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[技术] 1/72蓝背鱼潜艇模型制作

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以及我测试了一套建设。 This one was very thin on the edges from stretching as I place the two forms too close together.这是一个非常薄的上边缘,从伸展正如我的地方,两种形式太接近在一起。 Now spread apart a bit more they are even.现在的蔓延,除了多一点,他们甚至。
  Being thin it hard to get the shape back but the bulkheads once placed.被薄,难以得到的形状回,但舱壁一旦放置。
  First I cut off the flash right to the cut line.首先,我切断闪光的权利,淘汰线。 Then using a flat sander even the edge to the line.然后用一个单位,砂光,甚至优势的路线。
  Then using the plastic weld I glued the sections together and added the bulkheads.然后用塑料熔接i胶合板的章节一起加入了舱壁。 So far so good.到目前为止,那么好。 I screwed up on the circle cut outs for the WTC. i拧起来就圆削减奏为世台会。 You will have to deepen the center bulk head and add some material aft to the stern bulkhead.您将有深化中心批量的头部及添加了一些物质尾部,以严厉的舱壁。 I'll fix this down the road but it's an easy quick fix.我会修复此下跌的道路,但它的一件容易的快速解决。
  Here's some pictures.这里的一些图片。
  More tomorrow.更多的明天。








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在这里,这是录音共同努力,建设一个看看。 I dripped this CA on the bow and had to sand it off. i dripped此CA对船头,并以砂将它关闭。 In doing this I was pleased to see the detail sharpen up.在这样做的,这点我很高兴地看到详细的激化。 Happy accident.高兴的意外。

  坏消息的乡亲。 We might be looking at refund time here.我们可能会看的退款时间在这里。
  The big problem with the blueback design is the multi sections.大的问题,与蓝背鱼的设计是多节。 Being round it is an inherent problem that when you cut the flash off the plastic bows to about 15 %.正在一轮,这是一种内在的问题,当你削减闪存小康塑胶弓箭,以15 %左右。
  This makes it impossible to get them back together again.这使得它不可能让他们再回到一起。 I've tried all weekend and no luck.我试过所有的周末和没有运气。 It just looks bad.它只是看起来不错。
  The formers help but the plastic is too thin.该成形帮助,但塑胶是太薄。 If I use the thicker plastic the castings don't look so good and it still doesn't want to go together right.如果我用较厚的塑料铸件不看那么好,它仍然不想要去的共同权利。 Just too hard to build.只是太辛苦建立。
  I should have stuck to the pocket sub idea.我应该坚持的口袋小组的想法。 Then the hulls would have been one piece top and bottom and would go together fine.那么,船体已一件顶部和底部,并会到一起的罚款。 This was a huge mistake on my part.这是一个巨大的错误,我的一部分。
  The only option would to make the pieces out of glass.唯一的选择会作出件出的玻璃。 And I can't do that.我不能这样做。 I'll just get sick again.我将再次生病。
  I'm going to try one more time with the thick plastic before I give it up but it looks like a goner at this point and I plan to move on to finishing the GW and 212 and lick my wounds.我要去尝试一更多时间与厚厚的塑胶之前,我给它,但它看起来像goner在这一点上我计划的举动,以完成毛重和212和舔我的伤口。
  I've had enough bad luck this year.我已经受够了坏运气,这一年。 I know you guys will be disappointed but not as much as I am not to mention the time and money I've lost.我知道你们会感到失望,但并不多,因为我不提时间和金钱我已经一无所有了。
  I'll have to pay you all back slowly as I can.我将要付出你的所有回慢慢正如我可以。 Or you can go with a GW and 212.或者您也可以与毛重和212 。 It's up too you.它的过你。
  Sorry, sorry, sorry.对不起,对不起,对不起。

