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[技术] 1/72蓝背鱼潜艇模型制作

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这里的顶端鉴于计划扩大,以1:72的规模。 The D&E standard 3 inch WTC is a perfect match.该D和E标准的3英寸的世台会是一个完美的匹配。 Short enough WTC to move the ballast area forward enough for good level trim.短期足够的世台会动议镇流器领域提出足够的良好水平,修剪。
  You can se the size of this boat next to Darrin's 1:32 23 I'm building.您可以在本身的大小,这船旁边的darrin的1点32分23我的建设。 Not quite a pocket sub but what the hell.不太口袋子,但什么地狱之路。
  Should still be good in the pool though.应仍然良好,在游泳池虽然。
  Just got back from the hobby shop and bought a bunch of balsa.刚回来,从嗜好店买了一大堆balsa 。 If you ever built a boat or plane this way you know the method.如果您以往任何时候都建起了船或飞机通过这种方式,您知道的方法。 The halves of the hull will be built top and bottom over an exact profile.该部分的船体将兴建的顶部和底部超过1确切的个人资料。 Half round formers with stringers.半轮成形与迈出。 And then I'll plank the hole thing.然后我将木板洞的事。 Deck will be added after that.甲板上,将补充后。 Fill sand.填补砂。 Glass and fill sand again.玻璃砂,并填写一次。 Then the mold.然后模具。
  Building pictures next!建设图片未来!

  首先,我采取了顶视图以来,船民是圆的和折叠,它在半地看到,如果这些海军计划分别为对称。 They weren't!他们不是!
  Then I evened them up.然后我,最终他们。 Took two 1/8 pieces of balsa and used 3M 77 to temporarily hold them together.花了两年的1 / 8件balsa和使用3个月77暂时搁置起来。 Used the same 3M to stick on the plan top view.使用相同的3个月坚持该计划的顶视图。 As you can see I marked all the former positions.正如您所看到的i显着所有前的立场。
  I then used the scroll saw and cut to the outside of the line on the plan.然后我用滚动看到和削减向外界该行就这一计划。 Once cut I sanded the edges even to the plan line and removed the plan.一旦削减i沙化的边缘,甚至计划路线,并取消该计划。 Next I separated the to sheets of balsa.接下来,我分离,以张balsa 。
  Marked center line and the former positions.标志着中线和前的立场。
  After that it's easy using a compass to make the formers on more 1/8 balsa accounting for the 1/16 planking that I will eventually use and the 1/8 balsa of the profile pieces keeping the geometry in check.之后,人们很容易使用一个罗盘,使成型更多的1 / 8 balsa会计为1 / 16 planking ,我最终将使用和1 / 8 balsa该配置文件的保存件的几何形状在检查。
  More tomorrow folks.明天的乡亲。








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以及进展缓慢的今天。 With the wife in the UK this week I have my hands full with the house, 4 cats and my beloved dog, house cleaning, watering and running trips to the store I don't have that undivided time.与妻子在英国,这个星期我有我的手中,充分与内务, 4只猫和我心爱的狗,内务清洁,浇水和运行前往商店我没有这方面的不可分割的时间。 Thanks god she gets back next week.感谢上帝,她得到回下星期。 This is hell!这是地狱!
  I should have all the formers on tomorrow and the stringers in ready to plank.我要所有成形,明天和迈出在准备木板。
  It's hard to see but you'll notice there are double formers at one section.这不难看出,但您会发现有双重成形,在一节。 this is cut through as it will be aft to separate the hull sections fro vacuum forming.这是通过削减,因为它会尾部分开,船体部分来来往往真空成型。 with any luck i'll have the hull masters done and glassed this weekend.与什么好运,我会已船体的主人,做glassed本周末。
  More tomorrow.更多的明天。




  More tomorrow.更多的明天。



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明天我将添加固体balsa大厦的严峻和低头。 Shape those and start the filling to smooth out the planking.这些形状,并开始灌装,以理顺planking 。 Once I have that where i want it I can glass all the sections and preen and sand again.一旦我,如果我想它,我可以玻璃的所有章节和preen和沙子。
  I will also make the deck tomorrow but I won't attack it permanently until the hull is glassed.我还将甲板上,明天,但我不会攻击它的永久,直到船体是glassed 。
  Here's silly picture to give you size in reference to a person.这里的愚蠢的图片给你的大小,参考一人。 Also the hull sitting along side my Revell Type 7.此外,船体坐在旁边,我Revell ) 7型。
  I'm happy.我很高兴。






