线圈和镀铜钢丝缠的磁铁。 This charging is accomplished while the six coil connection wires , Part #22, are making contact and setting up their alternating magnetic poles. 这个收费是同时完成的六个线圈连接电线 ,部分# 22 ,正联络,并设立自己的交替磁极。 After the 42 second charging time one of these coil connection wires must be opened and this circuit again completed through an energy draw at what could be called 7 amps. 后二42充电时间,其中线圈连接导线必须打开这个电路完成再次通过一项能源战平,可称作7安培。 See load Part #23. 看到部分负荷# 23 。 As current is drawn from the six coils, this draw sets up magnetic poles which are a response between the rotor magnets and the coils. 由于目前来自六圈,这提请设立磁极是一个响应之间转子磁铁和线圈。 This response then causes the main shaft to be rotated by the 12 permanent magnets as they attract and build a release field. 这种反应的原因,然后主轴可以旋转12永磁材料作为他们吸引和建立一个释放领域。 Then the driver unit (hand crank) is disconnected allowing the unit to rotate with the load being the activating driving force. 然后司机股(手摇)断开,让单位轮流与负荷被激活动力。 <br>The fields of the magnets must be maintained during their spin movement. 该领域的磁体必须保持在其自旋运动。 These magnetic fields which are encapsulated are achieved by the wiring system. 这些磁场所包覆实现由布线系统。 The attract/release of the magnets is a function of several factors. 在吸引/释放的磁体是一种功能性的几个因素。 First, the magnets attract field between north and south is completed by taking a crossing path of attract (top of one row to bottom of next, etc.). 首先,磁铁吸引外地南北之间是完成以隧道路径吸引(顶部一排底至明年,等等) 。 This action has the effect of fields blending into fields, and a hold—back attract does not happen. 这一行动的影响等领域融入领域,并举行盖印吸引不发生。 Each time a magnet set passes a coil an interchange of like energy between the coils around the magnets and the generating coils sets—up neutral polarities which are ‘release fields’ and prevents a hold—back attract . 每次集磁铁通过线圈的交汇处像能源之间线圈周围磁铁和线圈产生集起来中性极性所释放的领域' ,并防止持有-吸引回来。 <br>One important magnetic assembly is the circuitry which allows this interchange of energy. 其中重要的磁性大会是电路,使这个交汇处的能源。 This is a recycling of a stabilized magnetic/electro energy not electro/magnetic because the field of force is not a case of electrical input, an input that created the magnetic energy, but rather a build—up of magnetic energy which caused an energy thrust. 这是一个循环的一个稳定磁场/电能量没有电/磁因为力场并不是一个个案电气投入,投入到创建磁能,而是一个积聚的磁能导致能源推力。 <br>In further defining the workings of this unit it is important to understand that although electrical and magnetic (energy) work with similar attitudes , the manner in which they work sets—up a differing energy effect. 在进一步界定工作,这个单位的,它是重要的是要了解,虽然电磁(能源)工作,具有类似态度 , 以何种方式工作,他们集了不同的能量效应。 One of these effects is that magnetic structures want to share their f1ow, compatible to the Universal Force, while electrical flow argues, (short circuits, sparks, etc.). 其中的影响是磁结构想分享自己的仪表,兼容通用力量,而电力流论证, (短路,火花等) 。 Because of this fact the working responses (within the unit) take place, how they are needed, and when they are needed which results in a functioning unit. 因为这实际上反应工作(单位)采取地方,他们如何需要,而当他们需要的结果,其中一个单位运作。 There is a continuous transmutation process taking place whereby magnetic energy continually generates an energy that manifests a measurable current. 有一个不断嬗变的过程中发生的,而磁场能量不断产生能量舱单可测量电流。 <br> mromag1.gif <br> mromag2.gif <br> mromag3.gif <br> mromag4.gif <br>PARTS LIST AND CONSTRUCTION DETAILS 零件清单及施工细节 <br>When building your first unit we suggest using the stated materials. 当你建设第一股,我们建议使用说明材料。 <br>1) Aluminum Base Plate 1 )铝基板 <br>2) Sleave Bearing, 1" long, &#189;" inside diameter, oil impregnated brass. 2 )轴承益处,一"长&#189; "内径,油镶黄铜。 <br>3) 4" long by &#189;" diameter Brass Shaft 3 ) 4 "长&#189; "直径黄铜轴 <br>4) Brass 2" diameter Rotor, 1—3/4" long 4 )黄铜2 " ,直径转子, 1-3/4 "长 <br> mrgpart.jpg <br><br>
