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[技术] 燃烧水

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Convert your engine to burn hydrogen & oxygen转换你的引擎燃烧氢与氧
Make vapor from water on demand & pollution-free请从需求与污染水蒸汽无
Convert your vehicle to a ZPV: Zero Pollution Vehicle您的汽车转换到ZPV:零污染车辆
Freedom from Gasoline免于汽油
Simple and inexpensive conversion简单又便宜的转换
On Demand vapor rate via throttle按需汽率通过油门
Easy do it yourself public domain plans容易做自己的公共领域计划
Help clean the air while you save money帮助净化空气,同时可以省钱

These plans can be used to run your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, airplane, etc. from tap water.这些计划可以用来运行你的车,卡车,房车,摩托车,飞机,自来水等。
Are you fed up with ga$oline price$ and THE POLLUTION?你喂街$温情满满的价格上涨和环境污染问题?
Would you like to do something about it besides complain and wait?你想为此做些什么,除了抱怨和等待?
Are you still CHOKING on the whole idea of fossil fuel CON$UMPTION?你还在窒息节能$对化石燃料的整个想法UMPTION? WHY?为什么?
Wouldn't you like to free yourself from centrally-controlled or imported fuel?难道你想自己摆脱中央控制的或进口的燃料?
Do you have a 2nd vehicle you don't use every day?你有第二汽车你不每天使用?
Now there is something we can actually do about it, as individuals willing to help clean the environment, and travel at lower cost to both you and your environment.现在有些地方是我们实际上可以做些什么,作为个人愿意帮助清洁环境,以及更低的成本向您和您的旅行环境。 Do-it-yourself plans allow the individual (that's you and me, folks) to make a difference.不要自己动手计划允许个人(这是你和我,伙计)有所作为。
This is the easiest and lowest cost way to convert your car to run on (relatively) free energy.这是最简单,成本最低的方式转换成你的汽车上运行的(相对)自由能。 Now with existing technology, anyone can stand up and make a difference by reducing the local automotive pollution, eliminate ga$oline expen$e$, help restore our atmosphere, and breathe a little easier.现在,与现有技术,任何人都可以站起来,发挥作用的地方,减少汽车污染,消除街$温情满满代价昂贵减$,帮助恢复我们的气氛,呼吸变得容易些。 You will be making use of your entire existing system, except the fuel tank and catalytic converter.你将为你的整个现有系统的使用,除油箱和催化转换器。
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Know the Truth and set yourself FREE.知道真相并设置你自己的自由。 Set a good example for the World you choose to create.设置为世界您选择创建很好的例子。 Exercise your own Free Will.运用你自己的自由意志。 Live cleaner and healthier.现场清洁,更健康。
Build and install a low-cost alternative method for running your vehicle (internal combustion) engine on TAP WATER, using off-the-shelf components.建立并安装一个低成本的运行您的汽车(内燃机)发动机自来水,使用现成的现成元件的替代方法。 This is simply an efficient way to convert ordinary tap water into gaseous Hydrogen and Oxygen, and then burn these vapours in the engine, instead of that $melly, $tinky, expen$ive 'other $tuff.这简直是有效的方式转换成普通自来水气态氢,氧,水,然后在发动机燃烧这些蒸气,而不是说$ melly,$ tinky,代价昂贵$香港专业教育学院其他$凝灰岩。
This 'minisystem' runs easily from your existing battery and electrical system, and it plugs into your carburetor with simple off-the-shelf fittings. You will be installing a plastic water tank, a control circuit, a reaction chamber, a hi-pressure carb/FI fitting, and 3 gauges (see Figure 1), and then hooking into your existing carb/FI.这'微量鉴定系统'轻易运行从现有的电池和电力系统,并到您的化油器与插头简单把现成的配件。您将安装一个塑料水箱,控制电路,反应室,一个高科技的压力碳水化合物/流动注射装置和3仪表(见图1),然后挂接到您现有的碳水化合物/ Fi技术。
The SIMPLICITY comes from being an 'on-demand' system requiring no fancy storage, or plumbing.此外,Simplicity来自作为一个'按需'制度,规定,没有花俏的储存,或管道。 You crank the gas pedal or throttle and you electrically create more vapour for immediate consumption, on demand; Lo - Hi Flow Rate as needed from idle - max power.您曲柄的油门踏板或油门,你电动创造更多蒸汽供即时食用的需求;罗-喜流量从空闲-最大功率需要。 The only real change is that you are using tap water as fuel, instead of the traditional petroleum-based fuel.唯一真正的变化是,您使用的是自来水水作为燃料,而不是传统的以石油为基础的燃料。 Given, a choice, which way would you choose?给出的选择,哪种方式你会选择?

