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Swarna IDC公司2009年度展
Besides hosting the usual buffet of seminars and workshops for their Swarna 2009 Degree Show , folks at Industrial Design Centre IIT Mumbai had a spectacular exhibition for their graduating class.除了为他们举办2009年学位Swarna显示 ,在工业设计中心孟买的印度理工学院乡亲的研讨会和讲习班通常自助餐了他们的毕业班壮观展览。 Although I got to sift through the Industrial Design, Animation Design, Visual Communication and Interaction Design faculties, I naturally gravitated towards the ID section.虽然我对筛选了工业设计,动画设计,视觉传达设计系与互动,对我自然所吸引的ID部分。 Follow me to see the some of the innovative gems I discovered at the show.按照我看到我在展会上发现了一些创新的宝石。

G1 Car by Karthik Narayan G1期汽车由Karthik纳拉扬

G1或吉万的印地文就是生命,这车是氢的版本,它自己的再生燃料。 Mutant algae that produces hydrogen in the presence of light (with oxygen as a by-product), powers this car.藻类产生突变,在光照下的氢的副产品),权力这车(与氧气的。 A canopy on top of the car is where the algae reside, they do their bit when the car is stationary.关于赛车的最高篷就是藻类居住,他们各尽其在汽车静止。
Eco-friendly mobility solution for the future by Amey Dhuri 生态为未来的埃米图里友好的移动解决方案


城市空间的需求的汽车,紧凑,有最小化的要求和停车空间。 This eco-friendly car is meant for two people and has some amazing features that address these two issues.这种环保车的意思是两个人,有一些惊人的特性,以解决这两个问题。 The car controls are incorporated within the front wheels allowing either the driver or the passenger to drive the car.赛车的控制纳入允许范围内无论是前轮驱动程序或乘客开车。 The car also boasts of a near-zero turning radius.这款车还拥有一个近零转弯半径。 For parking the car almost shrinks up to half its usual size, thus making it easy to park.对于停车场的汽车几乎缩小到正常大小的一半,从而使用户可以停车。
Re-designed Shopping Mall Cart by Dipesh Parmar 重新设计的Dipesh帕马购物中心购物车


到最近,不少商场是一个在印度西部的文化现象。 Now that we see dime a dozen mushrooming up at every nook and corner of the city, but there has been a dearth of the perfect Supermarket trolley that addresses Indian sensibilities.现在,我们看到10美分一打如雨后春笋般在每一个角落和城市的角落里,但一直是缺乏完善的超市手推车,解决印度的感情。 This trolley here is quite essentially two baskets and a child-carrier.这台车在这里是很本质上是两个篮子和一名儿童载体。 The top and lower basket both detach to become individual trolleys, however the true beauty is when you use the whole setup together.顶部和低篮框都分离,成为个人手推车,但真正的美是当您使用整个安装在一起。 Since the bottom space of a typical trolley is seldom used, the bottom basket in this one utilizes the space effectively.由于典型的手推车底部空间很少使用,在这一个篮子底部有效地利用了空间。 It slides out on the rails so that you can easily place your purchases in it, without any fuss.它滑出轨道上,这样您可以很容易地在您购买的是没有任何大惊小怪。
Personal Mobility Solution For the Future by Prajwal Ullal 对于未来的普拉杰瓦尔Ullal的个人移动解决方案


自行车的自行车! Ah the speed-monster gets a chic look and some sensibilities, coz it offers two modes, the highway mode where you can trail-blaze to glory and the city mode where you can't do much speed.阿的速度怪物获得一个别致的外观和一些面子,怎么把它提供两种模式,高速公路模式,您可以线索,大火辉煌与城市的模式,您可以在不大的速度。 Fancy the way the wheels come together in the parking stance, giving it a minimum horizontal footprint.别致的方式来车轮在停车的立场在一起,给它的最低水平的足迹。
It was an enriching experience to interact with the students and professors of IDC.这是一个互动的丰富经验,与学生和教授的IDC公司。 The main strength that shone through all the flaws of the show (nobody is perfect) was the communication of ideas and the phenomenal thought process of the teams.主要的力量,通过所有节目(没有人是完美的)缺陷照射是思想的沟通和团队惊人的思维过程。 The Animation Design, Visual Communication and Interaction Design faculties put up a swell show as well, and I was impressed by the dedication and creative energy.动画设计,视觉传达设计系与互动提出了一个膨胀的表现很好,我是献身精神和创造力留下深刻印象。
If I must crib about one thing, then it has to be the lack of better renders by the ID students, their scale models reflected their efforts, but good supporting renders are a MUST!如果我必须婴儿床一件事,那么它必须更好呈现的身份证学生缺乏,其规模的模型反映了他们的努力,但呈现良好的支持是不可错过!
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