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[技术] 反射太阳能炉灶

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I have been very impressed to read, in SBJ #17, that the solar panel cooker (SPC) idea, as publicized by Barbara Kerr and myself in the preceding issue, had met with an abundant response.我一直非常深刻的印象看,在超声速喷气公务机#17,是太阳能板炊具(SPC)的主意,因为公布的芭芭拉克尔和我前面的问题,会见了雄厚的反应。 Even negative results can be of interest when we seek to understand them.即使是负面的结果可有兴趣当我们试图了解他们。 For instance, in the comment, "I used a "turkey -size" oven cooking bag and a dark ceramic teapot. Nothing!", there are two interesting clues.例如,在注释中,“我使用了”火鸡大小的“微波炉烹饪袋,一个黑暗的陶瓷茶壶。没有!”,有两个有趣的线索。 First the ceramic teapot was not a good choice because ceramic can be a bad conductor of heat [depending on its density, Ed.].首先,陶瓷茶壶,不是一种好的选择,因为陶瓷可以是热不良导体[取决于它的密度,埃德。]。 Food can remain lukewarm, even if the pot is very hot on the outside.食品可以保持不冷不热,即使是在锅外热。 And secondly, a turkey is an enormous bird, and using a bag appropriate to hold it may mean that the quantity of food could have been too big for the cooker.其次,火鸡是一个巨大的鸟,用一个袋子适时举行,可能意味着食物的数量可能是过于锅大。
Let us not forget that the SPC was designed as a substitute for the traditional box for small quantities of food.让我们不要忘记,最高人民法院是作为食物中少量取代传统设计。 The dimensions given for my prototype in SBJ #16 are appropriate only when cooking for one person.我在超声速喷气公务机#16原型给予适当的尺寸只有当一个人做饭。
During the 1994 summer, I somewhat improved the SPC's convenience and efficiency by introducing two changes: a new system for creating the greenhouse effect and a more compact design.在1994年的夏天,我有所改善引入两个变化:一个用于创建,温室效应和更紧凑的设计新系统的最高人民法院的便利和效率。
Undoubtedly, oven bags are unbeatable for their lightness, but in my city (Lyon, 500,000 inhabitants) there are no oven bags available in the supermarkets.毫无疑问,烤箱袋无与伦比他们一线希望,但在我的城市(里昂,50万居民)没有在超级市场提供烤箱袋。 On the other hand, Pyrex salad bowls are very easy to find everywhere in France--even in small towns.另一方面,高硼硅沙拉碗很容易找到无处不在法国-即使是在小城镇。 Their price (about $4 US) is ten times the price on an oven bag, but they can be used hundreds of times for solar cooking as well as for other purposes in the kitchen.他们的价格(约400美元)的10倍,烤箱袋价格,但它们可以使用以及在厨房的其他用途的太阳能烹饪数百次。 For traveling, however, they are relatively heavy and cumbersome.是旅游,但是,它们相对沉重和累赘。

Salad bowls and oven bags share the following disadvantages: they hamper access to the food, and they retain the moisture coming from the heated food and need periodic drying [see Tips and Tricks, Page 3].沙拉碗,烤箱袋分享以下缺点:它们妨碍获取食物,他们保留水分来自加热食物飞来,需要定期干燥[见提示和技巧,第三页]。 These drawbacks can be avoided if we put only the lower part of the cooking pot inside of a glazing (figure 1), instead of the whole pot with its lid.这些缺点是可以避免的,如果我们放进一个玻璃(图1只在锅里下部),而不是其整锅的盖子。
This can be done by placing the dark pot into a glass dish whose diameter is slightly larger than that of the pot.这可以通过把一个玻璃盘,其直径略低于锅为大黑暗锅。
Obviously the advantages of such a system are partially offset by extra heat loss from the uninsulated lid.显然,这种制度的好处是从部分抵消了额外的绝缘盖热损失。 By raising the pot off the ground a further gain is achieved.通过提高减轻了进一步增益实现地面锅。 In fact, my experiments have shown that cooking times with this new system are no longer than with the original design with a salad bowl up-turned over the pot.事实上,我的试验表明,这种新系统烹饪时间不超过同一个沙拉碗最初设计,变成了锅。
In order to improve stability, I reduced the number of panels from five to four.为了提高稳定性,我把从3点55的小组的数量。 A pleasant surprise was that the removal of the central back panel not only resulted in a more compact and stable cooker, but also improved the efficiency of the reflective surfaces, by permitting multiple reflections between the two remaining vertical panels.尤其令人惊喜的是,中央取消背面不仅导致更加紧凑和稳定的锅,而且还提高了表面的反射效率,允许剩下的两个垂直小组多次反射。 This peculiar assembly I propose to call a "reflective open box" (ROB) to distinguish it from the original solar panel cooker (SPC).这种独特的装配我建议称之为“反射开箱”(白俄罗斯)以区别于原来的太阳能板炊具(SPC)的它。
Construction 建设