  得到斯特恩和弓型走出坚实的balsa 。 Can i please have my arm back?我可以请你有我的手臂回来呢? OOCH! ooch !
  This is the ruff sand.这是ruff砂。 Noe that everything is to my liking I can point this up all the way now. noe的一切,是我喜欢,我可以指出这一点所有的方式现在。





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现在我已经用砂纸单位的不同部分。 Tack glued them all together and did the contour sand.钉胶合板他们都在一起,没有轮廓砂。
  Next is a bit of filling and more sanding.其次是有点灌装和更多的砂光。 Then the glass and more of the same.那么,玻璃和更多相同的。
  I'm a fraction off here and there.我的一小部分小康在这里和那里。 No where near as much as the real boat so I think it's going to look great.没有地方附近高达真正的船民因此,我认为它的去看看伟大的。
  It's difficult doing it this way I'm finding.这很难做,这样我找到。 Because there are 6 pieces that all have to line up.因为有6件,这都必须排队。
  Good training!受过良好训练!


  因此,我采取了一切的作品,除了和使用3个月77坚持下来, 6盎司 cloth.布。 Trim it exactly to the edge with a sharp a pair of scissors.修剪它,正是到边缘具有鲜明的一对剪刀。
  Then I used West Systems epoxy and coated the we beasties.然后我用西方的制度和环氧涂层是我们beasties 。
  This will set to tomorrow at which time I can start the red putty routine and primer.这将设置为明天在哪个时间,我可以启动红色腻子和底漆的例行。
  Then I'll tack glue it all back together again, preen and make the deck next.然后我将钉胶,它的所有回一起再次, preen ,使甲板下一步。
  More tomorrow,明天,



  以及不大,显示今天。 I spent awhile driving around today after my usual place for spot putty was out.我花了一段时间的驾驶靠近后的今天,我通常现货腻子是出于。 Found a Pep Boys some distance away and got to huge tubes of the damn stuff.发现了PEP的男生有些距离,得到了巨大的管的可恶的东西。
  I lightly sanded the glass which came out great. i掉以轻心,用砂纸玻璃,其中出来的伟大。 Nothing sands quite as well as the West Systems epoxy.没有砂相当以及西方系统的环氧树脂。 Just great.刚才的伟大。 Then I made up a ABS plastic large credit card shape and carded on the putty.然后我提出了一个ABS塑料的大型信用卡的形状和打出对腻子。
  Now this will sit with the fan on it until tomorrow.现在,这将静坐与范上它到明天。 This coating will take care of most of the flaws and will sand down quickly tomorrow.这一涂层会照顾大多数的缺陷,将砂迅速的明天。 A coat of gray primer will reveal the rest of the problems which a little dab here and there will fix up.一件外套,灰色底漆会显示,其余的问题,其中一点,民建联在这里和那里将修复。 I'm hoping to get this all smooth and with primer tomorrow so the next day I can do the deck.我很希望得到这一切的顺利和引明天,所以第二天我可以做的甲板上。

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弓节我首先提出的腻子在此之前,我今天上午失控东西是干足够的沙子和提出了层底漆上。 Man I'm happy!男子我很高兴!
  This looks great for only one pass.这看起来很大,只有一通过。 Read it and weep!阅读和流泪! LOL!大声笑!

  以及我所涵盖的红色粉尘从头部到丝束,但我有这些只是拨打英寸,我会带他们出来在阳光下,明天震荡疗法。 And then do the final preen.然后做最后preen 。
  Next trick will be to 3M77 them together again and do a light clean up on the edges.明年的伎俩将是3m77他们一起再次做了轻清理对边缘。 I'll leave it together and then start that deck.我将离开它一起,然后开始甲板上。
  More fun tomorrow.更有趣的明天。 It should get a bit more interesting when I start the deck.它应得的多一点有趣的当我开始甲板上。 Which leads to the sail and then the appendages.从而导致船帆,然后附件。



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  After tacking the parts together there was some dimpling at the edges from the putty with no real reference to the entire hull.后治理的部分,一起是有一些dimpling于边缘从腻子与现实中没有参照物到整个船体。
  So a little more sanding and it's truing up nicely again.因此,多一点的砂和它的修整了很好的一次。 I'll primer it again tomorrow after I finish the truing and start the deck.我将引物,它再次明天当我完成修整,并开始甲板上。

  扭曲的甲板上一整天。 Blended it off.混纺将它关闭。 Taped it off and now it's glassed.录音它起飞和现在的glassed 。
  Tomorrow I'll remove the tape.明天我将删除磁带。 Sand it.砂。 Blend it more and putty it up.融合更多和腻子了。 With any luck I'll primer it.与什么好运,我会引物。 Then I'll start the sail and appendages.然后我将开始启航和附件。
  We are getting there!我们正在有!