Q: Does it really work?问:是否真的有用吗?
A: Yes; this is well-established technology dating back to stainless steel. But be sure to follow these instructions using the proper mechanical and electrical assembly techniques, as it incorporates the best qualities of several techniques.答:是的,这是成熟的技术可以追溯到不锈钢。但是,一定要遵循这些指示使用适当的机械和电气装配技术,它结合了多种技术的最佳品质。
Q: How does it qualify as 'free energy'?问:它是如何符合'自由能'?
A: If you're paying someone for the water you use, then it is not strictly 'free'.答:如果您支付的水,你用别人的话,这不是严格'自由'。 But, the alternative is to keep buying into the expen$ive ga$oline and re$ultant hydrocarbon pollution.但是,另一种方法是不断流入香港专业教育学院街代价昂贵$ $温情满满购买和再$ ultant碳氢化合物污染。
Q: ls it Safe?问:储蓄是安全的?
A: Technically, it is safer than running on fossil fuel, because you are no longer choking on your own emissions (health-wise), but in general it is practically as safe as your current gasoline arrangement.答:从技术上讲,它比化石燃料运行更安全,因为你不再在你自己的排放窒息(健康聪明的),但总体来说,几乎一样安全,当前汽油的安排。 You will be installing a few simple safety devices, using current automotive standards.你就可以安装一些简单的安全装置,使用目前的汽车标准。
Q: What kind of performance can I expect?问:什么样的表现我可以期待?
A: Properly adjusted, your modified vapour-only fuel system will run cooler, and at a modestly higher power level.答:适当的调整,您修改蒸汽仅燃料系统将运行温度,并在小幅高功率水平。 The mileage performance expected from this design ranges from 50-300 mpg, depending on your adjusting skills.性能的里程从50-300英里范围将这种设计,根据您的调整技巧。
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Q: Can I do the modification myself?问:我可以自己做的修改?
A: Why not?答:为什么不呢? If you know someone with basic mechanical and/or electrical skills, you can even delegate some of the construction.如果你知道某人的基本机械和/或电力技巧,你甚至可以委托建造一些。 If you are using a fuel-injected engine, you may have to get a mechanic's opinion.如果您使用的是燃油喷射发动机,您可能获得技工的意见。
0: What is the environmental impact that my vehicle will have? 0:什么是对环境的影响,我的车将有?
A: It will be producing H20 steam and unburnt 02, hence it will be cleaning the environment, rather than dumping nauseous toxins into it.答:这将是生产H20蒸汽和未燃尽02,因此这将是清洁,而不是把它恶心倾倒有毒物质的环境。 Plus you will be helping to save our dwindling supply of atmospheric oxygen.另外您将有助于拯救我们日益减少的大气中的氧气供应。 Any excess vapour in the reaction becomes either steam or oxygen.任何反应变得多余蒸汽或蒸汽或氧气。 You can also expect to be receiving more than casual interest from those around you.您也可以期望能够得到比你周围的人一时兴趣更多。
Q: Is this really a steam engine?问:这真的是蒸汽机?
