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福特汽车零担- 9000记录。 Trailer & cab guard scratchbuilt.拖车与驾驶室后卫scratchbuilt。 I also added some detail to the engine我还增加了一些细节引擎

A set of utility doubles.一个实用程序设置的双打。 Scratchbuilt of sheet metal. Scratchbuilt金属板材。 I'm also building a two axle KW COE for these我也为这些建设两轴千瓦自备装备

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the trailers are complete车架完整

KW taking shape:西正在形成:

no engine yet, interior finished, test fitting grille, bumper and visor但没有引擎,内部完成,测试装置格栅,保险杠和面罩

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comments and requests are most welcome意见和要求,我们非常欢迎
一直以来我以前的帖子一段时间,但西与平板车双打现已完成。 I started this build in October and here's the finished product.我开始这个建立于10月和这里的成品。
It started as a scratchbuilt set of trailers and a revell KW aerodyne.它开始作为一个拖车scratchbuilt及一套雷维尔千瓦重飞行器。 Cab and chassis were shortened, low roof made of fiberglass, aluminum rear wall, modified interior, many re-worked parts...licence plates and other graphics made & designed with computer.驾驶室和底盘的缩短,低屋顶的玻璃纤维,铝后墙,修改内部,许多重新工作的部分...车牌和其他图形了与电脑设计的。 Hope you enjoy!希望您会喜欢!

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Pete359油轮慢慢好起来。 Cab&hood painted, fenders still to go.驾驶室和发动机罩漆,挡泥板仍去。 Test fitting modified grille and scratchbuilt bumper.测试装置修改格栅和scratchbuilt保险杠。

Tank body is actually a beer can with scratchbuilt deck, ladders, hatches, rear fenders etc. Texaco logos made with computer.罐体实际上是一个可以与scratchbuilt甲板,梯子,孵化,后翼子板等德士古与计算机标识作出啤酒。

I don't even estimate how long this build is going to take but I'll  have another can for the trailer我什至没有多久,估计建设是需要,但我将有另外的拖车可
More to come.更多来。
I've been building a two-axle pup for the pete.我一直在建设两轴的皮特小狗。 The basic structure is pretty simple: a beer can with short pieces of chassis on both ends.基本结构很简单:一个啤酒能与底盘件短的两端。
Mine is an early 80's beall with the older blue california license plate, truck is an '87.煤矿是八十年代初的旧蓝色加利福尼亚车牌北奥,卡车是'87。 Still have plenty of things to do both with tractor & trailer.还有很多的事情是与拖拉机拖车两者。

Stay tuned请继续关注
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I did some basic wiring and detail to the Cummins.我做了一些基本的线路和详细地向康明斯。 Still needs a radiator..还需要一个散热器..

Trailer is painted, detailed and graphics put in place拖车是画,详细和到位的图形

Thanks for looking!感谢您看!
我想我昨天去破译。 Well, I've been planning to build a Freightliner COE for a decade or so but as I live in Scandinavia we don't have AMT's old White-F/L models and shipping one would be terribly expensive.嗯,我一直在计划建设的10年左右,福莱纳自备装备,但正如我在斯堪的纳维亚住我们没有AMT的老白F / L型和航运之一将是高不可攀。 So I decided to build one from scratch.所以我决定从头开始的。 I made some simple drawings showing the size of doors, windows...and started building.我提出一些简单的图显示了门,窗户大小...并开始建设。
Now I'm gonna say that this WILL take some time现在,我gonna说,这将需要一些时间
驾驶室是最困难的地方这样做的第一次,我打造。 Chassis and engine are stock and they come along later (next summer I suppose)底盘和发动机的股票,他们来后沿(明年夏天我猜想)
Cab is basically made of plastic cut in shape驾驶室基本上是由在形状塑料切

Doors made of pieces of aluminum对铝的展品门
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I painted a thin layer of light blue to show the spots that still require some work after sanding我画了一层薄薄的淡蓝色显示斑点,仍然需要一些工作后,砂光

I test fit the cab on a KW chassis to see how it looks like. I测试适合在1千瓦的底盘,驾驶室,看看它的模样。 I added some parts like grab handles, wiper arms, lights and mirrors to demonstrate the "final" look.我说我想抓住一些地方处理,雨刷武器,灯光和镜子表现出“最后的”外观。

All in all I'm quite happy with the cab.总之我非常满意驾驶室。 It still needs a backwall, supports, interior and grille.它仍然需要一个背,支持,内饰和格栅。 I haven't decided yet what chassis I'll be using.我还没有决定什么底盘我将使用。
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Just a quick update before I hit the road:就在快速更新之前,我上路了:
Pete is almost done, needs some minor things (pete emblems and fuel caps)皮特即将完成,需要一些(皮特徽记和燃料帽小事)

Freightliner cab painted, grille taking shape and windows put in place福莱纳驾驶室画,格栅形成并落实窗口

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室内装饰画和详细。 Everything scratchbuilt except the steering column, pedals, seats and shifter.除一切scratchbuilt转向柱,脚踏板,座椅和换档。

Test fitting cab on a 359 chassis, bumper is made of aluminum试验1 359底盘配件驾驶室,保险杠是由铝

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Parts that are still missing is the cab jack, turbo hoses and a shifter linkage.部分仍缺少的是驾驶室插孔,涡轮软管和换档的联系。

I'm dressing my unit as a well-kept one owner ag-hauler in the Central Valley region of California.我打扮我单位作为维护良好的一名业主股份公司在加州中央谷地区的一个运输工。

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Tanks, bumper, mudflaps, exhaust, air-intake, decals & some other small stuff installed.坦克,保险杠,挡泥,排气,进气,贴花和其他一些小事情上。 Engine is also 100% done引擎也是100%完成

It still needs a headache rack, chains, battery box, mirrors etc.它仍然需要一个头痛机架,链条,电池盒,镜子等
Well, here's the bonus:嗯,这里的奖金:
I thought about making another truck in a similar way (mostly from scratch)...let's say a pete 362.我认为有关在以类似的方式(主要是从零开始)...另一辆卡车比方说一皮特362。 I know that the 362 was available at one time as an aftermarket cab, plenty of GREAT examples of them on Tim's page.我知道,是在1 362作为售后出租车,对他们中的例子添的页面很多时间。
I've been working on the cab so far:我一直工作在驾驶室至今:

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