  First I used 3M 77 and laid the cloth on and trimed it with an exacto.首先,我用3个月77奠定了布就和trimed它与一exacto 。

  All glassed.所有glassed 。 Let it sit over night and back on the road again.让它坐在一夜之间及背部在道路上再次。
  好的。 I coudn't resist! i coudn't抵制! Got out the dense blue foam and cut the sail.失控的致密蓝色泡沫和削减船帆。 A lilttle more shaping and I can glass this tomorrow. 1 lilttle更多的塑造,我可以玻璃,这明天。
  Anyone no where I can get chart tape locally here in LA.任何人都没有,我可以得到图表,磁带本地这里在La 。 Help!帮助! Can't find it and I want to detail the sail as much as possible since it will be cast from Alumilite from an RTV mold.无法找到它,我想详细的船帆,尽可能多地,因为它会投下从alumilite从室温硫化模具。




  and the result.和结果。

  You can either use it as welds and leave it on or remove it and get good scribes just like Kevin is on the Oscar.您可以使用它作为焊缝和离开它或将它移除,并得到良好的文士,就像凯文是关于奥斯卡奖。

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孩子们,以及我们正在回。 I've been working on the deck all day.我一直工作在甲板上一整天。 I also glassed the sail so can start detailing it.我也glassed船帆,所以可以开始详细说明。
  Tomorrow I will also cut the appendages.明天我也将削减附件。
  I still need to a bit of preening on the deck but not much.我还需要一点preening对甲板上,但并不多。


  开始附件和失控蒸汽今日。 You can see here the blanks cut from PVC.你可以看到这里的空白削减从PVC的。 One of them ruff shaped.其中一人ruff形。
  More tomorrow.更多的明天。 I'm hitting the deck!我打到甲板上!





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我有这样一个努力的时间与PVC的董事会砂光它,我到balsa ,但不喜欢的结果。 It was ok but not perfect and I want perfect.这是确定,但并非十全十美,我想和完善。
  So I got some 50 grit and and new sanding board and bang zoom.所以我得到一些50粒状和新砂局和邦变焦。 Fast.快速的。 and perfect.和完善。
  In a pinch boys this PVC board will work.在一个夹男孩,这聚氯乙烯局将工作。 It takes a little elbow grease but it works and most hobby stores carry it.它需要一点肘油脂,但它的工程和最嗜好的商店进行。 That is when your a cheap and in a hurry *** like me and can't find RenShape easily.这是当您的廉价和在急于王八和我一样,无法找到renshape容易。


  以及i再次说谎。 so sue me.因此,控告我。 I started looking at things closely and found stuff I didn't like.我开始看的东西,密切和发现的东西我不喜欢。 So another day of preening.因此,另一天的preening 。
  Now I have it where I want it.现在我有它的地方,我想它。 Started to use the tape and ran out of steam but now it's detail and mold.开始使用磁带和失控,蒸汽,但现在的详细和模具。 I promise.我答应。
   Also I've started working on the resize of the 212 plans today and I'm working up a game plan to start on her the minute this is done, Happy?此外,我已经开始工作,该调整的212计划,今天,我工作了一个游戏的计划,开始对她分钟这样做,快乐呢?



  以及我得到船帆的细节做了今天。 I have to remove the tape for the nav light windows, beacon and the deck.我要删除磁带为资产净值轻的Windows ,灯塔和甲板上。 The rest stays.其余的停留。
  I used the cartpak tape and Scotch colored tape fro the big stuff.我用了cartpak磁带和苏格兰有色磁带来来往往大的东西。
  Many coats of primer over the tape.许多大衣引超过磁带。
  Tomorrow I''ll do the deck and the hull.明天i''ll做甲板和船体。 Not a whole hell of a lot but enough to show up through the ABS.没有整个地狱了很多,但足以显示了通过ABS的。
  The sail is cast in Alumilite from an RTV mold so you get all the detail there.船帆是投在alumilite从室温硫化模具,这样就可以获得所有的细节。
  More tomorrow.更多的明天。
  First my very favorite shop assistant.首先,我非常喜爱的店员。 Phooka. phooka 。 One great female pup!一个伟大的女性的PUP ! I love her.我爱她。

  Here's the sail with all the tape in place.这里的船帆与所有的磁带在的地方。 Faster than scribing by far.速度比切割到目前为止。 Not as good but pretty damn neat.不是很好,但是相当可恶整齐。