  首先,感谢一群史蒂夫和我喜欢你的想法非常欣赏。 I also appreciate you taking the time for photoshop and posting pictures.我也感谢您抽出宝贵时间为Photoshop和张贴图片。 Very nice.很好。
  I was walking the dog and couldn't stop taking this a part and back together in my mind over and over again.我是散步狗不能停止服用,此一部份,并回到一起在我心目中超过超过一次。
  I got home and grabbed another kit and went back at it.我的主页,抢下另一包和回到它。 My thoughts were, I went about the assembly procedure the wrong way.我的想法,我去了关于大会程序错误的方法。 I thought what if I put the three sections together first and then added the bulkheads.我还以为是什么,如果我把三个部分一起第一,然后补充说舱壁。 After that connect all three sections and they should go back to the original shape.之后,连接所有三个部分,他们应该回到原来的形状。
  As I started doing this I got an email from BD.正如我开始这样做,我收到一个电子邮件从屋宇署。 Suggestion it said and he had laid out the very same thing to me.它建议说,和他奠定了非常同样的事情给我。 thanks Dave.感谢戴夫。 That helped a bunch.帮助一群。
  Ok so I cut all the flash off right to the cut line with scissors.确定,所以我削减所有的Flash小康的权利,削减符合剪刀。 Then flat sanded.然后用砂纸单位。

  Next I lined up the bow section and taped it and tacked glued it together with CA.接下来,我排队船头部分和录音,它和tacked胶合板一起与CA 。 Thin CA.薄的CA 。 Lightly as too much will run all over and it weakens the styrene, Just enough to hold it/ Because it's bowed you have to force the seams together.掉以轻心,因为太多的运行都和它削弱了苯乙烯,刚好够举行的资讯科技/资讯,因为它的磕头,你必须迫使缝在一起。



  Once this is done as you look inside you will see the effect of the bowing.一旦这样做是因为你看里面你会看到效果的屈服。 It's oval, not round.它的椭圆形,不全面。

  So next I glued the bow formers together and slide them in. Now I didn't force anything and let the chips lay where they may until they fit just easy.所以接下来,我胶合板弓成形一起和幻灯片他们英寸现在,我没有强迫任何事情,让芯片奠定他们可能直到他们适合刚刚容易。 Then we are back to round again and I tacked them in with CA.然后我们又回到一轮再次和我tacked他们在与CA 。 Ok.好的。 Looking better.寻找更好的。

  Now I did the same thing to the stern section.我现在没有同样的事情到斯特恩一节。



  Looking good again.展望良好。 Then I did the center section.然后我本来该中心一节。 Even with the bulkhead in it was a bit off without bulkheads fore and aft.甚至与舱壁,在这是一个有点小康,没有舱壁前列和尾部。 However once I side on the bow and stern sections to the center section as Dave suggested we are true again!!不过,我一旦方就低头和严峻路段向中心部分,作为戴夫建议,我们是真正的再次! Ya!!!!亚!
  Here they are taped together for now.在这里他们是录音共同为现在。




  Success!取得圆满成功! Now tomorrow I'll take the tape off and go inside each section.现在,明天我将采取磁带小康和进入每个区段。 Then I'll use west systems epoxy and fiber glass tape on the seams and micro balloons and west systems on the bulkheads as recommended my David Merriman.那么,我将使用西系统的环氧树脂与玻璃纤维的磁带上的接缝和微型气球和西制度对舱壁的建议,我的大卫梅里曼。 Now we have a solid structure to work with.现在我们有一个坚实的结构与工作。
  Once that is done I can fit properly the three sections together and glue them with the plastic weld.一旦做到这一点,我可以配合适当的三段一起和胶水他们与塑料熔接。 Once that all dries I can then cut the hatch and from there it's a straight forward build!!!!一旦所有干涸,我可以,然后削减舱口,从那里,这是一个简单的建设!
  ****! ****外围! I need a beer.我需要一个啤酒。

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  Here's all three sections ready for fiberglass tape and epoxy.这里的所有三个部分准备就绪,玻璃纤维带和环氧树脂。

  Next I cut some lengths of tape.接下来,我减少了一些长度的磁带。 Wet the inside seams and placed the tape over the seams.湿接缝内放置的磁带以上的接缝。 Used a brush taped to a long stir stick and wet down the tape evenly.用毛笔录音,以长期轰动坚持和湿下来,磁带均匀。 After that I took the remaining epoxy and mix micro balloons to a thick paste and using a finger blocked in the bulkheads.之后,我采取了余下的环氧树脂和混合微型气球到了厚厚的粘贴,用手指封锁,在舱壁。 Easy stuff.容易的东西。

