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摘要: 电子世界与无线世界 (January 1991) (1991年1月) Eye-witness accounts suggest that US inventor Stanley Meyer has developed an electric cell which will split ordinary tap water into hydrogen and oxy ...
(January 1991) (1991年1月)
Eye-witness accounts suggest that US inventor Stanley Meyer has developed an electric cell which will split ordinary tap water into hydrogen and oxygen with far less energy than that required by a normal electrolytic cell.目击者也显示,美国发明家赤柱迈耶已研制出一种电动细胞正常***将普通自来水电解池成氢气和氧气与能量的需要比少得多。
In a demonstration made before Professor Michael Laughton, Dean of Engineering at Mary College, London, Admiral Sir Anthony Griffin, a former controller of  the British Navy, and Dr Keith Hindley, a UK research chemist. Meyer's cell, developed at the inventor's home in Grove City, Ohio, produced far more hydrogen/oxygen mixture than could have been expected by simple electrolysis.在研究化学家英国一**之前教授迈克尔劳顿工程学院院长在玛丽学院,伦敦,海军上将安东尼控制器的格里芬,前英国海军,医生基思辛德雷,1。迈耶的细胞,开发的发明人的家中格罗夫城,俄亥俄州,制作更为氢/氧气混合比本来可以通过简单的电解预期。
Where normal water electrolysis requires the passage of current measured in amps, Meyer's cell achieves the same effect in milliamps. Furthermore, ordinary tap water requires the addition of an electrolyte such as sulphuric acid to aid current conduction; Meyer's cell functions at greatest efficiency with pure water.凡正常电解水需要毫安通过对当前测量放大器,迈耶的细胞达到的效果相同。此外,普通自来水,需要酸另外一个电解质,如硫酸,以帮助电流传导,细胞功能在最大迈耶的效率与纯水。
According to the witnesses, the most startling aspect of the Meyer cell was that it remained cold, even after hours of gas production.据目击者说,细胞的迈尔方面最令人吃惊的是,它的生产持续寒冷,即使下班后的气体。
Meyer's experiments, which he seems to be able to perform to order, have earned him a series of US patents granted under Section 101.迈耶的实验,他似乎能够执行命令,也为他赢得了第101条规定给予一系列的美国专利。 The granting of a patent under this section is dependent on a successful demonstration of the invention to a Patent Review Board.专利授予根据本节发明依赖的成功示范,专利审查委员会。
Meyer's cell seems to have many of the attributes of an electrolytic cell except that it functions at high voltage, low current rather than the other way around.迈耶的细胞周围似乎有许多其他方式的属性,而不是一个电解池,而它的功能,除了在高电压,低电流。 Construction is unremarkable.建设是平淡无奇。 The electrodes --- referred to as "excitors" by Meyer --- are made from parallel plates of stainless steel formed in either flat or concentric topography.电极---被称为“excitors迈耶”---是由地形作出或同心无论从平面平行的不锈钢板组成。 Gas production seems to vary as the inverse of the distance between them; the patents suggest a spacing of 1.5 mm produces satisfactory results.天然气产量的变化似乎他们之间的距离逆;专利成果表明间距1.5毫米的产生令人满意。
The real differences occur in the power supply to the cell.真正的分歧发生在电力供应的细胞。 Meyer uses an external inductance which appears to resonate with the capacitance of the cell --- pure water apparently possesses a dielectric constant of about 5 --- to produce a parallel resonant circuit.迈耶使用一个外部电感这似乎与水共鸣电容的细胞---纯显然拥有一个谐振电路介电常数约5 ---产生一个平行。 This is excited by a high power pulse generator which, together with the cell capacitance and a rectifier diode, forms a charge pump circuit.这是激发一个高功率脉冲发生器,加上细胞电容和整流二极管,形成了一个电荷泵电路。 High frequency pulses build a rising staircase DC potential across the electrodes of the cell until a point is reached where the water breaks down and a momentary high current flows. A current measuring circuit in the supply detects this breakdown and removes the pulse drive for a few cycles allowing the water to "recover".高频脉冲电极建立一个潜在的细胞在不断上升,直到1点直流楼梯到达那里的水分解和瞬间大电流流。一个在供应电流测量电路故障检测和清除此数的脉冲驱动循环让水“恢复”。
Research chemist Keith Hindley offers this description of a Meyer cell demonstration: "After a day of presentations, the Griffin committee witnessed a number of important demonstration of the WFC" (water fuel cell as named by the inventor).研究化学家基思辛德雷提供此演示介绍了迈耶单元:介绍“经过1天,目睹了世界粮食理事会格里芬委员会数目的重要示范”(水燃料电池的发明者命名的)。
A witness team of independent UK scientifc observers testified that US inventor Stanley Meyer successfully decomposed ordinary tap water into constituent elements through a combination of high, pulsed voltage using an average current measured only in milliamps.阿scientifc观察员队伍,证人作证说,英国独立的美国发明家赤柱迈耶只有在成功地分解毫安普通自来水通过进组成要素的组合测量高,脉冲电压电流的平均值。 Reported gas evolution was enough to sustain a hydrogen /oxygen flame which instantly melted steel.报道气量足以维持氢/氧火焰的瞬间融化钢铁。
In contrast with normal high current electrolysis, the witnesses report the lack of any heating within the cell.在电解高电流相对正常,证人报告任何细胞内的加热缺乏。 Meyer declines to release details which would allow scientists to duplicate and evaluate his "water fuel cell".迈耶一直拒绝公布细节,允许科学家重复和评价他的“水燃料电池”。 However, he has supplied enough detail to the US Patent Office to persuade them that he can substantiate his 'power-from-water' claims.不过,他已提供足够详细地向美国专利局说服他们,他可以证明他的权力,从水的申索。






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