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5) Six rotor slots, each 1—3/4" long by .260 deep by 23/32" wide. 5 ) 600转子槽,每1-3/4 "长,由0.260由深23/32 "宽。 These slots are spaced exactly 60 degrees apart. 这些时段间隔整整60余度。<br>6) One slot cut in center of Brass Rotor, 360 degrees around, &#188;" wide by 5/16" deep. 6 )一个时段削减中心黄铜转子, 360度左右, &#188; "宽5 / 16 "深。<br>7) 12 slots (formed from the six slots as the 360 degree cut is made). 7 ) 12插槽(组成,从六个时段为360度削减了) 。 Each slot is lined with .010 thick mica insulation. 每个槽内衬是用厚0.010云母绝缘。<br>8) A total of 228 pieces of U—shaped .040 thick copper coated steel wires. 8 ) ,共228件u形厚0.040镀铜钢丝。 Each slot (Part #7) has 19 pieces of these wires fitted into the Mica, thus these wires do not contact the Brass rotor. 每个时段( # 7 )有19件,这些电线装成云母,因此这些电线不接触黄铜转子。 The lead edge of these wires is flush with the Rotor’s outer surface and the trail edge protrudes 1/8" above the Rotor’s outer diameter. 领导力这些电线充沛转子的外表面和步道边缘突1 / 8 "以上的转子外径。<br>9) Eleven complete turns of .032 thick copper coated steel wire. 9 )完成11匝0.032厚镀铜钢丝。 These 11 turns or ‘wraps’ accumulate to 3/8" wide and the same pattern is placed around all 12 magnets. When placed into the bent wires #8, they are a snug fit making firm contact. 这11家轮流或'保密'累积3 / 8 "宽和相同的模式就是把周围所有12个磁铁。当送入弯曲电线# 8 ,他们是一个温暖适宜制作公司接触。<br>10) Are 12 pieces of .005" thick mylar insulation inserted into the cores of the wires #9. 10 )有12件, 0.005 "厚mylar绝缘插入芯丝# 9 。<br>11) 12 permanent magnets, insulated with the mylar, to not contact wires # 9. 11 ) 12永磁材料,绝缘与mylar ,不要接触电线# 9 。 These magnets measure 3/4 " long, 5/8 " wide, 3/8" thick and are made of a special composition and strength. Alnico 4, M—60; 12 AL, 28 Ni, 5 Co, bal Fe, Isotropic permanent magnet material cooled in magnetic field, Cast 9100 TS. 450 Brin, 2.2 Peak energy product. When inserted in the rotor the outer faces of these 12 magnets are not to be machined to a radius. The center of these magnets pass the center of the coils with 3/32" clearance. 这些措施磁体3 / 4 "长, 5 / 8 "宽, 3 / 8 "厚了一种特殊的组成和实力。磁钢4米- 60 ; 12铝, 28镍, 5钴,铁灌洗,各向同性永磁材料冷却磁场, 9100铸的ts 。布林450人, 2.2峰值能量产品。插入时,在转子外脸上这12磁体不应该以加工半径。中心对这些磁体通过中心的线圈3 / 32 "手续。 The edges, where the wires are wrapped, pass 1/32" away from the coils. This ‘changing magnet spacing’ aids in not only the release cycle but also contributes to rotational movement. (Sharp magnet edges which are facing the coils are to be sanded to a small smooth radius.) 边缘,而丝包裹,通过1 / 32 "远离线圈。这一转变的磁体间距的艾滋病不仅释放周期,而且有助于旋转运动。 (夏普磁铁边缘所面临的线圈来被沙化的一个小半径光滑) 。<br>12) Magnet polarity placement into Rotor. 12 )磁铁极性安插到转子。<br>13) Connection pattern for wires wrapped around magnets. 13 )连接模式电线缠磁铁。 The 12 wire wraps are divided into two sections, upper and lower of six each. 12钢丝形容分为两段,上游和下游各6 。 There are no connections between these sections. 有没有联系,这些路段。 The magnetic flow direction between the upper 6 wraps and the lower 6 wraps is attained by the ‘flow direction’ as shown in Figure 5. 磁流方向与上月6日结束和下6形容是达到'流向'所示,在图 5 。 Viewing Figure 6 shows the wires wrapped around the magnet starting at the top ‘north’ half and then after 11 complete turns the wire exits at the lower ‘south’ half. 