  Once this is all hard tomorrow I can join the three sections.一旦这是所有的努力,明天我可以加入三个部分。 Use the plastic weld and some tape and that sits for 24 hours.使用塑料焊缝和一些磁带,以及坐在24小时。 Once that' all done I'll show you how to cut the hatch.一旦'所做的一切,我会告诉您如何削减舱口。
  现在我有他们在尼斯空调的办公室或洁净室。 I will let them sit on the forms until morning before removing.我将让他们坐于形式,直到今天上午,然后删除。 I bet the bowing effect is gone.我敢打赌,该鞠躬的效果是荡然无存。
  Either way we know the kits can be built bowing or not.无论哪种方式我们知道,试剂盒可建或不屈服。 But if this works I'll be able to get a few a day which is just fine.但是,如果这个工程我将能够得到数这一天,只是罚款。
  I should be able to start shipping next week this time for sure.我应该能够开始发货,下周这个时候肯定。 All the bugs are gone.所有的错误已成过去。
  Jason and BD.杰森和BD 。 I will make you the thicker less detailed variety.我会令你厚那么详细的品种。 NP. NP的。 But I have to tell you once the bulkheads are in and everything is glassed these are very strong.但我要告诉你,一旦舱壁是在和一切glassed ,这些都是非常强劲。 More so than I thought possible.更何况,比我还以为可能的。 Some where between 060 and 090 is the right thickness.一些地方之间的060和090是正确的厚度。 However my local dealer doesn't carry 080.但我与当地的经销商不进行080 。
  I haven't been able as of yet to find it local and online is no good because the cost of shipping drives the price up.我未能截至尚未找到它的本地和在线是没有一件好事,因为运费驱动器的价格。
  Tomorrow I'll also get the three sections put together.明天我将还可以获得三段放在一起。
  So I'm on track here and the wait will be over guys.因此,我就在这里跟踪和等待将超过家伙。


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我学习了很多在这里建设一个包做什么和什么不能做。 I believe for the best fit cut the flange off the bow and stern section and use the styrene strips I will included to re index the sections.我相信,为最适合,减少法兰小康船头和严峻节和使用苯乙烯带,我会重新列入指数的章节。 Reason being is the vacuum form process pulls down a stretches the plastic in such a way that is thicker on top and thinner where it nears the table.原因是真空形成的过程中拉动了延伸塑胶这样一种方式是较厚的顶部及较薄的地方接近表。 I didn't see this coming but sometimes you will over look something like this until you do a beta build.我没有看到这个未来的,但有时你会超过看起来就像这样,直到您做了试用版建立。

  You can see the step on the left side there.你可以看到的一步,左边有。 Now you can sand this down and fill it but if you re index it then it will fit even all the way round.现在,您可以砂下来,并填写,但如果您重新索引,然后将合适的,甚至所有的方式轮。 I'm glad I held off doing the GW molds until I discovered this.我很高兴我曾小康做毛重模具,直到我发现这一点。 Now I'll leave the flange off.现在我将离开法兰小康。
  What I did on this build is use the flange though and then didn't like the end result.我所做的就这一建设是使用法兰虽然,然后不喜欢的最终结果。 All I did was to sand the flange more even with sand paper as it has a tendency to become rounded by the vacuum form process.我所做的是砂法兰更与砂纸,因为它有一个趋势,成为四舍五入由真空形式的过程。 Be sure to also sand the inside of the center section smooth as well before trying to fit the pieces together.一定要还砂内该中心的第平稳,以及前试图以适应件在一起。


  Once this was all done I fitted the bow on to the center section and held it in place with tape and straight while I used the plastic weld.一旦这是所有做i装上船头上,以中心组及举行它在的地方,磁带和直,而我用塑料熔接。

  The weld dries very fast but don't man handle the boat until it has set over night.焊缝德莱斯非常快,但没有人处理船民,直到它设置在一夜之间。 Here you can see I already have removed the bow section tape strips because after an hour it was set enough to hold it.在这里您可以看到我已经有拆除船头的第磁带带,因为在一个小时后这是一套足以容纳它。

  Here's a kit.这里有一个包。 Next week I'll will start sending them out in the ordered I received from you guys.下周我将开始派他们列于已下令我收到你们。 I'm making about 2 a day so it won't be long now.我使大约2 1天,所以不会很长。

