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摘要: 1/72宋级潜艇我第一次真正的潜艇,我猜想。 I got this one from Arkmodel, it's a 1/72 Song class (Chinese) SSK.我得到一本由arkmodel ,它的1 / 72宋级(中文)科学知识社会学。 She's constructed from ABS, bu ...
我第一次真正的潜艇,我猜想。 I got this one from Arkmodel, it's a 1/72 Song class (Chinese) SSK.我得到一本由arkmodel ,它的1 / 72宋级(中文)科学知识社会学。 She's constructed from ABS, but I have my doubts about the handyness of the lay-out.她的兴建,从ABS的,但我有我的怀疑态度handyness的裁员。 
  However, this is only a premature model, it's not a full production model, she's the first in fact.不过,这只是一个不成熟的模式,它不是一个完整的生产模式,她的第一次在的事实。 However I wanted my Udaloy (and they were sent together to lower the costs) soon and there was a certain occasion to get them both cheaply in Belgium.不过我想我udaloy (和他们被送往共同努力,降低成本)尽快和有一定的场合,让他们既便宜,在比利时。 
  She came delivered in a nice case however the rudders received some damage due to the long trip from China.她来到发表在一个很好的个案,但舵收到了一些损害由于长期从中国之行。 
  Overall she's looking nice although I have the idea that the detailing is a little too heavy.整体她的寻找尼斯虽然我的观点,即详细说明是有点太沉重。 There are also two sets of PE included, however the shaft and prop were missing (I think because she is the first one and I wanted my Udaloy so badly).也有两套体育列入,但轴和版权人失踪(我想,因为她是第一个,我想我udaloy这么差) 。 Of course I'm very happy and I have to thank Mr. Feng a billion times for this boat!当然我很高兴,我要感谢先生峰亿倍,这船! I hope to make something nice from it!我希望作出一些尼斯从它! 
  The WTC came included with the kit and also the bladder, motor and servos were there.世贸中心来,包括与试剂盒,也是膀胱癌,电机和伺服有。 I never really studied these systems, so I have to figure out how to complete this one!我从来没有真正研究这些系统的,所以我要弄清楚如何完成此一! All help is of course very much appreciated.所有帮助,当然是非常欣赏。 
  Here's the real thing:这里的真实的事: 


  Here are some pictures of the kit:这里有一些照片,资料袋: 
  She's about 3 feet long, didn't really measure her yet.她的约3英尺长,并没有真正的措施,但她的。 

  Closer detail of the aft fins.密切详细的尾部鳍。 These two fins were not damaged, the other two were.这两个鳍没有损坏,另外两人。 The bushings were are loosened from the hull though, so I'll have to stick them back in. I noticed there was a more or less large panel molded in the lower half of the sub, so I guess that'll become my entry for the steering gear.该套管分别是松脱,从船体的,所以我会坚持他们回到英寸我注意到有一个更多或更少大板模压在下半部分,所以我猜想,将成为我的文字该转向器。 

  The PE sets, two identical ones were included, the long ladder like railings are for the long ballast vents on the sub.该PE套,两个相同的人包括在内,长期的阶梯一样,栏杆是为长远镇流器喷口该小组。 

  The conning tower, note the heavy molded detail and I think the long stanchion on the back is where they poured the stuff in the mold.该指挥塔,请注意沉重的塑造和细节,我认为,只要stanchion在背部,是他们倾注了东西在模具。 I'll remove it and add a larger platform which can be seen on the real song.我将它删除,并添加一个较大的平台,其中可以看到真正的歌。 

  The WTC which was included, there were also two rubber O-rings for the end caps.世贸中心,其中被列入,但也有两个橡胶O型圈为端盖。 

  Unfortunately this sub was split into two parts laterally...可惜这个小组分为两部分,横向... You can see the gap here, so I'll have to figure out a way to hide this (and more importantly, as you'll see later on, keep the parts locked to each other).你可以看到差距,在这里,所以我就必须想出办法来隐藏此(和更重要的是,您会看到后来,保持部分锁定对方) 。 

  Here you see what I mean...这里,您可以看到我的意思... The WTC is a very narrow fit, so I can't put screws from one part to the other.世贸中心是一个非常狭隘的适合,所以我不能把螺丝从其中一部分到其他。 I'm thinking of sticking the parts together and cutting off the upper part (split her longitudinally).我的思想,坚持的部分,一起切断上的一部分(分裂她的纵向) 。 If you have experience like this and you have a good solution, please let me know!如果您有这样的经验,和你有一个良好的解决方案,请让我知道了! 

  Front view, all in all a nice looking submarine for a beginner like me!前线认为,所有在所有好期待潜艇为初学者和我一样! The inside is more important than the outside.里面是更重要的,比外面。 I hope to learn a lot from this one and I sure as hell need your advice!我希望能学到很多东西从这个1 ,我相信作为地狱,需要您的意见! 

  I think I want to sand off some of the detail, however this stuff doesn't really sand well, seems to develop hairlike dust...我觉得我想砂小康的一些细节,不过,这东西并不真正砂井,似乎发展毛尘... 






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