观景图6显示了电线缠磁体出发,在顶'北'半之后, 11日完成翻到线材出口处于较低的'南'一半。 As this wire then goes to the next magnet it arrives at an attract wire which is its ‘north’ side. 由于这丝接着到下一个磁铁,它到达一个吸引丝是它的'北'的一面。 Thus all wires get interconnected from south to north magnet half or north to south magnet half. 因此,所有电线互联得到从南到北磁铁一半或南北向磁铁一半。 The actual connections should be crimped copper clips not solder with insulation tubing to prevent contact to the Rotor body. 实际连接应卷曲剪辑铜焊料不隔热油管,以防止接触到转子体。<br>14) A .030 thick copper tube (stiff material) 2" long by 2&#189;" inside diameter. 14 ) 0.030厚铜管(刚性材料) 2 " ,由长2个半"内直径。<br>15) Are six slots cut at the top of tube #14. 15 ) 6个时段削减顶管# 14 。 These slots are 5/8" wide by 1/32" deep spaced at 60 degrees apart. 这些插槽5 / 8 "宽1 / 32 "间隔深,在60余度。<br>16) Are six slots cut at the bottom of tube #14. 16 ) 6个时段削减在钢管底部# 14 。 These slots are 5/8" wide by 5/16" deep and in line with the upper slots #15. 这些插槽5 / 8 "宽5 / 16 "深,并配合上插槽# 15 。<br>17) Six copper tube mounting points. 17 ) 600铜管安装点。<br>18) Acrylic ring to hold Part #14, measuring 3—3/4" O.D., 2&#188;" I.D., 3/8" thick bolted directly to Part #1. This ring has a .030 wide groove cut &#188;"deep to allow the six copper tube mounting points, Part #17, to be inserted. 18 )丙烯酸环举行的一部分# 14 ,测量3-3/4 "光, 2 &#188; " i.d. , 3 / 8 "厚螺栓直接向部分# 1 。这响了0.030宽槽减&#188; "深,让六个铜管安装点,部分# 17 ,将插入。<br>19) A .002" thick plastic insulation paper to be placed around the inside and outside of Part #14. 19 ) 0.002 "厚的塑料绝缘皮放在周围内外部分# 14 。<br>20) Are six coils of insulated copper wire, each coil having 72 turns of .014 thick wire. 20 ) ,六圈绝缘铜线,每个线圈有72匝0.014厚丝。 Each coil is wound with two layers, the bottom layer to completely fill the 5/8" wide slot with 45 turns and the top layer to span 5/16" wide with 27 turns. 每个线圈是伤口两层,底层完全填补5 / 8 "宽槽与45掉头顶部层跨度5 / 16 "宽27曲折。 To be sure each coil has the exact wire length or 72 turns, a sample length wire is wrapped then unwound to serve as a template for six lengths. 可以肯定,每个线圈有确切导线长度或72转折,一个样品长度丝包裹,然后结清担任模板6长度。 A suggested coil winding method is to fill a small spool with one length then by holding the copper tube at the lower extension, then start at the plus wire in Figure 2 and temporarily secure this wire to the outer surface of the tube. 建议绕线方法,以填补小阀芯同一个长度,然后由控股铜管处于较低的延伸,然后开始在加钢丝图2和暂时确保这一铁丝外表面管。 Next, place the pre—measured spool of wire inside the tube, wrapping down and around the outside advancing clockwise until the 5/8" slot is filled with 45 turns. Then, return this wire back across the top of the coil for 15/32" and winding in the same direction again advance clock—wise placing the second layer spanned for 5/16" with 27 turns. This method should have the second layer perfectly centered above the first layer. After winding this coil, repeat the process by again filling the small spool with another length of pre—measured wire. A very important magnetic response happens as all six coils have their second layers spaced as disclosed. 其次,地方预测滑丝内管,包下来,各地外顺时针方向前进,直到5 / 8 "槽充满45曲折。那么,这回线横跨回顶部线圈为15 / 32 " ,并缠绕在同一方向又前进时钟上放置第二层跨度为5 / 16 " 27曲折。这种方法应该有第二层完全围绕上述第一层。结束这盘,重复这个过程,由再次填补小阀芯与另一长度预测线。一个很重要的磁性反应发生,因为所有六圈,其第二层间隔为披露。<br>21) This number identifies the top view of the second layer. 21 ) ,这个数字确定了顶视图的第二层。<br>22) Connection pattern for six coils. 22 )连接模式六圈。 