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[技术] 太阳能炉灶制作(太阳能的制作)

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小组太阳灶是第一,是真正的负担太阳灶世界上最贫困的。 In 1994, a volunteer group of engineers and solar cooks associated with  developed and produced the CooKit , based on a design by French scientist  .在1994年,工程师和相关太阳能厨师志愿者小组开发生产CooKit的基础上,由法国科学家设计。 Elegant and deceptively simple looking, it is an affordable, effective and convenient solar cooker.优雅,看似简单的看,这是一个负担,有效,方便太阳灶。 It requires a dark, covered pot and one plastic bag per day or one high-temperature plastic bag per month.它需要一个黑暗的,有盖壶,每一天或一个高温每月塑料袋塑料袋。 With a few hours of sunshine, the CooKit makes tasty meals for 5-6 people at gentle temperatures, cooking food and preserving nutrients without burning or drying out.随着全年日照时数的CooKit使得在温和的温度5-6人可口的饭菜,在烹调食物和保存不燃烧或干燥的营养。 Larger families use two or more cookers.人口较多的家庭使用两个或更多的炊具。 The CooKit weighs half a kilogram, folds to the size of a big book for easy transport.在CooKit重半公斤,折叠到一个方便的交通大书的大小。 CooKits are now produced independently in 25 countries from a wide variety of materials at a cost of $3 - $7 US. CooKits正从独立制作的材料种类繁多3美元的费用- 700美元的25个国家。 Note that you can either build your own CooKit using the plans below or you can  .请注意,你可以建立自己的CooKit使用下面的计划,也可以 Your purchase helps support SCI's work around the world.您的购买帮助支持SCI的世界各地的工作。


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  创建模板 , 扩大使用MS画图图

  印刷大小的计划避免了需要测量的长度或角度,因为你只需要减少了计划,并在您的周围物质痕迹。 This is done by a "poster print" and most computer printers and image programs allow you to create a poster print.这是一个“海报打印”和大多数计算机打印机和图像的程序进行允许您创建一个海报打印。

  The process is to determine how much larger the measurements on the plan are compared to what is printed.这个过程是确定的计划如何更大的测量相比,现在的打印。 Then the plan is enlarged so that it prints the actual size - where all displayed measurements match actual lengths.然后,计划扩大,以便它打印的实际大小-测量显示,所有比赛的实际长度。

  For MS Paint, which is installed with Windows, the steps are:对于MS涂料,它是随Windows安装的步骤是:

  Copy and paste the image into the program.复制并粘贴到程序中的形象。 Right click the image to "Copy"右键单击图片以“复制”

  Select Page Setup from the file menu and change the page layout to Landscape.选择页面从文件菜单中的设置和更改页面布局为横向。

  Print - this should print the details out in the "normal" plan size which is reduced from the full size plan.打印-这应该打印的详情载于“正常”计划的规模是从全尺寸计划减少。

  Find distance on the printout, such as the width (122 cm) and measure with a ruler.查找打印输出的距离,如宽(122厘米)和衡量标尺。 Divide the distance on the plan by your measurement.鸿沟的计划,你的测量距离。 For instance, if you measured 19.7cm the ratio would be approximately 6.19.例如,如果你测量19.7厘米这个比例约为6.19。 This means the image should be magnified 6.19 times (619%) to match the values in the plans.这意味着图像应被放大6.19倍(619%),以配合计划的价值。
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  Select Page Setup menu item again.选择页面设置菜单项了。 This time adjust the scalling to the percent calculated in the last step (619% based on the values shown in step 4).这一次调整scalling在最后一步计算(619%的基础上的百分比在步骤4中显示的值)。 MS Paint will now automatically enlarge the plans so that they roughly match the original plans cm for cm.小画家现在会自动扩大,使他们大致与原先的计划厘米厘米。

  A number of pages will be printed.阿的页数将打印。 These pages need to be joined together.这些网页需要结合在一起。 Printers normally require a margin, so make sure you overlap one page with another and fold appropriately so that printed lines are continuous.打印机通常需要追加保证金,所以一定要重叠与另一页,并适当地折叠,使打印行是连续的。

  Cut out the plan/template.剪下计划/模板。

  You now have a template with no need to measure a single line nor angle.您现在有一个模板,无须衡量一个单一的角度也不行。 Place it on your material to mark cut lines and fold lines.放置在您的材料以标示线切割和折叠线。


  To make clean straight folds in cardboard, first make a crease along the line with a blunt edge such as a spoon handle, then fold against a firm straight edge.为了使清洁直纸板折叠,先如勺子处理沿钝边行折痕,然后对折直边坚定。

  Make the slots a little too small and narrow so that they fit snugly to hold up the front panel.使插槽有点太小了,狭窄,使它们适合紧贴举行了前面板。

  To set up, lay panel flat with shiny side up.要设置,打牢面板,带光泽的一面向上持平。 Fold up front and back parts and fit back corners into the slots in front.结业前,后部分,适合回到前面的插槽角落。

