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摘要: 重要注意事项:  Please read and follow these instructions carefully,step by step! 请阅读并按照下列指示进行认真,一步一步! Have a one member of your group readeach step aloud to be sure the instruct ...

  Please read and follow these instructions carefully,step by step! 请阅读并按照下列指示进行认真,一步一步! Have a one member of your group readeach step aloud to be sure the instructions are clearly understood.有一名成员的集团的每一步大声读,以确保指示是明确的理解。 Do not proceed until each step has beencompleted. 不要到每一步已经完成。 

  Tools 工具 

  Electric drill, with ??" drill bit 电钻,同? ? “钻头 

  Scissors 剪刀 

  Electrical tape 电气胶带 

  Ruler 统治者 

  10 cm (3.5 inch ) nail or awl 10厘米( 3.5英寸)钉或锥子 

  Hot glue gun, with 3 glue sticks 热胶枪, 3胶水棒 

  White glue 白胶 

  Utility knife 美工刀 

  Pencil sharpener 卷笔刀 

  Permanent felt tip marker 常驻认为提示标志 

  Magnetic compass 磁罗盘 

  Wire cutters 线切割机 

  Gloves 手套 

  Safety glasses 安全玻璃 

  Materials 材料 

  Micro-hydro template sheet (see bottom of page to download) 微型水力模板表(见页面底部下载) 

  4L plastic jug (rectangular style, from vinegar, windshield washerfluid, or similar-see illustration) 4升塑料壶(矩形风格,从醋,挡风玻璃清洗液,或相似的,见说明) 

  10 plastic spoons 10塑料勺子 

  1 large cork (3.5 to 5 cm) 1大型软木( 3.5至5厘米) 

  Enameled magnet wire, 24 gage (approx. 100 m) 漆包线电磁线, 24计(约100米) 

  Foamcore or heavyweight corrugated cardboard (approximately 22 cm by 30 cm) Foamcore或重量级瓦楞纸板(约22厘米30厘米) 

  6 mm (1/4 inch) wooden dowel (20 cm long) 6毫米( 1 / 4英寸)木制桩( 20厘米长) 

  4 ceramic or rare earth magnets (18mm or larger) 4陶瓷或稀土磁体( 18毫米或更大) 

  clear vinyl tubing (6 cm long, ??" inside diameter) 清除乙烯管( 6厘米长, ? ? “内直径) 

  4 brass paper fasteners 4黄铜文件紧固件 

  Safety Precautions 安全防范措施 


  Cover the back of the template with a thin, even layer of glue. 封面背面的模板薄,甚至一层胶水。 


  Use caution when cutting with the utility knife. 使用时要多加小心切割与美工刀。 

  Prepare the Disks准备磁盘 

  The generator we are building has two basic parts-the rotor and thestator.发电机我们正在建设有两个基本部分,转子和定子。 The stator is the part that remainsstationary and has coils of wire to collectelectricity.定子是部分仍然平稳,并已线圈的导线,收集发电。 The rotor is the part thatmoves.转子是部分动作。 It is equipped with powerful magnets that will inducecurrent of electricity in the coils.它配备有强大的磁铁,将促使目前的电力中的线圈。 

  Glue the template sheet to the cardboard with white glue.胶模板表的纸板与白胶。 Besure to spread a thin layer of glue evenly over the entire back of thetemplate.一定要蔓延一层胶水均匀的整个背面的范本。 

  When the glue has dried, usethe utility knife to cut the rotor and stator disks from the cardboardsheet.当胶水已干,用美工刀将转子和定子磁盘从纸板表。 Carefully trim the edges.精心修剪的边缘。 Also,be careful not to damage the tabletop with the utilityknife.此外,小心,不要破坏桌上的美工刀。 Work on a piece of scrap wood or a cuttingboard.工作在一块废木材或砧板。 

  Using an awl or sharp nail, punch a smallhole through the rotor disk at its exact center, asshown.用锥子或尖锐钉,穿一个小孔通过转子盘在其确切的中心,如图所示。 Using the utility knife, make alarger (1 cm) hole at the center of the stator disk.用美工刀,作出更大(1厘米)洞为中心的定子磁盘。 