When the unit is driven at start—up (hand crank) for 42 seconds at 2100 RPM, all six jumper wires must be together which means the plus wire goes to the minus wire connected by the start switch. 当股主导起动(手摇) , 42秒在2100 rpm的,所有六个跳投电线必须一起即加钢丝到零下导线相连,由起动开关。 After 42 seconds the load is added to the circuit and the start switch is opened. 经过42秒的负载加到电路及起动开关打开。 To double check your connections between the coils, note that the finish wire of coil #1 goes to the finish wire of coil #2, which is top layer to top layer. 双重检查你的联系线圈,指出整理电线线圈# 1到收丝线圈# 2 ,即顶层至顶层。 This pattern then has start of coil 2 (bottom layer) going to start of coil 3 (also bottom layer). 这一模式又开始线圈2 (底层)即将开始的3线圈(也底层) 。 When the copper tube with the coils is placed around the rotor, the distance from any magnet to any coil must be identical. 当铜管与线圈周围转子,距离任何磁铁任何线圈必须完全相同。 If it measures different, acrylic holding shapes can be bolted to the aluminum base, protruding upward, and thus push the copper tube in the direction needed to maintain the spacing as stated. 如果措施不同,丙烯酸控股形状可螺栓,以铝基地,向上隆起,从而推动铜管方向必须保持间隔。<br>23) Wires to load. 23 )电线负荷。<br>24) Wires to start switch.&nbsp; 24 )电线启动开关。<br>25) Rotational direction which is clock—wise when viewing from top down. 25 )的转动方向是时钟上时,从由上而下的。<br>26) Acrylic dome for protection against elements. 26 )压克力罩防护要素。<br>27) Coating of clear acrylic to solidify rotor. Do not use standard motor varnish . 27 )涂层明确丙烯酸固化转子。 不使用标准汽车漆 。 Pre-heat the rotor and then dip it into heated liquid acrylic. 预热转子,然后浸它加热到液体丙烯酸。 After removal from dip tank, hand rotate until the acrylic hardens, then balance rotor. 搬迁后,从浸池,手轮流到腈纶变硬,然后转子平衡。 For balancing procedure, either add brass weights or remove brass as needed by drilling small holes into rotor on its heavy side. 平衡程序,要么放入黄铜重量或删除黄铜需要钻小孔进入转子,其沉重的一面。<br>28) Insulation tubing on all connections. 28 )绝缘油管上的所有连接。<br><br>
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<br>29) Shaft for start purposes and speed testing (if desired). 29 )轴开始宗旨和速度测试(如果渴望) 。<br>This concludes the parts list for the Mini-Romag . 这一结论的部分名单迷你romag 。<br>This simple unit demonstrates profound concepts and has a surprising number of applications. 这个简单的装置,显示了深刻的概念,并出人意料的申请数目。 Remember, it must have a load to work, something that attracts magnetic energy. 记住,它必须有一个负荷工作,这是吸引磁场能量。 Build this unit and explore new possibilities with us. 建立这支部队探索新的可能性。<br> mromag1.gif <br>The Mini-Romag generator from Magnetic Energy is composed of two main parts : The Rotor and the Stator . 迷你romag发电机 磁场能量组成,是由两个主要部分: 转子和定子 。 <br>- The Rotor is a brass cylinder with 6 pairs of magnets placed at 60° around its circumference. -转子是一个黄铜缸6对磁体放置在6 0°左右,其周长。 The magnets polarities are alternatively North and South.磁体极**替北方和南方。 <br>- The Stator is a copper cylinder with 6 flat coils wounded so as the coils axis are tangent to the rotation of the rotor. -定子是一个铜柱6楼受伤线圈,使线圈的轴切向旋转的转子。 So, only the orthogonal component of the magnetic field of the magnets is used.因此,只有正交组成磁场的磁体是用。 <br>The oscilloscope pictures below, show the signal generated by a moving magnet :示波器照片下面,显示信号产生的动磁铁: <br>- The left picture is the voltage generated across the coil when a magnet axis crosses the coil axis, this is a conventional setup for a magnetic generator. -左边画面是电压产生的整个线圈时,磁体轴线穿过线圈轴线,这是一个传统体制磁发电机。 <br>- The right picture is the voltage generated across the coil when a magnet axis crosses the middle of the tangent coil (orthogonal component of the magnetic field), this is the case of the Mini-Romag generator. -正确的情况是电压产生的整个线圈时,磁铁轴十字架中间切圈(正交分量的磁场) ,是这样的迷你r omag发电机。 <br> magconfig.gif <br>In the left case (conventional generator) , you can notice that the signal induced across the coil is symetrical Vs the zero line, the voltage value induced during the approach phase is equal to the voltage induced during the exit phase. 在左宗(常规发电机) ,你可以看到信号致全国线圈是对称与零线,电压值在诱导方法相等于电压致中退出阶段。 During the approach phase of the North pole of the magnet (from the left to the coil axis), a North pole is created on the bottom surface of the coil (according to the Lenz law), this creates the negative voltage shown. When the North pole of the magnet leaves the axis of the coil, a South pole is created on the bottom surface of the coil (according to the Lenz law), this creates the positive voltage shown in the scope picture.在做法相北极的磁铁(由左到线圈轴) ,一个在北极,是对创造的底部表面线圈(据该楞次定律) ,这造成了负电压显示。当北极的磁石叶轴线圈, 南极是造成底部表面线圈(据该楞次定律) ,这造成了积极的电压显示范围的情况。 The flux in the coil has been reversed in this case.通量在线圈已得到扭转这种情况。 In this case there is always a magnetic coupling between the rotor (magnets) and the stator (coil).在这种情况下, 始终存在一个磁耦合转子(磁铁)和定子(线圈) 。 <br>In the right case (orthogonal field (Mini-Romag Setup)) , you may notice that the voltage induced is more positive than negative (asymmetrical) when the magnet crosses the middle of the tangent coil. 在正确的情况下(正交场(迷你romag设置) ) ,你可以看到电压致更积极而不是消极的(非对称)当磁铁十字架中间切圈。 During the approach phase of the North pole of the magnet (from the left to the middle of the coil), a North pole is created on the left surface of the coil (according to the Lenz law), this creates the negative voltage shown.在做法相北极的磁铁(从左边向中间线圈) ,一个在北极,是造成左表面线圈(据该楞次定律) ,这造成了负电压显示。 During the exit phase of the North pole of the magnet (from the middle of the coil to the right), a South pole is created on the right surface of the coil (according to the Lenz law), this creates the negative voltage shown.在退出阶段的北极的磁铁(从中间线圈到右) ,一南一极是创造正确的表面线圈(据该楞次定律) ,这造成了负电压显示。 The coil flux has never been reversed in this case.线圈通量从来扭转这种情况。 Now, look at the middle position (when the magnet crosses the middle of the coil).现在,看看中间位置(当磁铁十字架中间线圈) 。 In this case, the orthogonal magnetic flux density drops to zero (this has been checked with a gauss meter).在这种情况下, 正交磁通密度下降到零 (这已经核对了高斯计) 。 So the positive pulse induced in the coil is not due to the moving magnet, but it is generated by the collapse of the magnetic field (Back EMF)....In this case there is no magnetic coupling between the rotor (magnets) and the stator (coil) during the positive phase of the signal generated.所以积极脉冲诱导线圈,是不是因为移动磁铁,但它产生的崩溃磁场(势)....在这种情况下不存在磁耦合转子(磁铁)定子(线圈)中的积极阶段的信号产生。 <br> asymled.jpg <br>This has been confirmed experimentaly. 已证实了这一点试验。 I have used a simple coil with an air core (no drag effect). 我用一个简单的线圈与一个空芯(没有阻力的影响) 。 A simple diode has been used to short the back EMF part, and you can notice that the rotor speed remains constant.... 一个简单的二极管已用于短势的一部分,你可以看到,转子转速不变.... <br>Another test has been conducted by connecting the coil to a power supply (up to 1.37A), I have noticed no significant change in the rotor speed. 另一项试验已进行了连接线圈电源(高达1.37a ) ,我注意到没有明显变化,在转速。 <br> asympsht.gif <br>So, I have tried to explain only the half part of the Mini-Romag principle, the non-reciprocal effect when the device acts as a generator .所以,我曾尝试解释只有半部分迷你romag原则,非互惠的效果时,该设备可以作为发电机 。 <br>Now, how is the device able to run itself as a motor/generator ? 现在,又是怎样器能够运行本身作为电动机/发电机 ? <br>As I have explained previously, there is no magnetic coupling between the rotor (magnets) and the stator (coil) during the positive phase of the signal generated in the tangent coil and also that this positive part of the signal is produced by the collapse of the magnetic field.正如我先前解释,是没有磁性耦合转子(磁铁)和定子(线圈)中的积极阶段的信号产生切线线圈,而且这种正面的一部分信号产生崩溃磁场。 So, when the current reaches its maximum value the magnet is placed just in front of the middle of the coil. 所以,当电流达到最大值的磁铁放在前面中间线圈。 This is the case for all the coils/magnets (from 1 to 6). 这是此案的所有线圈/磁铁(从1至6 ) 。 The wires have been connected so as all the Back EMF voltages are added (see the picture below). 电线已连接,使所有的反电势电压增加(见下面照片) 。 <br> mromag3.gif <br>At this moment, we have two important events : the Back EMF current is maximum and the creation of a magnetic field in the coil which contributes to ATTRACT the previous magnet placed at -60° . 此时此刻,我们有两项重要活动: 回势,是目前最大 , 并建立一个磁场线圈,它有助于吸引上磁铁置于-60 ° 。 <br>For instance : 例如: <br>- the coil #1 attract s the coil magnet #2, -线圈# 1 ■吸引线圈磁铁# 2 , <br>- the coil #2 attracts the coil magnet #3, -线圈# 2吸引线圈磁铁# 3 <br>- the coil #3 attract s the coil magnet #4, -线圈# 3 ■吸引线圈磁铁# 4 <br>- the coil #4 attract s the coil magnet #5, -线圈# 4 ■吸引线圈磁铁# 5 <br>- the coil #5 attracts the coil magnet #6, -线圈# 5吸引线圈磁铁# 6 , <br>- the coil #6 attract s the coil magnet #1. -线圈# 6 ■吸引线圈磁铁# 1 。 <br>According to this principle, it seems possible that the Mini-Romag is able to generate its own motional energy at a certain speed and thus, is able to run itself in self-sustained mode.... 根据这一原则,似乎可以认为,小romag是能够产生自己的运动能量在某个速度 ,因此,是能够运行本身自我维持的方式.... <br>The use of a copper tube for the stator contributes to increase the attraction of the previous rotor magnet, because the eddy currents induced change their magnetic axis direction due to the magnetic field interaction with the magnetic field generated in the stator coil. 使用了铜管定子有助于增加吸引力,以往转子磁铁,因为涡流致改变其磁轴方向,由于磁场的相互作用与磁场产生的定子线圈。 <br>This is a personal analysis, and this proposal needs to be checked experimentaly, so, today, I can't confirm that this device can work really as Magnetic Energy claims, but some premises encourage me to go further in this way... 这是一个个人的分析,而这项建议需要得到遏制试验,所以,今天我无法证实这一装置可以工作,真正为磁能索赔,但有些单位鼓励我再这样… … <br>You will find below some additional informations sent by Magnetic Energy about the "Magnetic Current"... 你会发现下面一些额外的信息发送磁能对"磁流" … … <br>&nbsp; Every amazing or miraculous human event can be reproduced using magnetic current in the right conditions.&gt;&gt; 每一个惊人奇迹或人类活动可以复制使用磁流,在适当的条件下。<br> dsqromag.gif <br><br>
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强人,不过看得头好晕<br /><br />
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<p><font size=5>这坛子是否中毒?版竹的帖也会出机内码??</font></p><p><font size=5></font>&nbsp;</p><p><font size=5></font>&nbsp;</p><p><font size=5></font>&nbsp;</p><p><font size=5></font>&nbsp;</p><p><font size=5></font>&nbsp;</p><p><font size=5></font>&nbsp;</p><p><font size=5></font>&nbsp;</p><p><font size=5></font>&nbsp;</p><p><font size=5>版主的帖子也出先大量的</font></p><p><font size=5>"机内码"?</font></p>
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<p>对,一看就知道是机器翻译的.</p><p>例如,</p><p>HOW THE UNIT WORKS : 如何单位工程: <br /></p><p>我只凑合的看了一点.太复杂,要学一定花很多时间.</p>
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