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摘要: 初步的安全守则,实验固体推进剂的制备及电机建设1. 1 。 Overall safety: All my actions will have safety foremost in mind.整体安全:我所有的行动将有安全的首要考虑到。 I will never become complacent, and ...

1. 1 。 Overall safety: All my actions will have safety foremost in mind.整体安全:我所有的行动将有安全的首要考虑到。 I will never become complacent, and will always be prepared for an accident.我绝不会成为自满,将永远准备一宗交通意外。 I will recognize that a mixture can ignite at any time, and act accordingly.我会承认的混合物可以点燃在任何时间,并据此采取行动。

2. 2 。 Work location: My work location for compounding of low-sensitivity propellant will be a minimum of 75 feet from any inhabited building, with distance to increase appropriately depending on the amount and type of material being used.工作地点:我的工作地点为复合低敏感性的推进剂将是一个最低限度的75英尺从任何有人居住的建筑物,与距离,以增加适当的依赖于数量和类型的材料被使用。 All materials will be locked in proper storage facilities when not actually being used.所有材料将被锁定在适当的贮存设施时,实际上未使用。 Finished propellant/motors will be stored in a proper magazine.完成推进剂/直流电动机将会被储存在一个适当的杂志。

3. 3 。 Neatness: I will keep such area where propellant compounding is being carried out, clean and neat at all times.洁净:我会保持这种地方推进剂复合正进行,清洁和整齐,无时不在。 Oxidizers, powdered metals, and other ignition hazards will be treated with appropriate care to minimize the danger of accidental ignition, with special care taken to avoid "dusting" of fine material.氧化剂,金属粉末,以及其他危害点火,将治疗与适当的照顾,以尽量减少危险意外点火,与所采取的特别照顾,以避免“除尘”的优良材料。 I never will have more than one open container of chemical within this area at any time.我从来没有将有一个以上的开放式货柜化学与这方面在任何时候。

4. 4 。 Chemicals: I will become familiar with the associated literature, including MSDS's for each chemical used.化学品:我将成为熟悉相关的文献,包括表的每一种化学品使用。 I will not use "makeshift" chemicals, but instead will obtain technical-grade or appropriate/equivalent purity for propellant compounding.我不会用“凑合”的化学品,而是将获得技术等级或适当的/相等于纯度为复合推进剂。 I will learn about chemical incompatibilities and avoid them (examples: ammonium compounds with chlorate compounds; aluminum and any nitrate).我会了解化学不相容性,并避免他们(例如:铵化合物与氯酸盐化合物;铝和任何硝酸盐) 。 I will never make substitutions simply to see "if this works", but instead will engineer mixtures to meet the preselected criteria.我绝不会作出替换简单地看到, “如果这个工程” ,而是将工程师的混合物,以满足预选标准。

5. 5 。 Training: The initial phases of my work will be performed under supervision of a knowledgeable person, one who has been properly trained in that which I am doing.培训:初步阶段,我的工作将执行的监督下,知识的人,一个谁已受过适当训练在这方面,而我这样做。 My initial work will involve mixtures that have been well-characterized by others and have found to be minimally sensitive.我初步的工作将涉及混合物已良好的特点是由他人,并已被发现为微敏感。 I will study regularly to learn more about the nature of my propellant and motor work.我会定期研究,以了解更多关于的性质,我的推进剂和发动机的工作。

6. 6 。 Amounts: I will work with small amounts of materials.金额:我会的工作与少量的材料。 For well-characterized minimal-hazard mixtures I will make no more than can be used within a reasonable length of time.完善的特点是最小的危险混合物,我会作出不超过可用于在一个合理的时间长度。 Uncharacterized experimental mixtures will be made initially in quantity not to exceed one gram, until the mixture has been properly characterised as to sensitivity and other hazard. uncharacterized实验混合物将作出最初在数量上不超过一克,直到混合物已妥善的特色,至于敏感性和其他危险。

7. 7 。 Safety equipment: I will use proper safety equipment, including eye protection, respirator, and flame-resistant clothing, at all times.安全设备:我会使用适当的安全设备,包括保护眼睛,呼吸,及火焰抗性的衣服,在任何时候。 A water-type fire extinguisher of appropriate size will always be at hand, excepting for mixtures for which water would create a greater hazard than ignition.水型灭火器适当规模将永远在手,除混合物为水会造成更大的危害比点火。

8. 8 。 Legal: I will work in compliance with federal, state, and local laws.法律:我会的工作,在遵守联邦,州和当地的法律。 The local authorities having jurisdiction will be aware of my activities.地方当局拥有管辖权的会知道,我的活动。

9. 9 。 Testing: I will test the (impact and friction) sensitivity of mixtures using the smallest practical amounts of the mixture.测试:我会测试(撞击,摩擦)的敏感性,混合物用最小的实际数额的混合物。 I will carefully note and avoid any mixtures that are unduly sensitive.我会仔细注意,并避免任何混合物是过分敏感。 I will test any motor design at least three times, by proper static test, before committing that motor to flight.我会测试任何电机设计至少3倍,通过适当的静力试验,才认为,汽车飞行。

10. 10 。 Motors: rocket motors will be constructed of materials properly selected and engineered.汽车:火箭发动机将兴建的材料,妥善选择和设计。 I will not use makeshift materials.我不会凑合使用的材料。 Each rocket motor will be designed so that its failure mode is longitudinal, and testing of such motors will be performed in a vertical mode until the propellant has been properly characterized.每一个火箭发动机,将设计,以免其失效模式是纵向,和测试,如汽车将表现在垂直模式下,直到推进剂已妥善的特点。 Strength of the casing material itself will be a minimum of 1.5 times the maximum expected stress.强度套管材料本身将是一个最低的1.5倍,最高的预期压力。

11. 11 。 Waste: I will dispose of scrap material and flammable waste from my operations properly, by remote ignition, on a daily basis or more often.废物:我会处理的废弃物质和易燃废物,从我的行动,妥善,由遥控点火,对每日的基础上,或更频繁。 Scrap and waste will not be allowed to accumulate.废料和废物将不获准积累。

12. 12 。 I will carry out any other procedures needed to minimize properly the hazard to myself, to others, and to my surroundings.我会进行任何其他程序,以尽量减少所需要的适当的危险,我自己,对他人的,和我周围的环境。 






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