A: No; really.答:没有,真的。 Exceedingly hi temp & pressure are not used.日以继夜您好温度和压力,不使用。 This is strictly an internal combustion engine (burning orthohydrogen) with residual steam in the exhaust as a by product.这是严格意义上的内燃发动机(燃烧orthohydrogen与废气中的剩余蒸汽)由产品。

Gasoline as a fuel is NOT NECESSARY; it is optional.汽油作为燃料,没有必要,它是可选的。
1. 1。 ORIGIN - In the 19th century, the gasoline portion of the refining process, was first considered to be a 'waste' product of extracting the purified crude oil.原产地-在19世纪,汽油炼油过程的一部分,最初被认为是'垃圾'的提取纯化的原油产品。 Later on, it was discovered that it could be $old as fuel, instead of just dumping it back in the hole as had been the tradition.后来,人们发现,它可以作为燃料元老,而不是只在该洞倾销回去,一直是传统。
2. 2。 CONSUMPTION RATE - The gasoline consumption rate for every mass-produced car has been carefully 'designed in' as a market asset.消费率-大众的每汽油的消费率,生产的汽车经过精心'设计'作为市场的资产。 As an indication, simply observe how quickly and closely ALL the local different gas stations adjust their prices.作为参考,如何快速地观察,密切各地方不同的加油站价格调整。 Even the hybrid cars which use electric motors still consume a designed amount of gasoline, and their price tags are prohibitively high.即使是仍然使用电动机消耗的汽油量设计的,其价格标签过高混合动力汽车。
3. 3。 EFFICIENCY - There is a lot of thermochemical energy in gasoline, but there is even more energy in water.效率-有一种汽油中的热能量,但目前更是在水中的能源。 The DOE has quoted about 40%, 50 it is probably much more than that.美国能源部曾引用约40%,50,这可能是比这些更大。 Most people are unaware that 'internal combustion' is DEFINED as: a thermo-vapour process; as in 'no liquid in the reaction'; AND most of the gasoline in a standard internal combustion engine, is ACTUALLY CONSUMED cooked and finally broken down) IN THE CATALYTIC CONVERTER, which happens AFTER the fuel has been not-so-burnt in the engine.大多数人都不知道'内燃'的定义是:一热蒸汽过程在'没有反应'液体;以及汽油最标准的内燃机,是实际消费煮熟,最后破裂)在催化转换器,燃油发生后,已经不那么在发动机燃烧。 Sadly, this means that most of the fuel we use in this way, is used only to cool down the combustion process, rather than using a cleaner and more efficient means to do so.可悲的是,这意味着我们的燃油以这种方式最常用,仅用于冷却燃烧过程,而不是使用一个更清洁,更有效的方法这样做。
4. 4。 ADDITIVES - Also sadly, we are told by 'authorities' that some of the many gasoline additives are in the mix to increase performance; but because of its current overly-complex molecular structure, the real built-in function of the gasoline formula is to slow down the combustion so that only so much is actually consumed in the cylinder, and the liquid balance goes to the catalytic converter.添加剂-也可悲的是,我们是'对当局的许多汽油添加剂,一些组合是提高性能,但由于其目前过于复杂的分子结构,真正建立在汽油配方功能是减慢燃烧,使只有这么多,实际上是在汽缸内消耗,和液体平衡去催化转换器。 As a further insult, the additives are also there to clog and prevent the use of the Pogue-style carburetors, designed to get 200-300 mpg.作为进一步侮辱,添加剂也有阻塞和防止波格利用式化油器,旨在让200-300英里。
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5. 5。 PROFIT - Is the Pope catholic?利润-是教宗天主教? does the bear poop in the woods?并在树林里的熊船尾? Of course the oil companies are making a huge profit.当然,石油公司正在作出巨大的利润。 It is by design.这是设计使然。 What do you suppose the Gulf War was about?你想海湾战争呢? Just look at where the crude oil comes from and where the money is flowing.只要看看那里的原油来自和地方资金流向。 Rest assured that the oil companies do NOT want you to know how to make use of this water-fuel technology.请放心,油公司不想让你知道如何利用这个水燃料技术。 They have been making money on our ignorance, dis-empowerment, and willingness to follow along in a mindless 'comfort-zone' of toxic waste, suppression, resentment, and apathy: WHO NEEDS IT?他们一直在对我们的无知,解散权力钱,并愿意按照一个贪婪的'舒适沿区'的有毒废料,压制,不满和冷漠:谁需要它?