  And here's what it looks like after a whole lot of primer.和这里的是什么,它看起来像后,整个很多底漆。



  快到那里! A little more detail on the hull and it's time to break this sucker down and start molding.多一点详细介绍了船体和它的时间来打破这个吸盘下来,并开始成型。
  As you can tell the 3M 77 is already starting to let go by the separation in the bow.正如你可以告诉3米77已经开始放手由分离技术在船头。
  Despite the use 0f 080 ABS the details will read just enough in the ABS.尽管使用0F的080 ABS的细节将宣读刚好够在ABS的。 Now I now this because of Darrin's 23.现在我现在这是因为darrin的23 。 He has weld lines and the torpedo doors that show up just fine.他熔接线和鱼雷的大门,显示了刚才的罚款。
  This will take the boat further than just a smooth finish that you have to spend hours detailing.这将采取船民进一步不仅仅是一个光洁度,你要花费时间,详细说明。 This will give you a head start and then some.这会给你一个头开始,然后一些。 I wasn't going to do this originally but I just couldn't let it go.我是不会这样做的,这本来不过,我只是不能让它去。 What ever I want in a boat I'm sure all of you will want too.什么都我想在一个船民我敢肯定,所有的你会想太多。 So be it.那就这样做吧。 Done.做完。
  Here's some pictures of this 6 shooter to be.这里的一些照片,这6射手要。 Tomorrow all the details will be done and the molding fun will begin.明天的所有细节工作将和成型的乐趣将开始。 Soon it will be boat!尽快将船!




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它的结束了! Now to take the sections apart and mold.现在采取的章节,除了和模具。 I'll start that tomorrow.我将开始的明天。 Stay tuned.敬请期待。 BTW.的BTW 。 3 weeks construction to the date.三周建设的日期。
  I was working on the 212 on the side but stopped because a certain Lothar contacted me and offered me some rather special help.我是工作在212上的副作用,但停止,因为在某洛塔尔接触,我和我提供了一些比较特别的帮助。 All I can say is thank you Lothar and that you can be sure the 212 will be exact scale.我所能说的是谢谢洛塔尔,并且您可以肯定的212将的确切规模。
  Here's some pictures.这里的一些图片。 You can see the weld lines.你可以看到熔接线。 Not so big this time huh guys?没有这么大这个时候许家伙? You know how you are.你知道你如何。
  Now when this is vacuum formed the lines will be a bit more rounded and not so stark.现在,当这是真空,形成了线,将是一个较为全面的和不那么鲜明的。 But this will give a good effect and improve on the average vacuum formed which are normally smooth and you add the detail.但这样做将提供一个良好的效果和改善对平均真空形成通常是顺利和您添加的细节。




  我会看看有什么我能做的家伙。 The placement of the appendages is well marked though.安置的附件,以及明显的是,虽然。
  Well guys all the parts came apart as planned.以及球员的所有零件来,除了按计划进行。 Scary stuff.可怕的东西。 Now to point up the edges.现在,以点边缘。 Mount the hard would risers and the flanges at the ends of the bow sections and stern.装入硬将上升和法兰在两端的船头部分和严峻。 Once this is done I can make the RTV molds, produce tool stone plugs and away we go.一旦这样做,我可以使室温硫化模具,生产工具,石插头和远离我们。

  因此,我已经在这里做是轻率的单位砂单位表面。 Trace the bottoms and the sides to make bulk head shapes out of balsa.微量底部和两侧,使散装头的形状出来balsa 。
  In order to get a well defined parting line in the styrene when formed I used 1:16 balsa bulkhead recessed just enough so that when I place a flush bulkhead to the outside surface of the hull of 1:4 inch balsa over it I have a groove.在为了得到良好的定义临别线在苯乙烯时,形成了我用1点16 balsa舱壁休会,刚好够,所以,当我的地方,一冲水舱壁向外界表面的船体1时04英寸balsa超过它我有一个槽。 When vacuumed formed this will be clear to see in the hull.当抽真空形成,这将清楚地看到,在船体。 You will cut slightly below that point and flat sand to the line.您将削减稍低于点和单位砂线。
  I found it very hard to see the line in my Dumas Akula since it was just a scribe.我发现很难看到线在我的杜马akula ,因为它只是一个刀。 This should improve on that.这应该改善这个问题。
  On the stern and bow sections you can see the recess equal to that of 080 plastic.对严峻和弓节,您可以看到休会,以平等,即080胶。 This flange will fit under and line up the center section which also has a groove for cutting.这将适用于法兰和线下了中心部分,其中也有一个槽切割。
  Hope this makes sense.希望这是有道理的。 It's hard to describe, but the pictures should help.它的努力来形容,但图片应该帮助。
  More tomorrow folks.明天的乡亲。
  Here you can see the 1:16 balsa.这里,您可以看到1点16 balsa 。