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以及感谢家伙。 thanks for the support.多谢支持。 This has been hard to get right.这一直是难以得到的权利。 But now that it's rolling it's far less a nightmare than running epoxy.但现在,它的滚动,它的少得多了一场噩梦,比运行环氧树脂。
  No stir sticks.没有搅拌棒。 No paper towels.没有纸巾。 No brushes.没有刷。 No scale.没有规模。 No cups.没有杯。 No gloves.没有手套。 No protective clothing.没有防护衣物。 No freaking mask!没有再用面具!
  No epoxy.没有环氧树脂。 No mold release.没有模具释放。 No fiber glass.没有玻璃纤维。 No big sticky smelly mess to clean up.没有什么大粘发臭的烂摊子清理。 No trimming and preening.没有修剪和preening 。 No pricks in my fingers.没有pricks在我的手指。 Do you want me to go on?你是否想我去吗? Didn't think so.不这么认为。
  Here's some of the parts I pulled for Merriman.这里的一些对部分撤出,为梅里曼。 090. 090 。 Less detail but I seem to have got a lot of the lump bumpy stuff to stop.那么详细,但我似乎已得到很多的一笔过坎坷的东西必须停止。 When the plastic is this thick a grain of sand becomes a mountain.当塑料是一本厚厚的一粒沙子变成了山。 How fast or slow you pull the plastic over the forms helps to as it wants to transmit to the final product detail in the smooth areas as it slides over the areas that do have detail.如何快或慢,你拉塑胶超过形式帮助,因为它要传递到最终产品的详细顺利领域,因为它的幻灯片超过地区确有详细的。
   As nice as it looks I will leave details like this out on future boats.作为尼斯,因为它看起来,我会离开的细节一样,这对未来的船只。 To tricky to get a good pull each time if your not careful.以微妙的获得了良好的拉动,每次如果您不小心。 060 is fine though. 060是好的,虽然。
  Here's some pictures of Merriman's beta kit.这里的一些照片,梅里曼的测试包。 BD's is next.屋宇署的是未来。 Don't worry Jason I'm make you a car bumper too.不必担心贾森,我让您的汽车保险杠。 These things are very thick.这些东西是很厚的。
  The 060 I'm building once all connected and bulkheads in is strong enough to beat man to death with IMO.该060我的建设,一旦所有连接和舱壁在够强击败男子死亡与海事组织。 I like the detail better too.我喜欢更好的过于详细。
  -- -




  所有附件都投给您的订单。 I just have to cast 9 sails tomorrow.我刚才已投九帆的明天。
  A little clean up and they should start going out Wed.一点清理和他们应开始走出去星期三。

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确定遇到的问题与船帆模具,并已作出新的核心。 They were just too heavy.他们只是太沉重。 this is a thin layer of water based clay inside the mold in which the silcone is poured.这是一个薄薄的水基粘土内的模具在其中silcone是倾注了。
  Once set it is taken out and the clay removed.一旦设置,这是采取了和粘土删除。 This leaves a thin cavity for the Alumilite to fill.这叶片薄腔为alumilite ,以填补。
  Slosh pouring isn't possible in these warm temperatures I have found.晃动浇筑是不可能在这些温暖天气,我发现。 Sails will be all cast tomorrow.帆将所有演员的明天。
  A slight delay buit not too bad.稍有延迟buit不算太坏。


  因此,帆获得的所有演员今天。 Core worked well.核心运作良好。 Only had one reject.只有一个拒绝。
  I also started on the stern cone extension.我也开始对严峻锥延长。 This piece will match the stern end a true up to the prop David made.这片将匹配的严峻结束一个真正的到版权大卫。 This will be finished tomorrow.这将是成品的明天。 A small RTV mold and then these get cast in Alumilite and will save you some work matching up the prop.一个小室温硫化模具,然后让这些演员在alumilite ,并会为您节省了一些工作,选配了道具。
  Then another day of clean up and I'm off to the mail center to find out how much the shipping will be and I can start boxing.然后另一天的清理和我过到邮件处理中心,以了解有多少,航运将和我可以开始拳击。
  Needless to say I'm a bit worn out but eager to move on to the GW molds and start the 212.不用说我是一个有点破旧,但渴望的举动向毛重模具和启动212 。