Let us proceed to set a good example and do it right, do it clean.让我们继续树立一个好榜样,这样做是正确的,不干净。
Exceedingly simple极其简单
Water is pumped as needed to replenish and maintain the liquid level in the chamber.水是泵需要补充和维持商会液位。 The electrodes are vibrated with a 0.5-SA electrical pulse which breaks 2(H20) --- ( 2H2 + 02 ).电极也震动了0.5 - SA的电脉冲,打破2(H20)---(2H2 + 02)。
When the pressure reaches say 30-60 psi, you turn the key and go.当压力达到30-60防扩散说,你把钥匙和去。 You step on the pedal, you send more energy to the electrodes, and thus more vapour to the cylinders; ie fuel vapour on demand.你踩脚踏板,您发送更多的精力电极,因而更蒸气的气瓶;点播,即燃料蒸气。
You set the idle - max flow rate to get the most efficient use of power, and you're off to the races.您设置的闲置-最大流量来获得权力最有效的利用,并把你的比赛。
In the BIG picture, your Free Energy is coming from the tap water, in an open system, as the latent energy in the water is enough to power the engine, and hence drive the alternator and whatever belt-driven accessories; AND the alternator is efficient enough to run the various electrical loads (10-20 amps), including the additional low current to run this vapour reaction.在大图片,您的免费能源是来自于自来水,在一个开放的系统,在水中潜在的能量,足以驱动发动机,从而带动发电机和任何皮带驱动配件,以及交流发电机效率不够高,运行各种电力负荷(10-20安培),包括额外的低电流运行此蒸汽反应。 No extra batteries are required.没有额外的电池是必需的。

OVERVIEW - Here is the suggested sequence of steps:概述-这里是建议的顺序的步骤:
1. 1。 Install the CHT (or EGT) gauge and measure your current operating temp range (gasoline), for comparison.安装红(或EGT裕)评估和衡量当前的工作温度范围(汽油)作比较。
2. 2。 Build & test the controller to verify the correct pulse output.构建和测试控制器以验证正确的脉冲输出。
3. 3。 Build the reaction chamber & test it w.构建反应室和测试瓦特 the controller (ie pressure out).控制器(即压力,)。
4. 4。 Install the tank, controller, chamber, and pressure fittings.安装在坦克,控制器,室,配件和压力。
5. 5。 Run engine & Adjust the control circuit as necessary for best performance.运行引擎和调整为最佳性能所需的控制电路。
6. 6。 Install the stainless steel valves and get the pistons/cylinders coated with ceramic.安装不锈钢阀门并获得活塞/气缸与陶瓷涂层。
7. 7。 Coat the exhaust system with ceramic without the catalytic converter OR let it rust out and replace the whole dang thang with stainless steel pipe sections.大衣与不带催化转化器或陶瓷让它锈出来更换整个党的不锈钢管段胜排气系统。
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- plastic water tank with pump and level sensor. -与泵,液位传感器塑料水箱。
- control circuit, wiring, connectors, and epoxy. -控制电路,电线,连接器和环氧树脂。
- reaction chamber with electrodes and fittings. -带有电极和配件反应室。
- 3/8" stainless steel flex-tubing, fittings and clamps. - 3 / 8“不锈钢柔性管材,管件和夹具。
- carb/FI vapor-pressure fitting kit. -碳水化合物/流动注射蒸气压件套。 - pressure, CHT (or EGT), & level gauges. -压力,中华电信(或EGT裕),及测量仪器。
- stainless steel valves. -不锈钢阀门。
- copper mesh junction. -铜网交界处。
- ceramic surface treatment for cylinders & pistons. -汽缸和活塞的陶瓷表面处理。
- stainless steel or ceramic treated exhaust assembly. -不锈钢或陶瓷排气处理大会。

- drill, screwdriver and pliers -钻,螺丝刀,钳子
- hole cutter -孔刀
- wire-wrap, solder-iron and clippers -线包,焊铁和快船
- DVM and oscilloscope. -数字电压表和示波器。

Construct as shown in Figure 2.兴建如图2所示。 Use a section of 4" PVC waste pipe with a threaded screw-cap fitting on one end and a standard end-cap at the other.使用线程旋盖拟合一端和标准年底,4“聚氯乙烯排水管节在其他上限。
Make sure to drill-and-epoxy or tap threads through the PVC components for all fittings.请务必钻和环氧或自来水通过对所有配件的PVC组成部分线程。 Set and control the water level in the chamber so that it well submerses the pipe electrodes; yet leave some headroom to build up the hydrogen/oxygen vapour pressure.设置和控制会议厅的水位,使之好submerses管电极;还留下一些空间,建立氢/氧蒸气压力。
