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[信息] 水分解为氢气和氧气

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我们常常想模仿性质的近乎完美的结果。 But sometimes it just remains a desire.但有时它只是仍然是一个愿望。 In its quest for green and clean energy mankind is searching for that magical method that can split water into hydrogen and oxygen.在寻求绿色和清洁能源人类正在寻找这神奇的方法,可以分为水变成氢气和氧气。 Nature performs this task wonderfully through the process of photosynthesis.执行这项任务的性质,通过完美的过程中光合作用。 Man is still facing challenges in duplicating that process in the laboratory.男子仍然面临挑战,重复这一过程在实验室里。 If we are able to split water into oxygen and hydrogen in the presence of sunlight we will be able to harness the potential of hydrogen as a clean and green fuel.如果我们能够把水***氧和氢的存在,太阳光,我们将能够利用的潜力, 氢作为一种清洁和绿色的燃料。 Till date man-made systems are quite inefficient, time consuming, money consuming and often require additional use of chemical agents.至今人造系统是非常低效的,耗费时间,金钱消费,往往需要额外的使用化学剂。

研究人员在以色列魏茨曼研究所有机化学部的***下,教授米尔斯坦已经开发出一种新颖的方式***水分子,可以单独由水和氧原子结合在一个不同的分子。 This technique leaves the hydrogen free to combine in other compounds as well.这项技术使氢的自由结合以及其他化合物。 They were inspired by photosynthesis, a process carried out by plants.他们启发光合作用,这一过程进行了植物。 Photosynthesis is the life giving force on the earth because it is the source of all oxygen on the earth.光合作用是企业的生命给予部队在地球上,因为它的来源,所有地球上的氧气。

The new approach devised by the Weizmann team has three important steps that end in liberation of hydrogen and oxygen with the help of a special metal complex.新的方法设计的魏茨曼队有三个重要步骤,目的解放氢气和氧气的帮助下,一个特殊金属络合物。 This metal complex's core element is ruthenium.这金属配合物的核心要素是钌。 This 'smart' complex's metal part and organic part help in splitting the water molecules.这'智能'复杂的金属部分和有机组成部分帮助***水分子。 When water is mixed with this complex, the bonds between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms break.当水与这个复杂的混合,债券之间的氢,氧原子打破。 Here one hydrogen atom binds with organic part of the complex, the hydrogen and oxygen atoms (OH group) bind to its metal center.这里的一个氢原子结合的有机组成部分复杂,氢,氧原子( OH基)绑定到其金属中心。

The second stage is known as heat stage.第二阶段是被称为热的阶段。 Here the water solution is heated up to 100 degrees C. This releases the hydrogen gas from the complex.在这里,水的解决办法是加热到100摄氏度这释放氢气从复杂。 Here comes our clean and green source of fuel.这里是我们的清洁和绿色的燃料来源。 Another OH group is added to the metal center.另一个OH基团添加到金属中心。

Milstein explains about the magical third stage, “But the most interesting part is the third light stage.米尔斯坦解释的神奇的第三阶段“ ,但最有趣的部分是第三轻阶段。 When we exposed this third complex to light at room temperature, not only was oxygen gas produced, but the metal complex also reverted back to its original state, which could be recycled for use in further reactions.”当我们面临这一复杂的轻第三在室温下,不仅是生产的氧气,但金属络合物也回复到其原始状态,这可能是回收使用的进一步反应。 “

The results are considered unique because of the generation of a bond between two oxygen atoms promoted by a man-made metal complex.结果被认为是独特的,因为一代债券两个氧原子之间所提倡的人造金属络合物。 It is a very unusual event.这是一个非常不寻常的事件。 And it is still unanswerable how it can take place.和它仍然无法回答如何才能成行。 The team has found out that during the third stage, light provides the energy for the two OH groups to get together to form hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).该小组已经发现,在第三阶段,根据提供的能量为两个羟基群体走到一起,形成过氧化氢( H2O2 ) 。 This hydrogen peroxide quickly breaks up into oxygen and water.这双氧水快速分解成氧和水。 What Milstein thinks about this chemical reaction?什么米尔斯坦认为这个化学反应? He says, “Because hydrogen peroxide is considered a relatively unstable molecule, scientists have always disregarded this step, deeming it implausible; but we have shown otherwise.” Another interesting thing that Milstein and his team has spotted is that the bond between the two oxygen atoms is generated within a single molecule.他说, “因为过氧化氢被认为是一个相对不稳定的分子,科学家们一直无视这一步骤,认为这难以置信,但我们已表明并非如此。 ”另一个有趣的事情米尔斯坦和他的团队已发现的是,两国之间的债券氧原子生成同一个分子内。 This bond formation doesn't occur between oxygen atoms located on separate molecules, but it comes from a single metal center.这种债券的形成,就不会发生氧原子之间位于单独的分子,但它来自于一个单一的金属中心。

The greatest achievement of Milstein's team has been the development of a mechanism for the formation of hydrogen and oxygen from water, without the need for sacrificial chemical agents.的最大成就米尔斯坦的研究小组已制订一个机制,以形成氢气和氧气的水,而不需要牺牲的化学剂。 It has been achieved by using individual steps and utilizing light.它已取得了使用个人步骤和利用轻。 For their next project, they intend to combine these stages to create a proficient catalytic system.为他们的未来计划,他们打算将这些阶段创造一个熟练的催化体系。 These steps could leave a mark in the area of alternative energy .这些步骤可能会留下一个商标领域的替代能源 。
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