[技术] 约翰瑟尔:塞尔发电机的全球能源解决方案

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  Professor John R.R. Searl is the founder of the

  Searl Effect Technology and the inventor of the Searl Effect Generator (SEG).

  In a World that is suffering massive and constant environmental damage, from the destruction of our precious rainforests to an emerging energy crisis of almost catastrophic proportions, Prof. John Searl offers his global solution that can harness clean, sustainable and limitless electrical energy.

  Welcome to his official website, he is honored to introduce to you a revolutionary technology

  and a bright future for mankind.

  First things first! Click on the links below

  to learn about the Global Energy Crisis

  and Searl's solution.


  塞尔效应技术和发明的塞尔效果发生器(赛格) 。







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约翰塞尔 塞尔发电机 1

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约翰塞尔 塞尔发电机 2

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约翰塞尔 塞尔发电机 3

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约翰塞尔 塞尔发电机 4

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约翰塞尔 塞尔发电机 5

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The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) has the functional resemblance to a linear induction motor (LIM) designed on a vertical track, rounded and joined at the ends for continuous motion of movable rotors. It is a magnetic prime mover of cylindrical parts over stator rings that function without mechanical wear or friction.
  The SEG’s stators and rollers are magnetic components uniquely magnetized or imprinted with magnetic patterns and matched like a planetary gear. This magnetic arrangement along with the resulting radial currents from the Neodymium layer creates the roller's magnetomotive forces into motion at right angles to both the electric and magnetic vectors. The roller’s momentum is a Cycladic pattern superimposed on an orbit over the circumference of the stator. In this manner each roller induces eddy current of induction against the copper surfaces of the stator ring which effectively creates a frictionless magnetic bearing. This enables the SEG to operate with the service expectancy of a lifetime, free of wear and consequently free of maintenance.



在赛格的定子和压路机的磁性元件独特的磁化或印有磁性的模式和匹配像行星齿轮。这磁性的安排与由此产生的径向水流从钕层创造了滚子的 magnetomotive部队运动成直角的电场,磁场载体。滚子的发展势头是基克拉迪模式叠加在一个轨道上的圆周定子。通过这种方式诱导每个轧辊涡流感应对铜表面的定子环,有效地创建了一个磁轴承摩擦。这使赛格经营与服务的预期寿命,无磨损,因此免费维修。

  Technical Definition of a Surface Operating SEG

  The generator consists of three stator rings (called Plates) that are composed of four distinctively different materials concentrically layered to each other and fixed to a base. Surrounding each of the Plates is rotors (called rollers) constructed with the same materials but are free to rotate around the Plates. The inner most Plate typically has 12 rollers, 22 on the second stage and 32 on the final Plate. Surrounding the outer most rollers are conventional electromagnets, which by way of magnetic induction taps energy out of the rapid passing of magnetized rollers. These inductive pickup coils are connected in various configurations to supply AC or DC power at a variety of desired voltage and current levels to suit residential or industrial applications.

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发电机由三个定子环(称为板)是由四个明显不同层次的材料concentrically彼此和固定的基地。周围的每一板是转子(称为辊)建造具有相同材料,但可以自由旋转的盘子。最内层板通常有12辊, 22月的第二阶段和第32条的最后板。周围的最外层是传统的辊电磁铁,它的方式磁感应水龙头能源的快速传递磁辊。这些线圈感应皮卡相连的各种配置提供AC 或DC电源在各种所需的电压和电流的水平,以适应住宅或工业用途。
  The SEG is defined as a device constructed of 2,124 component parts that make up 3 plates and 66 roller sets. 12 of the 2,124 components make the 3 plates that act as reaction components. 2,112 components are employed to create 66 roller sets that also act as active components. Each roller set consists of 8 segments constructed from 32 components.

  Each segment cannot be less than 34 grams in weight, as the law of the squares defines that value as the lowest value suitable for the reasonable generation of electricity. Therefore the smallest roller set must weigh 272 grams, making a grand total of 2,244 grams per roller set for the smallest surface bound SEG.

  The SEG is a step up rotary transformer. In fact it’s a 'three rotary transformers' operational system, within the whole unit. The inner transformer output is fed in to the input of the second plate which increases the output of the second unit, which output feeds as an input to the final unit, thereby increasing its final output to a very high voltage. The output windings can be designed to step down the output to a standard 240 volts at the rate of about 15 Kilowatts for a home unit.

  From 1946 up to 1968 the Searl Effect was referred to as magnetic bubbles in motion as it was explained in John's early newsletters. In 1968, it became clear that these magnetic bubbles contained particles in a set manner and that there was a set pattern to how many bubbles were present in the material. Because of this finding, Searl dropped the term ‘magnetic bubbles’ and replace it with the term ‘magnetic quantum material’ and released these details in a newsletter which has since been reproduced in one of Searl’s books a few years ago. A laboratory examination also agrees that somehow the material changes its state when produced in this manner.

  When the rollers are brought into close proximity to the SEG plate, the Searl Effect resonant magnetic field causes negative ions and electrons to be drawn into and accelerated through the machine. This process is assisted by the highly electron-attracting or capturing effect of the Neodymium metallic layer. The unique mechanical and material arrangement of the SEG pulses the neodymium to continually release and replace the surplus electrons that provides both mechanical and electrical power.


  在赛格的定义是设备2124年建造的组成部分,使3板和66滚子集。 12 2124组件使3个板块,作为反应的组成部分。 2112年部分就业创造66滚子集,也作为活性成分。每个轧辊一套由8个部分建造由32部分。



  从1946 年到1968年,塞尔效应被称为磁泡在运动,因为它解释了约翰的早期通讯。 1968年,人们清楚地看到,这些气泡载磁粒子在一组的方式进行,而且有一个框框多少泡沫在场的材料。由于这一发现,塞尔下降一词磁泡' ,取而代之的是这个词'磁量子材料和释放这些细节在通讯,一直在一个转载的塞尔的书籍在几年前。实验室检查还同意,以某种物质的状态变化时,产生这种方式。


  The SEG mockup is a recent development towards a working prototype which demonstrates many of the core principles of the SEG in motion.


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