Use stainless steel wires inside the chamber or otherwise use a protective coating; use insulated wires outside.商会内使用不锈钢丝或以其他方式使用保护性涂层,用绝缘电线外面。 Ensure that the epoxy perfects the seal, or otherwise lay down a bead of water-proof silicone that can hold pressure.确保环氧完善的印章,或放下水珠防水硅胶,可容纳的压力。
The screw fitting may require soft silicone sealant, or a gasket; its purpose is to hold pressure and allow periodic inspection of the electrodes.螺钉的配件,可能需要软硅酮密封胶,或垫圈,其目的是保持压力,使电极的定期检查。 No leaks, no problems.无渗漏,没有问题。 Make sure you get a symmetric 1-5mm gap between the 2 stainless steel pipes.确保你得到一个对称1毫米之间的2个不锈钢管的差距。 The referenced literature suggests that the closer to 1mm you get, the better.引用的文献表明,越接近1毫米你越好。 You WILL want to get your chamber level sensor verified BEFORE you epoxy the cap on.您会希望得到您的水位传感器室先核实你环氧树脂的上限。
Make your solder connections at the wire/electrode junctions nice, smooth, and solid; then apply a water-proof coating, eg the epoxy you use for joining the pipes to the screw cap.请您在焊接连接线/电极结好,光滑,坚实,然后再应用防水涂料,如环氧您加入管道使用的螺丝帽。
This epoxy must be water-proof and be capable of holding metal to plastic under pressure.这环氧树脂必须是防水,并持有压力下的金属塑料的能力。 You WILL want to get your chamber level sensor verified BEFORE you epoxy the cap on.您会希望得到您的水位传感器室先核实你环氧树脂的上限。
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Figure 3图3

Figures 3 & 4 show a simple circuit to control and drive this mini-system.图3&4展示一个简单的电路来控制和驱动这个迷你系统。 You are going to make a 'square-pulse' signal that 'plays' the electrodes like a tuning fork; which you can watch on an oscilloscope.你是想作'平方米的脉冲'信号,'玩'就像一个音叉电极;,您可以在示波器上观看。 The premise given by the literature is:由文献给出的前提是:
The faster you want do go down the road, the 'fatter' you make the pulses going into the reaction chamber.你想越快做沿着这条道路,是'胖'你到的脉冲反应室去。 Duty cycle will vary with the throttle in the vicinity of 90%Mark 10%Space (Off/On).占空比将随在90%左右马克10%的空间油门(关/开)。

There is nothing sacred about how the pulse waveform is generated; there are many ways to generate pulses, and the attached diagrams show a few.没有任何关于如何脉冲波形产生神圣的,有许多方法来产生脉冲,及所附的图表显示了一些。 Figure 4 gives the NE555-circuit approach from the referenced patent.图4给出了从所引用的专利NE555电路的方法。 The output switching transistor must be rated for输出开关晶体管必须额定
1-5 amps @ I2VDC (in saturation). 1-5 @ I2VDC安培(在饱和度)。
Go with a plan that works for you or your friendly neighborhood technoid or mechanic, and go get all the circuit elements from your local electronics store, such as Radio-Shack or Circuits-R-Us, including the circuit board, IC sockets, and enclosure/box.去的计划,为您或您的睦邻友好technoid或机械工程,并去获得所有从当地的电子商店,如收音机,夏克或电路- R - Us的,包括电路板,IC插座和电路元件文/盒。
DigiKey has better selection, service, and knowledge; plus they have no minimum order crap.无报告有更好的选择,服务,知识,加上他们有没有最低订货废话。 Be sure to use a circuit board with a built-in ground plane, and to accommodate room for mounting 2 or 3 of the gauges.一定要使用电路板,内置地面飞机,以适应安装2个或3室的仪表。 Mounting the reaction chamber in the engine compartment will require running a stub to your pressure gauge where you can watch it.安装在发动机舱反应室将需要运行一个存根到您的压力表在这里您可以观看。
You can easily make 30-gauge wire-wrap connections between the socket pins and through-hole discrete components having wire leads.您可以轻松地进行30轨线插座之间的引脚和过孔的分立元件有引线封装连接。 Also make sure to get spec sheets on any IC you use.还要确保获得任何集成电路您规格说明书使用。 More details of the best circuits to use will be announced pending prototype testing.最好的线路使用更多的细节将公布之前,原型测试。 You WILL want to get your chamber level sensor verified BEFORE you epoxy the cap on.您会希望得到您的水位传感器室先核实你环氧树脂的上限。