  The Stator 定子 




  Check to make sure you have good connections between the coils. 检查以确保您有良好的线圈之间的联系。 


  Prepare a jig for winding your coils by cutting a 3 cm by 16cm pieceof cardboard, folding it in half and securing with a small piece ofelectrical tape.编写一份夹具绕组线圈通过削减您3厘米一六厘米一块纸板,折叠它的一半,并确保在与一小块电磁带。 

  Cut 8 short (4 cm) strips of electrical tape and set these aside.削减8短期( 4厘米)条电力磁带和设置这些搁置。 

  Leaving a lead of about 10 cm, start winding the first coil on thejig.离开导致约10厘米,开始第一次线圈绕组的夹具。 Wrap the wire neatly onto the jig, forminga tight coil.包装线整齐的工装上,形成了严格的线圈。 Use 200 wraps or turns.使用200套或满。 

  Carefully slip the coil off the jig and secure it using two pieces ofthe electrical tape you set aside in step 2above.仔细滑线圈关闭夹具和安全使用两块电磁带你搁置在上述第2步。 

  Using a small patch ofemery cloth or sand paper, remove the enamel insulation from the endsof each lead, exposing about 1 cm of barewire.用一小块的砂布或砂纸,删除珐琅质绝缘的末端每个领导,使约1厘米的裸露电线。 Be sure the wire iscompletely bare!可以肯定的是完全裸露的电线! 

  Repeat steps 1 through 5 to make three more coils.重复步骤1到5 ,使三个线圈。 

  Lay the coils loosely on the disk in the position shown by thetemplate.松散奠定线圈在磁盘上的位置所表现出的模板。 Arrange the coils so their windingsalternate between clockwise and counterclockwise, as shown on thetemplate. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Arrange and connect the coils so thatan electron would follow the path shown by the arrows, starting withthe counterclockwise coil on the left handside.安排线圈绕组候补所以他们之间的顺时针和逆时针,所显示的模板。这是非常重要的!安排和连接的线圈,使电子将按照路径所显示的箭头,首先是逆时针线圈左手旁边。 

  When you aresure you have them arranged correctly, connect the coils by twistingthe bared ends together, covering the connections with small pieces ofelectrical tape.当您确认您已安排他们正确,连接线圈的两端扭曲巴雷德一起,涵盖连接小件电器磁带。 

  Checkyour connections: Set your multi-meter for measuring electricalresistance (ohms).检查您的连接:设置多米测量电阻(欧姆) 。 If your connections are good,there should be little resistance to the movement of electrons, and themeter should produce a reading of about 10 ohms orless.如果您的连接是好的,应该有什么抵抗运动的电子,和米应产生一个读约10欧姆或更低。 To check this, touch orconnect the probes to the two free ends of the wires from thecoils.若要检查这个,触摸或连接探针的两次罚球线两端的线圈。 If the coils are not properlyconnected, the reading will be a very large number, orinfinity.如果线圈没有正确连接,读的将是一个非常大的数目,或至无限远。 

  Once you areconfident the coils are properly positioned and connected, glue them tothe stator disk.一旦你有信心的线圈适当位置和连接,胶水他们定子磁盘。 Lift each coil up a littleand apply a large blob of glue to the template where the coiltouches.电梯每个线圈一点,并采用大量的blob胶模板的线圈触动。 Let the glue solidify beforegluing the next coil.让胶水粘合巩固之前的下一个线圈。 

  With the utilityknife, cut 4 slits through the cardboard between the magnets as shownon the template.与美工刀,切断4狭缝通过磁体之间的纸板上所显示的模板。 These slits will be used tofasten the stator to the plastic container later.这些缝将用于加快定子的塑料容器后。 

  The Rotor转子 

  Obtain 4 magnets.获得4磁铁。 Using the magnetic compass, determine thepolarity of each face, and mark the south pole使用磁罗盘,确定极性每个面孔,标志着南极 


  Checking the polarity of one face of a magnet using a compass. 检查的极性一面对磁铁用指南针。 








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