  BTW work is proceeding on the my Blueback hull.的BTW工作程序是对我的蓝背鱼船体。 I used the icing to fix the miss alignment dumb ass did here and it worked great.我用了除冰修复小姐对齐哑驴不但在这里,而且工作的伟大。 I should get a coat of primer on tomorrow and I'll cut the hatch.我应该得到一件外套,引物,明天,我将削减舱口。 I'll post pictures then.我将张贴图片,然后。

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以及这船体是如此怀念不结盟由哑驴在这里,您可以踩它和扭亏为盈的蝙蝠! Sucks! sucks为! Sucks! sucks为!
  To repeat when I placed the tape over the outside of the seams some how I man handled it too much causing the CA to let go (CA is not a good way to glue ABS or Styrene together only for tacking).重复,当我把磁带超过外界的接缝一些我如何处理这名男子太多造成的CA ,让去( CA是不是一个好方法, ABS树脂胶或苯乙烯一起只为治理) 。
  You have to be careful dummy when tacking it and until the epoxy and glass sets up.你要小心道具时,治理它,直到环氧树脂与玻璃集。 And don't forget to ruff up the Styrene with sand paper where you glass it or it will come loose as well.不要忘记把ruff了苯乙烯与砂纸你玻璃,它或将它来松散,以及。 Trust me on this one.相信我,就这一个。 As David would say.作为国宝会说。 "I have spoken". “我谈过” 。
  Despite that I couldn't resist trying to save it.尽管我无法抗拒试图将它保存。 That's what icing and red putty are for.这是什么除冰和红色的腻子是。 I could have built a new one but I had to see what would happen if the worst dumb ass builder got this.我可以建立一个新的,但我已看到会发生什么事,如果最坏的哑巴驴Builder中得到这个。 Would he or she be able to make it work?将他或她能够作出它的工作呢? Plus this was one of the bad pulls.再加上这是一个不好的拉动。 Most of the seam did not fully pull or lay flat to the edge yet here she is.大部分的煤层没有完全撤出或奠定单位到边缘,但在这里她是。
  If you look at it in hard light you can see a bit of a ridge at the hull seam.如果你看看它在硬轻你可以看到一点岭在船体焊缝。 But it just looks like a weld line so jebus it.但它只是看起来像熔接线,使jebus 。 Once the anti foul is on and painted and weathered it will be gone.一旦反臭,是对和涂盖和风化,它将会消失。


  And BTW.和的BTW 。 Here's all the appendages and sails I have to trim and sand today!这里的所有附件和帆,我要修剪和砂今天! Oh boy.哦男童的消息。 See ya in awhile.看到亚在一段时间。 Going deep!要深入! Dive!潜水! Dive!潜水!


  Here's the parts as they will look in the kit.这里的部分,因为他们会看在该套件。

  And here's the ****ty hull of mine looking better.和这里的****ty船体矿山寻找更好的。 I'm going to re scribe and add back some tape and primer over that tomorrow and then cut the hatch.我要重新刀,并加回一些磁带和底漆超过明天,然后削减舱口。


  Next will be attaching the appendages and shafts.明年将附上附件和轴。 Finally something fun!最后一些好玩!

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昨晚在凉爽i削减舱口我坐一条船。 Now you can cut it anyway you choose but I choose the route as seen in the pictures.现在,您可以削减它无论如何您选择,但我选择的路线可以看出,在图片。
  Using blue tape I made a track to follow and a razor saw to cut it.使用蓝色的磁带,我曾跟踪,以跟踪和剃刀看到削减。 First I went between the tape track with the saw just cutting a groove.首先,我到之间的磁带跟踪与刚才看到的切割槽。 Once that's done you can start sawing and the blade will follow the groove quite well.在完成这些动作后您就可以开始锯和刀片将遵循槽相当不错的。 You have to cut through two of the bulkheads.你必须通过削减两所舱壁。 I found it easy to do.我发现它很容易做到。
  Then I used some 060 scrap and indexed the hatch to the hull.然后我用了一些060废料和索引舱口向船体。 Worked good.工作良好。
  As you can see the D&E 3 inch WTC firs like a glove.正如你可以看到, D和E 3英寸世台会firs就像是手套一样。 I'll test BD's next but I'm sure it will be the same out come.我将测试屋宇署的未来,但我敢肯定,这将是相同的列来。 Lots of room in there to do the appendages and linkages which I'm starting on now.大量的空间,在那里做附件和联系,我现在就开始。
  More to come.更多的来。