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If you have a throttle position sensor, you should be able to access the signal from the sensor itself OR from the computer connector.如果你有一个节气门位置传感器,您应该能够访问从传感器从计算机或信号连接器本身。 This signal is input to the circuit as the primary control (ie throttle level pulse width = vapour rate).这个信号输入到作为主要的控制电路(即油门水平脉冲宽度=蒸汽率)。

If you don't have such a signal available, you will have to rig a rotary POT (variable resistor) to the gas linkage (ie coupled to something at the gas pedal or throttle cable running to the carb or Fl. If you make the attachment at the cart/Fl, be sure to use a POT that can handle the engine temp cycles. Don't use a cheezy-cheapy POT; get one rated for long life and mechanical wear; mount it securely to something sturdy and stationary that will not fall apart when you step on the gas.如果你没有这样一个信号可用,你将不得不钻机旋转锅(可变电阻)的气体的联系(即的东西,加上在油门踏板或油门线运行的碳水化合物或氟。如果你的附着在车/ 层,一定要使用1锅,可以处理引擎的温度循环。请不要使用cheezy - cheapy壶,获得一个长寿命和机械磨损评价;挂载安全坚固的东西,固定的不会落空时,你的气一步。

The full throttle RANGE (idle-max) MUST control the vapour rate, ie pulse-width (duty).在全速范围(闲置最大值)必须控制蒸汽率,即脉冲宽度(税)。 The resistor values at the throttle signal must allow the throttle signal voltage, say 1-4 Volt swing, to drive the VAPOR RATE.在油门信号的电阻值必须允许油门信号电压,说1-4电压摆动,推动汽速。 You will be using this voltage swing to generate a 10% ON 'square' pulse.您将使用这个电压摆动产生10%的'广场'的脉搏。
The patent implies using a 'resonant' pulse in the 10-250 KHz frequency range; but it is not explicitly stated so.使用该专利意味着在10-250千赫的频率范围内'共振'脉冲,但它没有明确说明的。 In this circuit, you will simply tune to whatever frequency makes the most efficient vapour conversion.在这个电路中,你将简单地调整到任何频率使最有效的蒸汽转化。 You will have to get into the specs for each IC you use, to insure you connect the right pins to the right wires, to control the frequency and pulse width.你将不得不进入每个芯片使用的规格,以保证您的权利引脚连接到正确电线,控制的频率和脉冲宽度。
You can use spare sockets to try out different discrete component values. Just keep the ones that are spec-compatible in the circuit, and get the job done.您可以使用备用插座,测试不同的分立元件值。只须维持规范的是在电路兼容,以及完成这项工作。
You crank up the throttle signal and put more electrical energy (fatter pulses) into the electrodes; verify you can get 10% duty on the scope (2 - 100 usec on the horizontal time-base).您曲柄了油门信号,并把更多的电能(肥脉冲到电极);验证你可以在水平时基10的范围(2 - 100微秒%的关税)。 Your averaging DVM will display the 90%-I 0% DC voltage across the output transistor (Vce or Vds or Output to Ground).您的平均数字电压表将显示90%我0%直流输出晶体管上的电压(VCE或漏源电压或输出接地)。 Set and connect DVM in the supply current and measure .5 - 5 amps, without blowing the DVM fuse.设置和连接数字电压表的电源电流和措施0.5 - 5安培,而无须增加数字电压表的导火索。 Now verify that you got everything you wanted.现在确认你有你想要的一切。
Verify your wiring connections using your DVM as a continuity detector.验证您的线路连接使用的连续性探测器作为您的数字电压表。 Check your wiring 1 at a time and yellow line your final schematic as you go.检查您的布线的时间和你的最后黄线,你去示意图1。 You can best use board-mount miniature POTs for anything you want to set-and-forget.您可以充分利用板装入任何你要设置小型杯装的,即忘。 The LEDs are there to give you a quick visual check of normal vs abnormal operation of your new creation.这些LED在那里,让您快速队的正常视觉检查您的新创造正常的运作。 You WILL want to get your chamber level sensor verified BEFORE you epoxy the cap on (see Figures 2 & 4).您会希望得到您的水位传感器室先核实你环氧树脂的上限(见图2和4)。
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Figure 2 also shows that fittings are required to the carb/FI I. There are ready-made kits (such as by Impco) available for making your pressure fittings to the carburetor or fuel-injector as the case may be.图2还表明,配件所需的碳水化合物/流动注射一,有现成的工具包(如普科)为使您的压力配件的化油器或燃料喷射器的情况可能可用。 You will necessarily be sealing the built in vents and making a 1-way air-intake.你必然是密封的内置通风口,使1路进气。
