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摘要: 实验火箭安全性 这是一个不完整的指南。 If you find any errors or omissions, E-mail Ray ASAP!如果您发现任何错误或遗漏,电子邮件射线 ASAP的! Additionally, in no way does anybody condone your unsafe acti ...


这是一个不完整的指南。 If you find any errors or omissions, E-mail Ray ASAP!如果您发现任何错误或遗漏,电子邮件射线 ASAP的! Additionally, in no way does anybody condone your unsafe activities.此外,在没有出路没有任何人宽恕你不安全的活动。 You are responsible for your own safety.您有责任为自己的安全。 You are also responsible for the safety of any others that may be affected by your activities.你也负责安全的任何其他可能受你的活动。 Always act to minimize risk.一向行事,以尽量减少由此带来的风险。


Murphy's laws are especially applicable to rocketry! 墨菲的法律,尤其是适用于火箭! It is very likely that rocketeers invented them.它很可能rocketeers发明了他们。

Expermental Rocketry can be very safe!实验火箭可以很安全的! If you take the REQUIRED precautions.如果你采取必要的预防措施。 It can be very unsafe if you do not.它可以是非常不安全如果您没有。

First of all, propellants are highly energetic materials.首先,推进剂高度含能材料。 Anything that can loft your airframe into the sky (or beyond), fighting against gravity the whole time, can also propel sharp, hot pieces of your rocket very fast in all directions.任何可以阁楼您的机体进入天空(或以后) ,反重力的全部时间,也可以推进夏普,热件,您的火箭非常快,在所有的方向。 Always realize they only need a slight motivation to ignite unexpectedly.始终实现,他们只需要一个轻微的动机点燃意外。

When working with propellants, always maintain good material control.当工作与推进剂,始终保持良好的物质控制。 Use the smallest amount of material the experiment requires.使用最小的一笔赔偿的材料实验需要。 Remove all flammable materials not required for the experment.移除所有易燃物品,不须为实验。 Do not allow powders or vapors to be spread about.不要让粉末或蒸气被传开。 Powders and vapors are especially dangerous, they have a large exposed surface area for reactions.粉末和蒸气是特别危险的,他们有大量的暴露表面积的反应。 Keep all surfaces clean.保留所有表面的清洁。

Propellant fires are very difficult to extinguish, water often makes the fire worse, by spreading materials about (sometimes accompanied by an explosive steam burst) or even providing oxygen to the mix in extreme cases.推进剂火灾很难扑灭,水,往往使消防更糟的是,传播材料(有时伴随着爆炸性的蒸汽爆裂)或什至提供氧气混合,在极端情况下。 Research your materials, know their reactions.研究你的材料,知道他们的反应。 Plan for an emergency in advance.计划在紧急情况下前进。 Keep plenty of clean utensils for your experiments. Never use the same utensils for both oxidizers and fuels without a very good cleaning.保持足够的清洁用具,为您的实验。 从来没有使用相同的餐具都氧化剂和燃料的没有一个很好的清洁。

When working with larger amounts of materials, develop remote solutions.工作时,与大量的材料,发展远程解决方案。 This can be as simple as a ball mill on an extension cord, or as complex as a robotic casting station.这可以很简单:作为一个球磨机上一延长线,或复杂的机器人铸造站。

Static test prior to flight testing.静力试验之前,飞行测试。 Testing should be done remotely, and with good containment.测试应该做的远端,并有良好的遏制。 Direct viewing should always be avoided.直接看始终应是可以避免的。 Many rocketeers have been killed or maimed when their rocket suddenly exploded.许多rocketeers已被杀害或致残时,火箭突然发生爆炸。 Use mirrors, a periscope or closed circuit TV to view the test firing of motors, and have plenty of shielding and distance between yourself and the motor being tested.使用反射镜,潜望镜或闭路电视,以查看试射汽车,并有足够的屏蔽和自己之间的距离及汽车正在进行测试。

Flight test only after you have a proven design.飞行试验后,才你有证明的设计。 This means adequate preparation.这意味着充分的准备。 Achieve several successful static tests.实现了若干成功的静态试验。 Run performance simulations to ensure your rocket has enough thrust to become stable prior to leaving the launch tower.运行性能仿真,以确保您的火箭有足够的推力,成为稳定之前离开发射架。 Check the stability of your vehicle with at least two different methods.检查的稳定与您的车辆至少有两种不同的方法。 Ensure your airframe will be strong enough to handle flight stresses.确保您的机体将较为强劲,足以处理飞行讲。 Distance and a solid object between you and the rocket are your keys to safety during flight testing.距离和固态物体之间的你和火箭是您的钥匙,以安全飞行期间测试。 A bunker is the safest option, at least hide behind a truck.沙坑是最安全的选择,至少躲在一辆卡车。 Use a very long electical ignition system.使用一段很长的electical点火系统。






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