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[技术] IKW 涡轮 + 光伏系统

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IKW 涡轮 + 光伏系统











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  孔表面约300毫米平方米,但得到更大的作为它的股价下跌约四五〇毫米底部,股权是埋在diagonaly指着离桅杆和洞充满了粗音乐会和顶端smothoff与精细结构(以看上去很好! )




  锚索wraped周围肥大和sercure 2确定

  aswell a genny the diesel generator that i run on a bio/dino diesel mixe about 50/50所必须的,也是genny的柴油发电机,我上运行的生物/迪诺柴油混合的50/50




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  dump load manual switch转储负荷开关手册

  and \"parking\" brake和“停车场”刹车

  and dump load controler and low voltage disconnect circuits both thsame but one operates high and the other low和转储负荷控制器和低压电路断开,但都thsame一个经营高和其他低




  3月2日pahase recifiers三零安培一个权力转储负荷(以防万一充电控制器关闭) ,另一种是以防万一!

  small amount of power but low wind levels so somethings better than nothing少量低权力,但风力水平,使somethings聊胜于无

  and finaly the all importance action shot.最后,所有重要的行动杆。

  hope these have been of some help / interest to some one希望这些已经有所帮助/关心的一些人

  any quest just ask任何追求公正问

  regards peter关于彼得





  The plan is to sell the big one and get either a 200w or 300w 12v turbine on a 6m mast to replace her!该计划是出售大和获得一个或者一二百瓦特或300瓦特12V的涡轮的600万肥大,以取代她!

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  The King is dead long live the king国王死了万岁国王

  Here we go with turbine mark 2, this is a little 1.5m diameter Flex 400 or HWG400 it produces 400w at 12v with a listed peak output of 450w.在这里,我们一起去汽轮机标志2 ,这是一个不大的Flex 1.5米直径400或HWG400产生四〇〇瓦特在12V的同一家上市峰值输出四百五瓦特

  She\'s mounted on a 6.4m scaffold pole and all inall she is just over 7.2ma the top tip.她是安装在一个支架极六点四米和所有inall她是刚刚超过七点二毫安顶端小费。

  shes only been up a few days but i have been very impreesed with her performance even at low wind speeds, at the moment it gusting to about 8m/s and she\'s happily producing between 15 to 20 amps at about 14/15 v喜只上涨了几天,但我一直非常impreesed她的业绩,即使在低风速,目前它最大阵风约800 / s和她愉快地生产15至二十安培约14/15 v

  The small rota diameter does mean she spins very fast and their is quite a bit of tip noise, but not enough to worry about.小罗塔直径意味着她旋转非常快,他们是相当多的冰山噪音,但不足以担心。

  She came with her own charge controller with built in brake and dump load , but i can not seem to get it to work properly so i have resorted to using a Navitron 12v charge controller that is for the Navitron 300w unit and my exisiting dump load set up.她与她自己的充电控制器,内置的制动和转储负荷,但我似乎无法得到正常工作,所以我求助于使用Navitron 12V的充电控制器,是Navitron三零零瓦特单位和我现有的垃圾负载一套向上。 all seem to work fine.似乎都工作的罚款。

  As i said she has not beem running long so i will keep you updated with her performance, so far i am very impressed and she has exceeded my expectations!!正如我所说的那样,她就一直没有姆长期运行,所以我将让你与她的最新业绩,到目前为止,我非常深刻的印象,她已经超过了我的期望!

  些照片的HEG400 / Flex400






  to day is a bit blowy and the flex400 is spinning a treat!!天有点blowy和纺纱flex400是一种享受! produce between 6 and 24 amps at between 13 and 14v battery bank is fully charged si the house is now running off the batties should last about 8 hrs approx 8kw so this is is a truly green posting!!生产6至24安培在13至14v电池银行完全充电市的房子现在已经投放了batties应约8小时约八千瓦因此,这是是一个真正的绿色张贴!

  The mast was swaying about a bit more than i would like so I have added an extra guy rope and that seem to have stiffen it all up a bit,桅杆左右晃动是有点超过我想,所以我增加了额外的家伙绳,并似乎已经僵硬这一切了位,

  Shes bean sping almost non stop since this time last week when she was put up, she running 24hrs a day and at night these no problems with noise, so that great.畲族豆弹簧几乎不停止,因为这个时候上周当她提出,她24小时运行,每天晚上这些没有问题的噪音,使伟大的。

  I very impressed with her and if thing stay as they are i would highly recommend one for the people who live in built up areas,yes i do still get turblance but because of the small rota diameter 1.5m instead of the 3m of the 1kw unit i had it does not seem to cause as much problems!我非常深刻的印象,如果她的事情继续下去,我会强烈建议一人住在谁建立了区,是的,我这样做仍然可以获得turblance但由于小转子直径1.5米,而不是3个月的1千瓦单位我似乎没有引起很大的问题作为!

  enclosed a few pics封闭的几个图片

  for those interested i know Ivan is testing another version of this turbine called a flexienergy 400 which has the charge controller built in the turbine body itself!!对于那些有兴趣我知道伊凡正在测试另一种版本的汽轮机称为flexienergy 400具有内置充电控制器在涡轮机构本身! so only 2 wires coming out of the unit straight to the batteries nice and simple!!所以只有2线走出直单位的电池和简单的漂亮!

  I\'m not sure if Ivan is going to stock these units in the near future我不知道伊万将这些单位的股票在不久的将来,

  more soon更很快

  regards Peter关于彼得





  It been up for a month or so now and been spinning with out fault, few days ago we had a good blow thoughout the day blowing at about 25MPH and she just sat at the top of her perch and span away nicely, in fact she become a bit boring!!!它已上升为一个月左右,现在已经纺出故障的,前几天我们有一个良好的打击thoughout吹一天约25MPH和她只是坐在上方的她鲈和跨度很好以外,事实上,她成为有点无聊! i have had no real need to tinker with her at all!!我有没有真正需要修补与她在所有! even he supplied charge controller with built in dump lad seems to work reliably.他甚至提供充电控制器具有内置的垃圾小伙子似乎工作可靠。

  So I recommend one of these (the sort Navitron supply of course are just as good if not better!!) for any one who wants a small diameter wind turbine with little fuss and up keep and is prepaired to accepted the lowerer output (max 350-400w).所以,我建议这些(排序Navitron供应当然是一样好,如果不是更好!)任何一个谁想要小直径风力发电机几乎没有大惊小怪和行动保持和prepaired公认的lowerer输出(最大350 -四〇 〇瓦特) 。

  My attentions have now switched to SOLAR HOT WATER (already done the solar pv, but am added another 150w to 300w early next year) so watch this space!! Hopefully some time in mid NOV to early DEC I will have some pics to show and progress to report.我的注意力已转向太阳能热水(已完成了太阳能光伏发电,但我说另一一五○瓦特到300W明年年初),所以看这个空间!希望一段时间在11月中旬初恒我将有一些照片显示和进展报告。

  This should be a laugh never done any plumbing!!这应当是一个笑声从未做过任何管道!

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