The copper mesh comprises the inadvertent backfire' protection for the reaction chamber.铜网包括疏忽适得其反'的反应室的保护。 Make sure that all vapor/duct junctions are air-tight and holding full pressure without leakage.确保所有蒸气/管交界处密封无泄漏和控股充分的压力。 Your new 'system' is considered successful and properly adjusted when you get the full power range at lower temp and minimum vapor flow without blowing the pressure safety valve.您的新'系统'被认为是成功的,适当的调整当你在低气温和最低蒸汽流量的压力下吹安全阀全功率范围。
CHT (or EGT)中华电信(或EGT裕)
Monitor your engine temp with the CHT (cylinder head temp) or EGT (exhaust gas temp) instead of your original engine temp indicator (if any).监控您与红(汽缸温度)或EGT裕(废气温度,而不是原来的引擎的温度指标)发动机温度(如有)。 Your existing gauge is TOO SLOW for this application and will not warn you against overheating until after you have burnt something.您现有的评估过于缓慢,这种应用,不会对过热的警告,直到您已经烧的东西。
Make sure that your engine RUNS NO HOTTER than in the gasoline arrangement. VDO makes a CHT gauge with a platinum sensor that fits under your spark plug against the cylinder head (make sure it is REAL CLEAN before you reinstall your spark plug (as this is also an electrical ground).请确保您的引擎的运行没有比汽油的安排。威迪欧使传感器的铂,在你对缸盖火花塞适合(确保它是真实的清洁,然后再重新安装火花塞一隧规热,因为这(是也是电气接地)。
Get the valves replaced with stainless steel ones AND get the pistons/cylinders ceramic-treated ASAP when you have successfully converted and run your new creation.获取带有不锈钢的更换阀门,让活塞/气缸陶瓷处理在最短的时间您已经成功转换和运行新的创造。 Do not delay as these items WILL RUST, either by sheer use or by neglect (ie letting it sit).不要拖延,因为这些项目将会衰退,无论是纯粹的使用或忽视(即让它坐)。 You could make max use of your current exhaust system by using it with your new deal until it rusts through, then have your mechanic or welder friend to fit a stainless steel exhaust pipe (no catalytic converter is required).你可以通过使用与您的新协议,直到它生锈通过,那么您的焊接技师或朋友以适应不锈钢排气管您当前的排气系统最大的使用(没有催化转换器的要求)。 But it could be ea$ier to send your existing exhaust system out for the ceramic treatment, and then simply re-attach it to the exhaust ports.但可以只$耶尔派陶瓷处理您现有的排气系统出,然后只需重新连接到排气口。
1. 1。 Do not discard or remove any of the old gasoline set up components, eg tank, carb/FI, catalytic converter, unless necessary.不要丢弃或删除了组件集旧汽油的,如坦克,碳水化合物/ FI,一个催化转化器,除非必要的。 Better to always leave an easy way to revert back to something that at least runs, just in case.最好是永远留下一个简单的方法来恢复到的东西,至少运行,以防万一。 Some people are leaving their gasoline set up completely intact, and switching back and forth at will, just to have a backup plan.有些人离开他们的汽油成立完全不变,来回切换随意,只是为了有一个备份计划。
2. 2。 Set your throttle circuit so that you get minimum vapour flow at IDLE, and maximum vapour flow at FULL POWER without blowing the pressure relief valve.设置你的油门的电路,让你在空闲的最低蒸气流,没有吹泄压阀在全功率最大蒸汽流量。 In this way, you control how 'lean' your mixture is by the strength of the pulse (ie 'fatness' at the optimum pulse frequency).通过这种方式,您可以控制'精益'您的混合物)由脉冲(即'肥胖的最佳脉冲频率的力量。
If you just don't get enough power (at any throttle setting), it means that you need to如果你只是没有得到足够的功率(在任何油门设置),这意味着你需要
(1) change the pulse frequency, (1)改变脉冲频率,
(2) change the gap between the electrodes, (2)改变电极之间的差距,
(3) change the size (bigger) electrodes, OR (3)改变大小(大)电极,或
(4) make a higher output pulse voltage (last resort). (四)制订更高的输出脉冲电压(最后)。
Always use an output transistor, such as a MOSFET, that is rated for the voltage and current you need to get the job done.始终使用如MOSFET的,这是额定电压和电流你需要把工作做得输出晶体管。 OK so you might have to play around with it some.行,您可能会玩弄一些。 Isn't that where all the Fun is anyhow?难道这不是在所有的乐趣是无论如何?