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得到附件。 Easy stuff.容易的东西。 Drilled out the dive planes and put a brass shaft through it.操练出潜水飞机和提出了黄铜轴通过。 On the rudders it was simple to drill out the rudder and place brass inside.对舵这是简单的钻探出舵和地点黄铜内。
  Drilled out the rudder holes and place and brass bearing flush.钻了孔和舵的地点和黄铜轴承冲水。 I tacked it in with thin CA and backed it up inside the hull with plumbers epoxy. i tacked它在与薄CA和后盾,它内部的船体与水电工环氧。 While the epoxy slowly sets it's easy to line up everything.而环氧慢慢套很容易线了一切。
  I did the same thing to the dive planes.我同样的事情到潜水飞机。 Tomorrow I'll make up the wheel collars control arms, use icing to blend in the gaps.明天我将弥补车轮衣领控制武器,使用除冰,融入在了差距。 Also the oil lite bearing extension part is molded so I should be able to hook up the prop shaft.此外,石油建兴轴承扩建的一部分,是塑造,所以我应该能够钩了版权轴。
  It's starting to look like a Blueback.它的出发看起来像一蓝背鱼。 The vertical stabilizers on the dive planes are just tacked on but I will use brass pins and epoxy to attach these.垂直稳定剂对潜水的飞机是刚刚tacked对,但我会用黄铜销和环氧重视这些。

  Here's the cleaned up parts ready to go.这里的清理了部分准备就绪。

  Here you can just see the hinge pin sanded flush.在这里您可以看到刚才的铰链销用砂纸冲水。

  Shafts are in轴在

  Here's the plumber's epoxy in place.这里的水喉匠的环氧树脂在的地方。

  The bearing in place.轴承在的地方。





  约翰有差距的印象,你可以看到它在我的船民。 It could be opened up if the modeler wanted to.它可以打开了,如果建模想。 I know of what you speak of.我知道什么是你说的。
  Well got a lot done.好了很多工作要做。 Kits are held up by one small little part that supports the oil lite bearing and continues the contour to Merriman's scale prop.包举行,由一个小小的一部分,支持石油建兴轴承,并继续轮廓,以梅里曼的规模道具。 Almost forgot until I started building.几乎忘了,直到我开始建设。
  So got the drains cut in the bottom much like the Skipjack.因此,得到了排水渠削减在底部很像skipjack 。 They are only 2 vents in the bow and none in the stern or deck.他们只有2喷口在船头,并没有在严峻或甲板上。 Lyle sent me some good location plans awhile back I forgot about and they point to every single deck detail.莱尔寄给我的一些好位置图一段时间回我忘了和他们指出,每一个单层详细。 Sp I suspect your right John. sp我怀疑您的权利,约翰。
  Here's some pictures of the progress so far.这里的一些照片,迄今取得的进展。 This is an easy build so far.这是一个很容易建立至今。
  Here's that aprt that's the hold up.这里的表示, aprt认为的掌握。 It's blended in with a bit of icing.它的混合在同一点结冰。

  Here she is ready to paint the base colors在这里,她是准备涂料基地颜色

  The starting of the drains.出发的排水渠。

  Merriman's WTC in place and ball link connectors and dog bone all hooked up.梅里曼的世台会在地方和球连结,连接器和狗骨的所有连接。

  This brass strap holds everything in place.这黄铜皮带拥有的一切的地方。 It was handy so I used it.这是得心应手,所以我用它。 The location of the filler that is.的位置,填料是。

  Nice fit.尼斯适合。

  Prop fits good.版权适合好。



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开始风化。 Should finish tomorrow.应完成的明天。 Sea trails on Saturday.海步道上周六。
  This is all highly punched up because when I shoot it with clear it gets diminished.这是所有高度挥拳打了,因为当我拍摄清晰的,它得到削弱。
  Hey David,嘿,朱,
  What do I use for the numbers, 581 and the water line markers that are numeric?我该怎么办使用的数字, 581和水行标记是数字呢?
  Dry transfers?干转移?






  数列的大门图像前,她以醒目。 Figures the minute I get outside it gets over cast making it difficult to see the detailing damit.数字分钟我得到外界获得超过投下使之难以看到,详列damit 。 It's like shooting under florescent lights!这就像射击下,荧光灯!






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