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摘要: http://www.hgenergy.com/prototype.swfhydrokinetic 权力,是指以一代的权力从流,目前或速度的水,而水电的传统是指所产生的电力使用水坝( impoundment或运行- -河) 。 hydrokinetic以来,电力依靠简单的速度的 ...

hydrokinetic 权力,是指以一代的权力从流,目前或速度的水,而水电的传统是指所产生的电力使用水坝( impoundment或运行- -河) 。 hydrokinetic以来,电力依靠简单的速度的水,这些权力系统可以被置于来源的活水与最低限度的基础设施或环境的影响。 Hydrokinetic power is cutting-edge waterpower. hydrokinetic权力是尖端的水力。

  Hydro Green Energy's hydrokinetic power turbine arrays are composed of the only truly modular, interchangeable, zero-head, current-based turbines in the industry.水电绿色能源的hydrokinetic动力涡轮阵列组成的唯一真正的模块化,互换,零头部,目前为基础的涡轮机在该行业。 Hydro Green Energy's dual duct, axial flow, interchangeable hydrokinetic power turbine is covered by US and International patents.水电绿色能源的双重管道,轴流式,可互换hydrokinetic动力涡轮是所涵盖的美国和国际专利。 Our current-driven turbines operate in river (in-stream, free-flow, open-river or hydrokinetic run-of-river), ocean (ocean power) and tidal settings (tidal power).我们目前的驱动涡轮机的运作河(在流,自由流通的,开放的河流或hydrokinetic运行的河) ,海洋(海洋权力)和潮汐设置(潮汐发电) 。


  Early rendering of Hydro Green Energy's dual ducted hydrokinetic turbine array (HTA) as viewed from below the surface of the water. 早期绘制水电绿色能源的双涡轮冲压hydrokinetic阵列( hta )从下面的水面。

  The nameplate capacity of the Hydro Green Energy design is 250 kW per unit with a rotor diameter of 12 feet.名牌的能力,水电绿色能源的设计是二五〇千瓦每单位与转子直径为12英尺。 Due to our surface suspension system, there are inherent operational maintenance and safety advantages.由于我们表面悬架系统,有内在的运作安全及维修的优势。 An on-board gantry allows for the raising and lowering of individual generating units in the hydrokinetic turbine array without having to conduct underwater diving and maintenance operations in extreme water velocity and near zero visibility conditions.一对板门,让为提高和降低个别发电机组,在hydrokinetic汽轮机阵列无需进行水下潜水及维修业务,在极端水流速和接近零能见度条件。 The floating raft provides a platform for operation and maintenance workers to stand on and place equipment during activities.浮筏提供了一个平台,为操作和维修工人的立场和设备的地方,活动期间。 In a tidal energy setting, this advantage becomes even more pronounced since all maintenance activities typically occur within a 15 to 30 minute slack tide (the period during which the current reverses direction).在一个潮汐能设置,这种优势变得更加突出,因为所有的维修活动,通常发生在一个15至30分钟的松懈潮流(期间当前扭转方向) 。 From an underwater diving standpoint, the short operational window during the slack tide significantly increases the risk of injury to the divers and the potential loss of equipment.从水下潜水的观点来看,短期的业务窗口,在疲弱的浪潮大大增加了受伤的危险,向潜水员和潜在的设备的损失。

  Advantages of current based hydrokinetic power systems:的优势,目前基于hydrokinetic电力系统:

  • High capacity factor (~ 90+%) for in-stream river and ocean-current applications •高容量因子( 〜 90 + % )为在流河和海洋的应用现状

  • Highly predictable, baseload power •高度可预见的,基底的权力

  • Maximum net energy from in-stream river and ocean-current energy applications •最高净能源,从在流河和远洋当前能源的应用

  • Peak power generation in tidal energy applications •山顶发电在潮汐能源的应用

  • Highest degree of safety •最高程度的安全

  • Large projects consist of robust and simple metal construction •大项目组成强有力的和简单的金属建设

  • Small projects to consist of reinforced plastic construction •小项目,以构成增强塑料建造

  • Utilizes conventional mooring systems •利用传统的系泊系统

  • Simple installation using existing marine vessels •简单的安装使用现有的船只

  • Scalable to large power generating stations (100+ MW) – utility scale power •可扩展到大型发电站( 100 +兆瓦) -公用事业大规模电力


  Image showing relative size of operations and maintenance workers at Hydro Green Energy hydrokinetic project 图像显示的相对大小,操作和维修工人在水电绿色能源项目hydrokinetic


  Utility scale power plants (100 MW+)公用事业规模的火电厂( 100兆瓦+ )

  Medium to industrial scale generation up to 10 MW中等至工业规模的一代多达10兆瓦

  Private or corporate generation up to 1 MW on private land rivers and docks私人或公司代高达1兆瓦的私人土地上的河流和码头

  Remote and off grid generation up to 50 MW远程和关闭网格生成高达50毫瓦

  Hydrogen production制氢

  Desalinization of salt water to provide fresh drinking water for coastal and island locations淡化咸水提供新鲜的饮用水,为沿海和岛屿的位置

  Remote and off grid water purification on rivers, streams and creeks远程和关闭网格净水对河流,溪流和小溪


  Multiple arrays of individual 2 kW units.多个阵列个别2千瓦单位。 In this private generation/remote generation example, each array can generate 160 kW and have evenly spaced intervals.在这一代私人/远程一代举例来说,每个阵列可产生160千瓦和有均匀间隔的间隔时间。


  Waterpower is the lowest cost renewable energy source.水力是成本最低的可再生能源的来源。 In-stream river and ocean current energy projects have the highest capacity factor of all renewables, meaning that they operate in baseload, continuous fashion, which is important for electric grid reliability and better helps the US meet its growing demand for new power. Some benefits of Hydro Green Energy’s in-stream river and ocean current projects include:在流河和海流能源项目具有最高能力的因素,所有可再生能源,这意味着它们的运作基底,连续时装,这是很重要的电网的可靠性和更好地帮助美国满足其日益增长的需求,为新的权力。一些好处水电绿色能源的在流河和洋流的项目包括:

  • In-stream river and ocean current Capacity Factor can be above 98%, whereas wind energy’s Capacity Factor is roughly 25% and the Capacity Factor for solar power is often less than 40% •在流河和洋流的容量因子,可98 %以上,而风能的容量因子大约是25 %和能力的因素,太阳能发电,往往少于40 %

  • Increased generation at existing off-shore wind farms with deployment of ocean current power projects •增加一代,在现有的离岸风力发电场与部署海流发电项目

  • There are an abundance of river, tidal and ocean locations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania waiting to be developed •有丰富的河流,潮汐和海洋的地点在北美,南美,欧洲,亚洲,澳大利亚和大洋洲有待开发

  • In most locations, demand centers and transmission and distribution infrastructure exist within less than 10 miles of the resource •在大多数位置,需求中心和输电和配电基础设施存在的不到10英里的资源

  • Current-based hydrokinetic energy is predictable, dependable and forecastable •当前基于hydrokinetic能源是可预见的,可靠的和forecastable

  • River and ocean hydrokinetic power projects are environmentally and marine life friendly •河流和海洋hydrokinetic电力项目是环保和海洋生物的友好

  • There is minimal visual impact, zero emissions, no noise and no fuel use •有最低限度的视觉冲击力,零排放,无噪音和没有燃料的使用

  • Scalability only limited to resource quality: in-stream river and ocean energy are highly and scalable, which greatly reduces project costs •可扩展性,只限于资源质量:在流河和海洋能源的高度和可扩展的,这大大降低了工程成本






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