  Placing the 1:4 inch balsa bulkhead over the recesed 1:16 balsa把1时04英寸balsa舱壁超过recesed 1时16 balsa

  All gluded together所有gluded一起

  Here you can see the well defined groove on the bottom这里您可以看到清楚界定槽的底部

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确定的主人,是做了。 Tomorrow I start the molds for the hull in RTV.明天我开始模具的船体在RTV 。
  This time I'm using GI 1000.这个时候我使用的基1000 。 Got a gallon here from a friend so why not use it?得到一加仑这里从朋友为什么不使用它? Only problem is.唯一的问题是。 What's the ratio of base to hardener?什么样的比例基础,以硬化? Anyone know?任何人都知道吗?
  As you can see here I have a very well defined groove identifying the cut line.正如你可以看到,在这里我有一个很好的界定槽确定的分界线。 Plus you can see the flange for connecting the hull pieces.另外,您还可以看到,法兰连接船体件。
  After the molds are cured I'll run some tool stone plugs and do a test run.之后,模具治愈,我会执行一些工具,石材插头和做了试运行。
  The appendages and sail along with a styrene hull will go to David Merriman who will mold the appendages and sail and produce the products.该附件和船帆随苯乙烯船体将前往大卫梅里曼谁将会塑造附件和航行和生产的产品。 I'll make the hulls.我会作出船壳。
  I'm glad I didn't set the price yet but with David doing the molds, appendages, sail, and a whole bunch of metal parts, the prop and the WTC bulkheads she will be right around 325.00.我很高兴,我并没有订定的价格,但是与大卫做模具,附件,船帆,整个一群金属零件,版权和世台会舱壁,她将有权325.00左右。
  This will be a very complete kit so it's well worth it.这将是一个非常完整的工具包,所以它的非常值得。 Also it will have a hard copy of the instructions and a CD with lots of building pictures, video, David's build and more.它也将有一个硬拷贝的指示和CD与大量的建设图片,视频,大卫的建立和更多。
  The hull will have the hull plating, and deck details.船体将有船体电镀,和甲板上的细节。 The sail will be resin cast and highly detailed as well.船帆将树脂铸造和高度,以及详细的。
  I will do no less on the 212 which I'm about to start.我将尽不低于212对,其中我即将开始。


  Well it just got better.以及它品质更好了。 Merriman will be making a cast resin tail cone for this boat just like his Skipjack kit.梅里曼将作出树脂浇注尾锥为这船就像他skipjack包。
  That means you won't have to struggle drilling straight and mounting the bearings for the control surfaces and the prop and shaft.这意味着你不会有奋斗的钻井直和安装轴承为控制面和PROP与轴。 Sound good.听起来不错。
  So in preparation for that I squared things up on the table, used a laser level and made a raised tape line so David can cut off the styrene tail cone and make the cast resin part.因此,在准备为我的平方东西放在桌上,用激光水平,并提出了提高磁带线,使国宝可以切断苯乙烯尾锥,使树脂浇注的一部分。
  You will cut your tail off at this location and knowing David there will be a nice flange that will allow you to slide this cast cone in place with ease.您会削减您的尾巴小康在这个位置,并知道大卫会有一个好的法兰表示,将允许您幻灯片,这铸造锥在的地方,纾缓。

  正如我以前说过这是投下的权利,对红色腻子显示通过。 This caused the BJB silicone to react badly to the material.这造成了bjb硅反应严重到材料。 But as you can see here the red dust got into the RTV and it still set fine.但正如你可以看到这里的红色灰尘进入内河船和它仍然设定的罚款。

  Here you see the plastalina clay which is a cheap hobby clay and has no sulfur.在这里,您看到plastalina粘土这是一个廉价的嗜好粘土,也没有硫。 this barrier prevents the having the very runny RTV running everywhere.这个障碍阻止具有非常流内河船,到处运行。


  In the morning I will pour the RTV.在早上,我会倒入室温硫化。 This will have to sit for 24 hours and then I'll make the tool stone mother molds over the RTV.这将要参加24小时,然后我会作出工具石材母亲模具超过室温硫化。
   Here you can see me separating the tool stone (very hard plaster) from the clear BJB RTV over the master.在这里您可以看到我分开的工具,石(很难石膏)由明确bjb室温硫化超过师父。 This mother mold was made in two pieces because the upper hull had some negative draft.今年的母亲模具是在两件,因为船体上带来了一些负面草案。

  Here you can see the two halves placed back together a bolted.这里,您可以看到两部分放在一起回到一螺栓。 This is what supports the original shape of the masters.这是什么支持原形状的主人。

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