  Arbitrary size can be obtained when creating the template.任意大小,可在创建模板。 Choose a limiting dimension and use this size in the calculations in Step 4 rather than the size shown on the plan.选择和使用方面的限制,在第4步,而不是计划中显示的大小的计算,大小。 Therefore, if you have a 110cm wide pice of material you would divide the measured width on the plan by 110 instead of 122.因此,如果您有您的材料除以110,而不是对122计划的测量宽度110厘米宽皮塞。 This will scale the plan up or down based on your needs.这将扩大计划增加或减少根据您的需要。

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  提高或降低的前翼,以便有一个小的阴影,不超过一半的宽度其下。 The flap should be angled higher when the sun is high and lower when the sun is low.皮瓣应角度更高,当太阳高,低,当太阳低。 You want the from flap to reflect the sun, not block it.你想从皮瓣,以反映太阳,而不是阻止它。




博士史蒂芬琼斯发现,提高对一线框锅炊具,在一个小组改进的烹饪。 It is also possible to set the pot on a clear glass bowl.它也可以设置一个明确的琉璃碗罐。


维茨克Jongbloed创建了一个简单框架,使正常(而不是耐热微波炉烹调袋 )使用胶袋。


         Jose Albano created this frame to protect normal plastic bags (photo shows frame with bag removed). 何阿尔巴诺在这一框架内,以保护正常的塑料袋(照片显示了去除包框)。
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博士阿肖克昆达普尔建议一种方法,使塑料薄膜的单位的住房内。 A bottom cylinder is supported by wire frame while a transparent cover, made of the same plastic material, makes access to the food very easy.阿底缸是支持线框而透明盖,同塑料材料制成,使获取的食物很容易。 This arrangement can also be used for retained-heat cooking .这项安排也可用于保留热烹调 。


斯蒂芬哈里根发现,废弃的塑料电话卡,这是在非洲随时可用,运作良好,加强其最脆弱的地区CooKits。 See also Making the CooKit more durable .另见制作的CooKit更持久 。


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太阳能炊具国际 '章大量的曲线,可很难对一手持刀片。 胡安乌鲁蒂亚桑斯的马诺斯Unidas在西班牙组织写道,他的小组推动了关于CooKit形状很容易变异标准CooKit电话对于许多人在家里做。 The Manos Unidas version, called Cocinsol II.在马诺斯Unidas版本,称为Cocinsol二。 Señor Urrutia y Sanz reports that it cooks as well as the CooKit and actually has more reflective surface area.阅兵式乌鲁蒂亚辎桑斯报告说,它厨师以及CooKit,实际上有更多反射面积。 SCI's Jay Campbell agrees. SCI的杰伊坎贝尔表示赞同。 Jay is an engineer who has chaired the SCI Research Committee and who worked on engineering the CooKit for manufacture in Kenya .杰伊是谁主持了脊髓损伤研究委员会,谁该对工程在肯尼亚制造CooKit工作的工程师。 (One key advantage of the CooKit's curved shape is that it is easier to figure out a way to fold it into an album-sized package for easy storage and transport.) To make your own Cocinsol II, use the shape and dimensions shown in the graphic. (之一CooKit的弯曲形状的主要优势是,它更容易找出一种折叠成画册,这个规模,便于储藏和运输包装。)为了使自己的Cocinsol二,使用的形状和尺寸的显示图形。 Cardboard is an inexpensive material to use which holds its shape and is also easy to fold.纸板是用廉价的材料持有的形状,也容易折叠。 However, woven mats or baskets, molded plastics or wood can be used.不过,编织草席或篮子,模制塑料或木材都可以使用。 The solid lines in the design show where to cut; the dotted lines show where to fold.在设计的实线显示在减少;的虚线显示在哪里倍。 Cover the surfaces of one side with shiny material such as aluminum foil or shiny gift wrap (which will reflect light to the pot at the center of the cooker).盖一方的表面,如铝箔或礼品包装闪亮光泽的材料(这将反映在锅中心光罐)。
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The Poly-Furnace is made of polypropylene flute board.在聚炉是由聚丙烯长笛板。

In February 2008, Stephen and Sheila Harrigan shipped 275 of these durable plastic CooKits to the Sakali Refugee Camp in Sudan. 2008年2月, 希拉哈里根叶和运出这些耐用的塑料CooKits 275的萨卡利难民营的苏丹。 The Poly-Furnace is a cut down model of the Cookit made by Solar Cookers International .在聚炉 ,这是一个由国际太阳能炊具 Cookit模型所作的削减。 Because of the adverse living conditions of the refugees in Darfur, Sudan the cardboard Cookit will not last much more than 6 months to a year.由于在达尔富尔, 苏丹的难民生活条件恶劣的纸板Cookit不会持续远远超过6个月到一年。 The need to have a durable Cookit has prompted us to develop one made of plastic polypropylene flute board.需要有一个持久Cookit促使我们开发的塑料聚丙烯长笛板作出之一。 Reflective aluminum polyester is attached to the surface before it is cut and formed.反光铝聚酯附在表面之前,切割形成的。 A local group of volunteers have begun to make these for introduction into Sudan 2008.阿本地组的志愿者已经开始使这些为2008年引进到苏丹。

See also Making the CooKit More Durable .另见制作的CooKit更耐用 。


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