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If you get ANY engine knock our loud combustions (not compensated by adjusting the timing), it means that you need to install an additional coil in the chamber, and drive the coil with an additional pulse signal (about 19 Hz on the .lsec time base) (see Figure 5).如果您收到我们的任何爆震大声combustions(不补偿调整时间),这意味着你需要安装在会议厅内额外线圈,驱动一个附加的脉冲信号,线圈(约19对。lsec时间赫兹基)(见图5)。
Here,you will be slowing down the burn rate just enough so that the vapours burn throughout the power stroke of the piston.在这里,您将放慢消耗率仅足以使蒸气在整个动力冲程活塞烧伤。 Be sure to include a board-mount POT to set the correct strength of this 2nd pulse signal into the coil.一定要包括电路板,安装壶设置成线圈本第二脉冲信号的正确强度。 This is a stainless steel coil of about 1500 turns (thin wire) that you can arrange like a donut around the center pipe (but NOT touching either electrode), directly over the circular 1-5mm gap.这是一个约1500转(细线),您可以像安排围绕中心管甜甜圈不锈钢卷(但不接触,两个电极)直接在圆形1毫米的差距。 You want NO KNOCKING at any power/throttle setting; smooth power only, but also no excess hydrogen leftover from the combustion.你想不存在在任何权力敲门/油门设置;顺利功率,而且也没有多余的氢气燃烧残留。
5. 5。 Build the canister(s) as tall as you can without compromising your ability to mount them conveniently near the dash panel, or in the engine compartment, as the case may be.构建筒(拧)一样高,你可以不影响您的能力装入他们就近在仪表板,或在发动机舱,视情况而定。 This way, you can always make the electrodes bigger, if necessary without undue hardship.这样,你总是可以使电极大,如果没有必要不必要的困难。 Remember that anything in the engine compartment should be mounted in a bullet-proof, vibration and temperature tolerant fashion.请记住,在发动机舱,什么应该安装在防弹,振动和温度的宽容的方式。
6. 6。 If you have to drill a through-hole for wiring or plumbing through metal, make sure to also install a grommet for protection against chafing.如果你有钻通孔,通过电缆或金属管道,请务必还安装针对火锅保护垫圈。 Always watch your chamber pressure range from一直看着你燃烧室压力范围从
IDLE (15-25 psi) - FULL POWER (30-60 psi) - Set your safety-pressure relief-valve to 75 psi and make sure it's rated for much higher.空闲(15-25 PSI)的-满功率(30-60 PSI)的-将您的安全泄压阀75 psi和确保它的额定高得多。
7. 7。 Shut OFF the power switch and pull over if there is any MALFUNCTION of the system.关闭电源开关和拉过来,如果有任何系统的故障。 Your engine will last longest when it still develops FULL POWER+ at some minimum temperature that we are sure you can find, by leaning back the Royal Vapour Flow and/or by making use of the water-vapour cooling technique (see Figure 7).您的引擎将持续最长的发展时,它仍然在一些全功率最低气温,我们相信你可以找到后仰皇家蒸汽质量流量和/或使水的使用,+蒸汽冷却技术(见图7)。 Keep good mpg performance records, and periodic maintenance/inspection.保持良好的哩表现,并定期维护/检查。 Keep it clean; save some money; clean the air; heal the planet; happy motoring; tell a friend; enjoy your freedom and self-empowerment; haul ass.保持清洁;节省一些钱,洁净空气;医治地球,快乐驾驶,告诉朋友,享受你的自由,自强;长途屁股。
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8. 8。 There lacks documented material for perfecting this vapour system through a fuel injector; there may be some details you will discover on your own as working prototypes progress.有没有记录,通过完善燃油喷射这种蒸汽系统的材料;可能有一些细节你会发现在自己的工作原型的进展。 For example, you may be restricted to inject the hydrogen/oxygen vapour WITHOUT ANY water vapour, as it may rust the injectors. If engine temp and CHT is a problem, then you will want to re-think your plan, eg ceramic-coating the injectors.例如,您可能会受到限制注入氢/没有任何氧气蒸汽水蒸汽,因为它可能生锈的注射。如果发动机温度和海底隧道是一个问题,那么你将要重新考虑你的计划,如陶瓷涂层的注射器。 There is always 'replacing the Fl system with a Carb'.总是有'取代氟系统的碳水化合物'。
9. 9。 If you install the water-vapour system (for lower operating temp/stress), you will want to lean the mixture (vapour/air) for minimum vapour flow rate to achieve any given throttle position (idle - max).如果您安装了水蒸汽系统(低工作温度/压力),你将要瘦的混合物(蒸气/空气最小蒸汽流量达到任何特定的节气门位置(空闲-最大值))。 Make sure that you get a minimum flow for IDLE an a modestly sufficient flow for MAX, that does the cooling job without killing the combustion.请确保你会获得一个空闲的最小流量为最大一温和足够的流量,但这不杀燃烧的冷却工作。
10. 10。 If you cannot find stainless steel pipe combinations that yield the 1-5mm gap, you can always regress back to alternating plates of +/- electrodes.如果你找不到不锈钢管组合,产生1 - 5mm的差距,您可以随时倒退回交替+ / -电极板。
11. 11。 If you are concerned about the water freezing in your system, you can (a) add some 98% isopropyl alcohol and re-adjust the pulse frequency accordingly; or (b) install some electric heating coils.如果您对您系统中的水的冰点而言,你可以(1)增加约98%,异丙醇和重新调整相应的脉冲频率;或(b)安装一些电加热线圈。
12. 12。 Do not let ANYONE ever compromise your dream, your freedom, your independence, your truth.不要让任何人都妥协自己的梦想,你的自由,你的独立,你的真理。
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