To make an ROB, start with a rectangular, rather tall, cardboard box (see below for dimensions).若要使白俄罗斯共和国,以长方形,而不是高,纸箱开始(见下文的尺寸)。 On one of the broader sides, draw a horizontal line (BC) about two inches above the bottom (figure 2) and cut the seams along AB (stop at B) and DC (stop at C). Fold down the front panel ABCD using BC as a hinge. Stack a few rectangular pieces of cardboard in the bottom of the box, to raise the floor level up to the level of BC.在更广泛的方面之一,得出上述两个底部(图2)英寸的水平线(BC)的抗体,减少沿接缝(停在B)和直流(在C站)。翻转的前面板使用ABCD作为一个铰链前。堆栈数的纸板在框的底部,矩形件提高地面直至公元前水平。

Cut and fold another piece of cardboard so that it can be inserted into the box to form panels 1 and 2 in figure 3.剪切和折叠另一块纸板,以便它可以被插入到表格的方块板1和图3 2。 The angle formed by these panels is adjustable at time of construction.这些小组形成的角度可调,在施工时间。 Smaller angles concentrate the sun more, but require more frequent adjustment to follow the sun.较小的角度集中更多的太阳,但需要更频繁的调整,按照太阳。 A good compromise seems to be any angle between 60 and 90 degrees.一个很好的妥协似乎是任何60至90度角。 Cover this piece with aluminum foil and glue or staple it in place.包括这片与铝箔和胶水或地方主食了。 Apply aluminum foil to panels 3 and 4 as well.适用于铝箔,以小组第3和4以及。

The ROB shown in the photograph has the following over-all dimensions: Length: 46 cm (18"), Width: 32 cm (12.5"), and height: 42 cm (16.5"). These dimensions correspond to a reflective area of about 5,000 sq. cm. (770 sq. in.) which proved sufficient to cook for two persons.在照片中显示的白俄罗斯具有以下过的所有方面:长度:46厘米(18“),宽度:32厘米(12.5”),并高度:42厘米(16.5“)。这些方面相对应的反射区约5000平方厘米。(770平方英寸)这足以证明两个人做饭。

A wooden prop can be used to adjust the front panel (figure 4).木支撑,可以用来调节面板(图4)。 The single notch near panel 4 is used to lock this panel in a closed position for storage.近小组4个单缺口是用来锁定在一个封闭的存储位置这个小组。 Rocks can be placed in the triangular chambers behind panels 1 and 2 to stabilize the cooker in the wind.岩石可以放在后面面板1和2,以稳定在风中锅的三角商会。
In summary, the ROB seems to be a more convenient and efficient design that could replace the original SPC for regular home cooking.总之,白俄罗斯共和国似乎是一个更便捷,高效的设计,可以取代定期家庭烹饪原最高人民法院。 Of course, the latter equipped with an oven bag remains a better design if a light-weight, foldable cooker is needed.当然,后者用烤箱袋配备仍然是一个更好的设计,如果重量轻,可折叠锅是必要的。
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我发现罗杰伯纳德反射打开框中 , 电磁炉是一个非常强大的小煲。 Four days away from the winter's solstice, and it's handily dispatching a whole jar of beans (24 oz liquid). 4天远离冬天的冬至,并且它轻易派遣豆子(24盎司的液体),整个罐。 The RBC is an obvious candidate to be made into a collapsible unit.红细胞是明显的候选人成为一个可折叠的单位提出。 Probably someone else has done this already, but just in case, here's one version.也许别人都这样做已经,但以防万一,这里的一个版本。 I can also see how it would be very easy to design an origamic collapsible unit -- maybe I'll do that later if there is any interest.我也可以看看它是如何将很容易设计一个origamic可折叠单位-也许我以后会做的,如果有任何兴趣。

The collapsed unit.倒塌的单位。

Unit spread out so that you can see the tabs.单位分散,以便您可以看到的标签。 Insert the top reflector into bottom reflector, aligning the tabs.插入底部反射镜前,调整的标签。 Bend the tabs under so that when a cooking vessel is placed in the RBC the tabs will be locked down.弯曲下,这样当烹饪船只在该选项卡将被锁定红细胞放置标签。

The assembled unit.集结的部队。 Note: The cooking bag has been removed for purposes of illustration. The jar sits on top of a cardboard trivot注:烹饪袋已说明起见删除。的罐子坐在一个纸板trivot顶部

Here's a trick.下面是一个骗局。 I run a piece of twine underneath the unit between the front and back of the horizontal reflector.我运行下面的绳子之间的正面和背面的一块横向反射单位。 This puts tension on the front flap causing it to stay down after wind gusts.这使得前面从而导致大风后留了皮瓣的紧张局势。 Just insert a rock beneath the front reflector to adjust the angle.只要插入前面下的岩石反射调节角度。
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